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    Ok. This is my first post here. I have a 2014 5.0. Love this car. Anyway as far as performance mods I have the Corsa axle backs and I just added the Boss intake, AIRRAID CAI, and a bama 93 tune. I have the factory 3.31 gear. I plan to run the 1/8 mile this Saturday. I ran this car with just the...
  2. S

    First Time at Track Ever.... 9.023 @ 156.4

    2011 Mustang Gt with a built 6r80 trans, built motor, hellion twin turbo kit, e85, over 4k lbs with driver, Daily Driven Monster, only 20lbs of boost..... All work done at ADDICTION MOTORSPORTS by EDDIE RIOS. Drove the car home from the track over 125 miles true street car. We will crack 8s on...
  3. Wills5.0Reaper

    McLeod RXT and New Flywheel problems on 2013 GT

    So me and a few other friends of mine installed the RXT clutch and flywheel from McLeod and after driving it for a day or so my Check engine light came on and then went away and a few minutes later it was back and my engine bogged down until the check light stopped flashing and then i would get...
  4. S

    Sve drifts with 1400 miles on them

    05-14 black sve drift wheels 18x10 with 285 Nitto 555 18x9 with 255 Nitto 555 TPMS already installed Training tool Black spline drive lug nuts These were on my car for 4 weeks and 1400 miles. They are perfect with no scratches or rash. Local pickup preferred. $1200 OBO. I will...
  5. S

    Mt-82 6 speed manual trans for sale

    For sale a complete mt-82 trans with only 14k miles, I went to automatic so I don't need them..... Trans,clutch, hydraulic system with clutch and brake pedal, shifter and shifter bezel..... First $500 takes it all All shipping expenses on buyer
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    100 shot

    well i wrote on here a while back about spraying a 100 shot wet kit , now after talking to buddies and guys at the car show this weekend im second guessing . i know a blower would be optimal but im in the process of buying a new home and 6000k plus just isnt in the budget . if i do spray i will...
  7. Ridiculous5.0

    Procharger misfire?

    Recently installed a procharger kit on my car by myself and right after I started it up the idle was going crazy but after a few seconds it settled down. Thought the problem could be fixed with a performance tune but it still idles crazy when its cold and when I drive it the engine sputters...
  8. Accel Junky

    FS: 2012 Ford Mustang 5.0 6spd Manual Premium/Brembo/Comfort PKG

  9. Steve@CJPP

    Gotta Have It Race sneaks in one more race–and a new record!

    Thyd5APCrjc CJ Pony Parts 11.15@123mph pass Nov 24th at Cecil County Dragway Despite the assertion that Gotta Have It Race was done for the year, Bill and the Gotta Have Builds team were determined to see if it had a little more in it and could hit the 11.20s, if everything could go just...
  10. vik

    2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0-California Special- Fully Optioned

    2011 Ford Mustang GT/California Special in Candy Red Metallic. With almost every option beside Brembo , because it did not come on CS and glass roof. 5.0 302 Coyote engine with a 6 speed gearbox that shifts like a dream. The car will come with the original California Special 19" wheels unless...
  11. J_Dizzle

    Photoshoot of my 2011 5.0

    So I finally got around to shooting some photos of my car this past weekend. I'll spare ya'll the small talk and just post the photos. :-D Thanks for looking!
  12. Steve@CJPP

    Gotta Have Builds - Coming Soon from CJ Pony Parts!

    Gotta Have Builds - Revealed!! You probably remember seeing this last week on all of our feeds: It caused a bit of a commotion. It left many of our customers quite curious and we received more than a few questions as to what we were up to. We kept promising something very cool. And...
  13. AMChrisRose

    Comp Cams - 2011-2012 Mustang 5.0L Coyote Camshafts -

    It's that time! We've gotten literally hundreds of inquiries about the 2011 & 2012 5.0L Coyote Mustang cams. The wait is finally over! They're in-stock and shipping. Can't wait to bolt these up to our 2011 Automatic to see what it'll do to our current 10.43 @ 130mph. We'll have dyno results...
  14. Evolution

    Evolution Performance, Inc. 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L Automatic Runs 11's On Street Tires!

    Evolution Performance, Inc. - 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L 4V Automatic Runs 11.91 @ 117MPH With D.O.T. Street Tires! Since NOT everyone is going to put Race Wheels/Slicks on the car...... We wanted to see what times could be achieved on D.O.T. Street Tires, which 80% of the people buying these...