1. Jake@Lethal

    Cervini’s 4" Cowl Hood for Gen.2 Raptor NOW AVAILABLE! - Lethal Performance

    Hey all! Cervini’s just released their new 4 Inch Cowl Hood for the 2nd Gen. F-150 Raptor’s! Add that aggressive final touch to your Raptor with this masterpiece! With functional rear exit vents, this hood performs just as good as it looks. Direct bolt-on and utilizes all of the OEM...
  2. Slowings

    WANTED: Cowl hood for 99-04 Cobra

    Located in Central NY. Willing to drive within 6-7 hours. Color doesn't really concern me, if you have one or know anyone selling one let me know!
  3. 1

    13-14 Cowl Hoods

    Anyone with a Sterling Grey 13-14 car and a cowl hood, lets see a pic!
  4. Blowwn04

    WTB/WTT 03-04 Cobra Cowl Hood Black

    Hello, to the mods not sure if this is in the right section as I'm sure some hoods will work with all model 99-04 mustangs so if it is i apologize in advance and request it be moved to the proper section. Anyway, just looking to see if anyone has a cowl hood they'd like to sell, trade+cash...
  5. bigred2013

    Cervini Cobra R or TruFiber 3" Cowl - 2013 GT

    Price isn't a serious problem here, just wanting input on which of the 2 is better quality? I've heard that Harwood is a good option as well. I've heard of both Harwood & TruFiber having fitment issues, but haven't really seen that with Cervinis. If you have pictures ( bad or good ) of them...
  6. navyma2

    FS: 99-04 Cowl hood

    Have a white 4" cowl hood for sale. Pickup only from Bumpass va. Comes with hood pins. Oxford white with about 4k miles on it. Posting photos when I get home Asking 500 or best offer. Selling because I just bought the car and it had this hood that won’t pass VA inspection. Got the original hood...
  7. bigred2013

    WTB: '13-'14 GT Cowl Hood or GT500 Hood

    Want to buy either a 3" Hardwood, '13-'14 GT500 Hood WITH VENT or 3" Cervini Cobra R hood. Don't care what color as long as you'll ship. If your close to Dickson TN I could come get it. Don't want any with damage. Lmk what you have and what your asking.
  8. bigred2013

    WTB: 3" Cowl For 2013 GT. Also looking for Roush Chin Spoiler, Side Splitters, Etc.

    Looking to buy a new/used cowl hood from someone who's got it sitting and doesn't want it. Prefer something like the 3" Cowl from Cervini or Harwood. Don't really want a vented hood anymore so. Doesn't have to be painted/prepped. Would pay extra if it's painted DIB. Have cash. Lmk whatcha got.
  9. S

    mustang cowl hood NY FS/T

    i got a black 3 inch cowl hood, fiberglass, no cracks no scratches, looking to go back to stock plus cash, im located in ny, i prefer local deals, you can text me at 516-343-4977 for pics..