1. Philitup

    RS Adrenaline Academy

    hey guys, I attended the focus RS Adrenaline Academy in Utah last week and had an absolute blast. Figured I would share my experience!
  2. W

    Focus 2012 factory rims 5 spoke with 2 blizzak tires for sale

    Selling my old rims from my Ford Focus SVT. $500 OBO
  3. EditorTurner

    2016 Focus RS Downpipe Test

    Get Down ID Motorsports picks up power with a high-flow downpipe and a hotter tune By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of ID Motorsports When we last left ID Motorsports’ 2016 Focus RS project, the hot hatch had picked up over 30 horsepower and 46 lb-ft of torque courtesy of a custom tune and...
  4. EditorTurner

    Steeda 2013+ Focus ST Jacking Rails Install

    On Rails Installing Steeda’s lightweight jacking rails for the latest Ford Focus By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Steeda Autosports If you perform your own maintenance or modifications, chances are you are going to need to put a floor jack under your car. With modern cars it can be a...
  5. EditorTurner

    Livernois-Tuned Focus RS vs. Shelby GT350 Drag Race

    Close Call A Livernois-tuned Focus RS hangs with a stock Shelby GT350 on the drag strip By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Livernois Motorsports If you own the top dog Shelby GT350 Mustang, you might immediately dismiss that Focus RS staging next to you at the drag strip. Well, you might...
  6. EditorTurner

    Ken Block’s World Rallycross Championship Focus RS RX

    One-Two Punch Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud take the fight to the world in the hot hatch By Steve Turner Pop. Bang. Pop. Bang. The turbocharged 2.0-liter dances off the two-step rev limiter. As the start light goes green the car launches. Its all-wheel-drive system and Cooper tires claw for...
  7. EditorTurner

    2017 Focus RS Sweepstakes

    What’s Your Focus? Ford Performance is giving away the hottest hatch in its lineup By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company You never know what you might discover on an event midway. While prowling the aisles of Formula Drift’s Uncharted Territory event at Orlando Speed World, we...
  8. EditorTurner

    Lethal Performance 2016 Focus RS Dealer Drift

    Special Delivery Billy Johnson puts Lethal Performance’s RS in Drift Mode on the dealer lot By Steve Turner Regular readers know the last time Lethal Performance picked up a new project vehicle at Weikert Ford in Lake Wales, Florida, that the company did so in smoking style. So, when Team...
  9. EditorTurner

    US Focus RS Owner Interview

    Waving the Flag A US Focus RS customer shares his thoughts on Ford’s hottest hatch By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company From the moment we learned the Focus RS would arrive on US shores, we’ve been excited for the hot hatch to usher in a new era of Ford Performance in the...
  10. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance Focus ST Road Trip

    Final Exam Blasting around in a hopped-up Focus ST to close a chapter in rock history By Steve Turner With it gorgeous weather and varied topography, it’s clear why California is so heavily populated. Once you get away from the cities and into the twisty roads in the hills, you know why it...
  11. EditorTurner

    Focus RS RX Documentary, Episode 4

    Shakedown & Expectations The final installment of the Focus RS RX series details its testing By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company For several weeks, Ford Performance offered a behind-the-scenes look at the Focus RS RX driven by Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud in the FIA World...
  12. EditorTurner

    2016 Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Gathering of Fords Over 3,200 Ford vehicles filled the Carlisle fairgrounds for the annual show By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Carlisle Events In the last 15 years Carlisle Events has welcomed fans of all things Ford to the fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for the Ford Nationals. In...
  13. EditorTurner

    Fiesta and Focus ST-Line

    The New STyle If you live in Europe you can get ST handling and styling on a budget with the ST-Line By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company For a while now, Ford has told us that performance cars are selling well. Apparently they are quite popular in Europe, but not everyone has...
  14. EditorTurner

    360-Degree Focus RS Ride Video

    Hot Lap Ride along as Focus RS Chief Engineer Tyrone Johnson laps Silverstone By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company As Focus fans, we have long been jealous of Europe. They always get the good stuff first. Ford is finally sharing the same car with the entire world, but Europe...
  15. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance Le Mans Editions

    French Connection Ford to release limited Le Mans editions of the Fiesta, Focus and Mustang in France By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company We know it’s a big deal that Ford is returning to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the all-new Ford GT. After all, it’s the 50th...
  16. EditorTurner

    Camp Steeda 2016 Preview

    Track Days Steeda Autosports sponsors the Track Guys driving school at Sebring By Steve Turner If you’ve never had the pleasure of hot-lapping your performance Ford on a road course, you don’t know what you are missing. Going full throttle for longer you ever could at the drag strip, diving...
  17. EditorTurner

    Focus RS RX Documentary, Episode 2

    Craftsmanship & Assembly The second Ford Performance Focus RS RX video delivers an inside look at the build process By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Today Ford Performance released the second installment of its video docu-series offering a behind-the-scenes look at the new...
  18. EditorTurner

    Focus RS RX Documentary, Episode 1

    Around the Block Ford Performance gives us a look at the development of its WRC Focus RS By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Recently we shared with you the reveal of the livery for the Hoonigan Racing Division World Rallycross Championship machines piloted by Ken Block and...
  19. EditorTurner

    2016 Focus RS IMSA Safety Vehicle

    Safety First A Focus RS leads the way for the IMSA Sports Car Grand Prix this weekend By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company If you are lucky enough to make it out to the IMSA race in Long Beach, California, this weekend, you’ll not only be able to watch the Chip Ganassi Racing...
  20. EditorTurner

    2016 Focus RS Engine Listeners

    Hearing Brigade Quality control testing of the 2.3-liter Focus RS engine includes listening By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Closed in soundproof booths, highly trained Ford production workers listen carefully. EcoBoost 2.3-liter engines run as their tuned ears seek out a...
  21. EditorTurner

    360-Degree Focus ST Rally Video

    Doing Donuts Ford captures the Focus ST taking on a rally school in a 360-degree video By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company While everyone is getting amped up about the pending arrival of the all-wheel-drive Focus RS, let’s not forget that its cousin the Focus ST is already...
  22. EditorTurner

    600-Horsepower Rallycross Focus RS

    Rally RS Ken Block will campaign a 600hp Focus RS in FIA World Rallycross By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Performance As we learned recently at the end of Ken Block’s epic Gymkhana Eight video, the Hoonigan will bring a new vehicle to the next installment of this viral video series—a...
  23. Philitup

    03 SVT Focus EAP Stock

    Selling my 2003 European appearance package focus. Also has cold weather package. Interior is in great shape. Exterior is in very good shape as well with a coupe small repairable dings and the usual hood and bumper road rash. Has 135k on it and runs great. Clutch was done at 95k along with all...
  24. sutyak

    My turbo Focus 12.4 @ 115

    This is my "between Mustangs" car. I had a 2003 Mach 1, which I sold in an attempt to be responsible. Well that didn't work too well, and this is the result. I've owned this car for 9.5 years, and I'm about ready for my next Mustang. Until I find the right one, I'll keep playing with this...
  25. Philitup

    FS: 2003 SVT Focus EAP 100% Stock

    Up for sale is my 03 svt focus. It has 133k miles and is completely stock down to the exhaust. It has the European appearance package and cold weather package. Car is in good shape and runs great. I included the link to my craigslist ad with more information and pictures. Asking 5k and located...