1. Aaim415

    2004 80k Mach 1 Engine for SALE

    2004 Mach 1 LongBlock .... 80k miles , changed head gaskets , changed timing cover / valve cover gaskets , oil pan gasket , new oil filter ..... Changed timing guides and tensioners... Asking $2800.... Going the 5.4L swap. Selling to Get a 5.4L navi motor Can include 04 cobra exhaust...
  2. D

    WTB: 03-04 Cobra shortblock in good shape -

    Preferably close to Dallas, TX, but will drive up to 500 miles for a solid shortblock that is ready to drop in. Looking for <70k miles.
  3. C

    Looking for 4 used pistons & rods (For table build)

    I am in the Gilbert area of Arizona looking for 4 used pistons and rods. I have a 351W block I am going to be making a table out of. Parts do not have to be in working condition, but at least look presentable.
  4. Jimboslice751

    Profesional products intake manifolds vs Edelbrock

    Hey I was wondering if anybody had any experience with professional products' intake manifolds? Specifically the #54033 http://www.summitracing.com/parts/pfs-54033/overview/make/ford Was wondering how the quality compares to the Edelbrock vic jr. I've purchased chinese manifolds in the past and...
  5. Robbie915

    96-98 intake cams

    New to the page so not sure where the post should be directed but I'm looking for a set of 96-98 cobra intake cams for my 04 Mach. Been searching for couple weeks hoping to find some on here
  6. R

    fs 2011 gt500 engine

    I have a 2011 gt500 engine that ran lean and melted the piston in cylinder 8 so it would need sleeved. However the engine still ran just misfired and was low on compression on cylinder 8 about 15 %. Heads should be good. It's a complete engine from the supercharger to the old pan. I can send...
  7. Oki96Cobra

    Rough Idle through WOT with heat light

    Hi from Okinawa! Well I am probably the only 1996 Cobra on this Island and I am looking for a little help from you guys back home. I picked up this car with 57,000 miles and have done the simple tune-up items such as plugs (AL 764) Oil/PCV/Idler/Tensioner/MSD Coil packs/K&N Filter/fuel...
  8. R

    what's my stuff worth

    I have the 5.4 aluminum engine with low compression in cylinder 8 the top of the piston is pitted and they cylinder wall is scorred. It happened due to the engine running lean however the engine still runs and drives. I actually drove 40 miles to my house like that and it still pulls really...
  9. Jimboslice751

    Factory 302 lifters rpm limits

    I have searched on other forums and stuff but can never find a good/consistent answer. As far as I knew, the stock hydraulic lifters couldn't really go over 6000 rpm without floating the valves. But I want to try a different roller cam and rev to 68 to 7000 (engine is prepared for it so I know...
  10. 50GTMach1

    04 cobra unknown engine noise

    https://youtu.be/D-LikkRw5DU Changed throw out bearing started cat and heard this. Noise sounds like its coming from the intake. No idea what this is. Happens at engine shut down. Replaced pcv valve as in read that might be it but the noise persists. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in...
  11. M

    mach 1 swap in 01 cobra

    My engine in my 2001 cobra (116k miles) needs to be rebuilt, instead I bought a engine with less miles. I bought a mach 1 engine with mid lengths and a jlt ram air with 62k miles. I am wondering what Ill need to do to swap this. Is it a direct swap since its a complete engine? I know it fits in...
  12. Lethal_SVT

    03/04 terminator low mileage motor w/extras

    For sale- 4.6 L DOHC 2003/2004 SVT factory complete cobra motor-38k miles Ported heads by hpp racing of lewisville Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator Head cooling mod NGK TR6 plugs BBK long tube headers Ram powergrip 26 spline clutch Fidanza aluminum flywheel w/replaceable ring A/C compressor...
  13. B

    03' Cobra HPP Racing built motor and T56 Tranzilla trans FS

    Selling my built HPP Racing motor and trans since my roller is sold. Has teskid block and forged JE pistons bored .20 over. Heads and cams are stock and has upgraded Moroso oil pan. Motor has less than 4k miles and is still in the car so you can hear it run before purchase. Trans is a...
  14. 99p1scGT

    WTB: lower mileage 99 Cobra motor COMPLETE

    Looking for a complete 99 cobra motor so i can do a 4v swap on my car. Engine needs to include all necessary parts (intake manifold, all wiring and hoses, ECU etc). I'm looking for the "plug and play" engine that someone out there is trying to get rid of. Contact me Via Text for the fastest...
  15. 1kftlbs

    Parting out Drivetrainm Interior, and wiring on 1992 2.3L Mustang Notch

    As the title states I'm parting out a 1992 2.3 Notch. I'm only parting out the interior(including dash), drivetrain, wheels, and electrical. All bumpers, exterior, lights, trim, etc will be staying with the car. I bought the car from an auction. The interior is in good condition. The motor...
  16. D

    SVT Engine Dyno Specs

    My father has a 2010 Shelby GT500 and he was told by another Shelby owner that he could get the dyno specs of his engine's performance from the factory. Does anyone know anything about this and who my father would have to contact in order to get it? Thank you! -Derek
  17. 2003sb

    WTB: 5.4 Long Block

    As title says, she let go and I need a long block for my DD '01 Lightning.. I'm located in NC. Text/call 336-432-9892 Thanks Jay.
  18. Evolution

    For Sale - 2013 5.0L 302 CI 4V Coyote Complete Engine with 2,888 Miles - $4,800.00

    This 5.0L 4V engine is a take out from a 2013 F-150 that was involved in a rear end collision. We heard this engine run prior to it being removed from the truck and it purred like a kitten. This engine only has 2,888 miles on it so whoever buys this is getting a deal. $4,800.00 Plus shipping or...
  19. M

    Rebuild or Replace???

    I have an 03 Cobra with a blown engine. While overseas my car was sitting for approximately 7 months twice during 2 deployments. I was told that I should have replaced all of the fluids and got it checked out before putting it back on the road. Needless to say that didn't happen. After breaking...
  20. RMR Cobra 3094

    WTB Mach/Cobra Engine

    Im looking to buy a complete Mach 1 engine or 99/01 cobra engine with all accessories, intake to pan, text or call me at 678-732-8439
  21. RMR Cobra 3094

    1997 cobra 4v engine

    1997 cobra engine, 124k miles, new timing chain and tensioner, new valve seals, new upper and lower intake gaskets, and new imrc motor. Will come with complete engine, not including coil packs or wires, no wiring included either. Will come with stock exhaust manifolds, a spectre cai, and im told...
  22. S

    NEED to sell ASAP 93 mark viii 4v with 4r70w trans included, /other gt parts

    Hey guys I got a 93 mark viii engine I need to get rid of fast, have it sitting in the back of a friends truck and I have no way to move it myself so he cant drive his truck till I sell it, Thought I was gonna do a mark viii swap on my v6 but that went downhill quickly when I lost my job for 2...
  23. S

    mark 8 engine, 4r70w, hydroboost, wiring, 90mm maf, intake, etc

    sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum but anyways; Had a v6 mustang and wanted to do 4.6 dohc swap, wasn't thinking and got all my stuff together and then found out my transmission I was going to use doesn't fit and am tired of spending money on this stupid project so I'm selling it all...
  24. A_92Coupe

    Stock 1994 Cobra Pulley sizes

    Would anyone happen to know where i could find a stock water pump and crank pulley for a 1994 cobra? Even sizes would be nice so I could look up an alternative if there is any, or if you guys have any recommendations that would be greatly appreciated.
  25. S