1. Slowings

    FOR SALE: Terminator Engine Harness, Starter/alternator Harness, Heat Exchanger/Intercooler hard lines.

    I bought these for my swap, only to realize I am better off using my 99/01 swap and wiring it as an Eaton swap instead of 03/04 engine and starter harnesses. I am looking for $250 for the engine harness, $100 for the starter harness, and $160 for both sets of hardlines or $450 for everything. I...
  2. C

    2003 Cobra engine need help

    2003 cobra coupe 65000 miles. Had the engine rebuilt in fall of 2020 (it had a leaking intercooler and no compression on cylinder 8). I was not given a full parts list but what I was told (that I remember) was replaced: every seal and gasket inside the engine, pistons, intercooler, plugs, wires...
  3. kzite29

    Intermittent Temp Increase - Diagnosis

    Hey All, Hate to make another one of these diagnostic threads since we have so many, but I can't seem to find any past posts that really capture my interesting issue. (If there is, a link would be appreciated.) Anyways, the Cobra runs great, idles fine, sounds amazing. Heat is hot, air is...
  4. Mulholland Man

    2014 GT 500 Catastrophic Engine Failure: Next Steps? Thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, Well it happened. My engine went boom! I had recently done a compression check and I was more than 10% lower on compression on 3 of my driver side cylinders. I knew I had a problem and that I was going to need to rebuild. I also knew that my care was injured. Just wasn't...
  5. Goose17

    1:4 scale engine model!

    Finally landed one of these amazing pieces of Terminator memorabilia! This showed up in the mail today:
  6. A

    2008 GT500 Local pickup only Salvage title

    2008 GT500 Vapor silver. 10,000$ firm, engines perfect, kenne bell 2.8lc. Not sure why they are totaling it. But I have a build list for this car. It was in a 40mph accident where it went up on the curb. Frame is not bent. I need 10,000$ up front to buy it back from the insurance company. And...
  7. S

    Coolant disappearing

    I’ve had to top off my coolant almost every time I drive my car. It is not leaking externally. I do not see any coolant on the dipstick nor do I see any oil in the coolant. I have done the chemical test on the block and dye stayed blue. Only thing I can think is if it is being slowly being...
  8. M

    02 Sensor Oddity

    Good afternoon, Looking for some advice on my 04 Cobra. Mostly stock except exhaust (catless), tune, intake (basic bolt-ons) car makes a 429rwhp/399tq I did the clutch on it and all of a sudden I received a P2195 code (02 sensor signal biased/stuck lean Bank 1 Sensor 1) after having the...
  9. kzite29

    Mustang Specialist Needed - Atlanta

    Hey All, The request is in the title. Having some rough lifter/follower tapping issues with the '99 Cobra vert and looking for somewhere within 100 miles (that's the AAA+ towing limit) that will do a good, cheaper-than-the-dealer job on her. I'd love to get into it myself but living in an...
  10. CaliGT500524

    Vibration Issue

    Hi all, I've got a 2010 GT500 with about 60K miles on the car. I've been noticing a vibration that is both felt and extremely audible from outside of the vehicle. The noise is most prevalent in 3rd and 4th gear and usually at about 1800-2000 rpm under heavy load. I have only really noticed the...
  11. G

    COMP CAMS 2015 TO 2017 5.0L COYOTE CR SERIES NSR CAMS (N/A STAGE 3) - $1100 (Los Angeles)

    8184190160 los angeles area text me BRAND NEW IN BOX UN-OPENED COMP CAMS 2015-2016 5.0L COYOTE CR SERIES NSR CAMS (N/A STAGE 3) The new CR cam series from COMP Cams® is designed to greatly improve upon stock 2015 Coyote camshafts and work without modifications to the engine's cylinder...
  12. nofxious

    01 Mustang with 98 Cobra Engine parts car for sale

    Hi everyone, I'm right in the middle of buying a house so I'm letting my projects go. I have a 01 mustang with a 98 cobra engine. I bought it from a friend 6 years ago and it's sat in my drive way ever since under a tarp. There is no interior, and no trans. I have no title either. I know the...
  13. B

    Oil change interval for future cobra purchase

    Hey guys, Im going to look at a 2003 Cobra Convertible with 24,000 miles. The car is about 400 miles away so I can't just go look at it. Everything checks out with this car. The owner has been honest and has answered all my questions. My only concern is he has not changed the oil in the 3 months...
  14. ashraf50

    Should i wait for 2018 Long Block and what about Paxton blower upgrade !

    I just got a good offer from my friend for my stock 2012 GT long block and i sold it last week, and i kept the paxton supercharger for the next build, then i started to look for the best choice to have a new one capable of handling at least 1000 RWHP. i saw many companies with many options on...
  15. I

    Suggestions on parts for 1000+hp motor build.

    Who wants to help virtually build an 03-04 cobra motor?? I got a block and heads that I'm getting ready to build and I want some suggestions on EVERY single part. pistons, rods, rings, crankshaft, vavletrain parts, studs, oil pump, literally everything. If you can supply brand names with part...
  16. 1

    Engine compartment decal

    I just purchased a 2014 Shelby GT500 and the decal on the plastic air deflector under hood, just in front of the hood release is missing. I'd like to get this replaced but I'm not sure what I'm looking for exactly. Went to my local Ford dealer yesterday and they are having problems locating it...
  17. Z

    HELP! Need new engine for 2003 Mach!

    Hey guys, I'm in quite a pickle. I picked up a 2003 Mach 1 for $9k ($10k after taxes/brakes/headlights) that had 106k miles on the shell and 35k miles on a Jasper crate engine. I was on the highway the other night when the Jasper decided to spin a bearing at 112k miles. 3 months out of warranty...
  18. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 5.2-liter Aluminator Crate Engine

    High Potency Ford Performance highlights its new 5.2-liter engine in an S550 automatic By Steve Turner Photos by Bill Cook and courtesy of Ford Performance At the PRI Show late last year, Ford Performance Parts teased us with the possibility of a new engine offering based on the 5.2-liter...
  19. 0

    car shops

    hey guys, I am new to the area....I am looking for a good car shop to work on my car..... hard to find honest people these days....I have done some research, I came across a couple of shops......if there is anyone that works at a shop but would like to make money on the side, let me know. I live...
  20. 0

    car shops

    hey guys, I am new to the area....I am looking for a good car shop to work on my car..... hard to find honest people these days....I have done some research, I came across a couple of shops......if there is anyone that works at a shop but would like to make money on the side, let me know. I live...
  21. ATCzMustang

    01 Cobra Valve Cover Bolts Rusty

    I have a 01' Cobra and the stock bolts look awful. I believe one of the previous owners lived up north and they have subsequently over the years rusted away. It's the (4) bolts above the coil covers on each side of the engine. In addition the (2) that actually hold on the coil covers are in...
  22. S

    F/S: Built 302 Teksid Stroker and other parts

    F/S: Built 302 Teksid Stroker $6,500 FINAL PRICE DROP Teksid 302 Stroker Longblock ($6,500) Built by BA Performance (Bill Wise) Eagle forged lightweight crank Eagle forged rods 9.5:1 Forged Probe Pistons All ARP hardware (MMR sidebolts) ARP 2000 head studs Heads fresh from the...
  23. T

    WTB: Complete 03 - 04 Cobra Engine or Complete Wrecked Car

    Hi I am looking to buy either a complete 2003 - 2004 Cobra engine or a complete totaled car. I would prefer a running engine but would be open to a motor that needs some work depending on the price. Either PM or give me a call at 313-408-4494.
  24. R

    Engine concern after improper oil change.

    I have been having a long busy week so instead of doing the oil change myself, I decided to take my car to Walmart for an oil change and get groceries for the week. After an hour I come back and pay them for the oil change. As I drove away, the car felt fine. I went back to my house and parked...
  25. Soc_Doc32

    Need help selling my Project Car

    I hope this isn't considered Spam but I need help selling this car in the worst way... If anyone you know is interested I am parting ways with my (ZERO "0" Miles on it) 4.6L Aluminator Iron sleeved DOHC Engine assembly. It is a built for boost via Centrifugal Style Supercharger (I do not have a...