What does this Check Engine Light code mean?

    Manf cntrl veh spd idle speed control auxil inputs
  2. venamous04

    **Bored and honed 04 GT Block FS**

    I have a 2004 mustang gt block that i had bored .20 over and lined honed. I lost my job so I cant afford to build it. My loss is your gain. Asking $200 OBO I prefer not to ship, I can meet if the distance is resonable. I live in concord nc 28025 call/text for info or pics-704-425-3503 Thanks...

    Who are all the toubleshooters?

    Hey guys I'm having some issues with my 98...every once in awhile it goes on a wild tangent and doesn't want to idle, or drive unless its misfiring at lease 1 cylinder. Ive had the car since may 09 and ever since then Im pretty sure there has been a slight miss from time to time....however now...
  4. tdunn02289

    05 Aviator 4.6L Conversion to 01 Cobra 4.6L

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some information I need to do this project- Converting an 05 Lincoln Aviator Engine To an 01 Cobra Engine. I just need to know of all the neccessary things that need to be changed over, I realize the intake manifold, the front cover, the...
  5. BlownCobra88

    Engine Help

    Hey guys, I just bought a 89' SSP Notch. The guy a bought it from says he had the engine fully rebuilt ten thousand miles ago.. I didn't trust him so I tore the engine / trans out and is now sitting on a stand. From what he tells me it has World Products heads 190cc Cast with a Ford Racing X...
  6. dantheman91

    long block vs. short block

    i was looking at different engines to get some ideas for my 03 gt and i was wondering what the difference is between a short block and a long block. what is makes the long block so much more expensive?
  7. D

    2010 Shelby GT500 Driveshaft

    2010 Shelby GT500 Driveshaft available for sale. Vehicle upgraded to Super Snake. 3,200 miles on vehicle prior to upgrade. $100 OBO + Shipping
  8. D

    2010 Shelby GT500 Axle Back Mufflers

    2010 Axle Back Mufflers. Vehicle had 3,200 miles when upgraded to Super Snake. I have additional parts available as well as a result of the upgrade. $150 OBO + Shipping
  9. D

    2010 Shelby GT500 Stock Blower

    Stock blower for 2010 Shelby GT500 - SOLD
  10. N

    2001 Cobra

    :shrug: So i bought a 2001 cobra about a week ago long story short within 100 miles started knocking. Took it back to the dealership and it was a spun main bearing. I got the car back and now the car seems to be underpowered and it seems to surge almost. The surging is comparable to a car i had...
  11. 98cobrafaf

    help i pulled my engine and remeber where stuff went

    i pulled it a couple of months ago can someone send me pics of where the hoses go just pretty much pics of the front of the engine and how the brackets hook up thanks for the help....96-98 cobra
  12. whitevenum

    F-S: RC 65lb injectors $360

    I put 500 miles on them. There bran new.
  13. whitevenum

    F/s: 03/04 built cobra engine

    '03 4.6L Cobra motor w/forged refreshed internals, stage 2 comp cams, spring, built oil pump and valve covers. Before i built the engine, it had 16k on it. I put about 500 miles on it. Very well maintained, always had royal purple race oil, never abused.ENGINE MUST GO $4000 ( your buying a...
  14. whitevenum

    FS: 2003 Cobra BUILT Engine, 2.6H Kenne Bell, Built T56, Built IRS

    Mac longtubes headers ceremic.. $400 mac pro chamber.. $200 full s/c cooling set up.The Afco heat exchanger, pump, hose, bracket for the heat exchanger, the canton cooler,s/c intercooler ... $800 fully built Cobra IRS for- $2000 2.6h Knne Bell almost new 500 mile comes with 2 belt, 2...
  15. 04GTMustang

    WTB Cobra Eaton M112 -AND- other engine parts!!!

    I am going to do a build for the tork tech kit with the eaton blower. I am looking for several parts that will make this kit complete. 1. M112 Eaton supercharger. Can be ported or stock. Would prefer if it came with the plenum and throttle body from and 03/04 cobra or 01-04 lightning. 2. 03-04...
  16. Cobra97_AL

    04 Cobra Engine/6 Spd Trans For Sale

    Engine has 8K original miles (mated trans, so it has 8K also). Engine has been garaged since 05. No pings, no knocks, no taps, runs perfectly. Still has original plugs and original pulley - this engine is BONE STOCK! The engine has undergone the factory recall by Ford to fix the overheating...
  17. Termi 03

    looking for cobra complete engine

    want a complete engine i can just drop in. show me what you have and what prices your talking about... thanks
  18. kat kat

    WTT 2005 Neon SRT-4 T for 03-04 Cobra Engine and Trans

    Here I go again. I have a 2005 Dodge Neon SRT 4 that I would trade for an 03-04 Cobra Engine and Trans. The SRT 4 is basically stock with just an AEM Cold Air Intake, and a Mopar BOV, and 18" Enki Rims. Here's some pics.
  19. kat kat

    WTT 97 Camaro Z28 6sp. for 03-04 Cobra Engine and Trans.

    I have a 1997 Camaro Z28 6-speed, leather,pw,pdl,ps with 96k miles. I'm looking to trade for ONLY an 03-04 Cobra Engine and Transmission. Sorry for the Big Pictures! Thanks
  20. M

    need parts bad.

    need a stock or after market blower tensioner for 04 cobra intercooler resevor oil cooler and adapter let me know who got them or wher i can find em.
  21. wildmantttt

    Engine Noise Question

    First I tried to use the search but it said it was disabled:shrug: For my question, I have started to notice a high pitched tick coming from the bottom of my motor. :bash: I was wondering if there is a noticeable difference between a rod knock, bad oil pump, or exhaust leak. FYI I...
  22. Vnmous1_04

    Engine Suggestions

    Alright guys couple questions wanted to see what input I get...Whats a good alluminum block for the 03/04 cobras and whats a good stroker kit setup to go with it?
  23. flatblack95

    98 cobra engine parts for sale

    like it says , i have 2 motors and not enough room so i have decided to sell some stuff 1.98 tecksid block, has never been machined and has no cracks,scratches,or ridges in any of the cylinder walls.........400 obo + shipping 2.98 cobra engine wiring harness, only thing ever done was had to...