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  1. A

    WTB 03/04 *Coupe* In/Near North Carolina

    As the title states, I'm looking to buy an 03 or 04 Coupe in literally any color other than zinc yellow. Kind of working on a budget. Not looking to spend more than about $20k give or take a little. Willing to travel a bit for a good deal. Mainly trying to find something in overall good...
  2. Cobra03

    Black 2003 Cobra Convertible For Sale - GA

    This might be the hardest post of my life. I have decided to sell my beloved 2003 Black/Parchment/Black Cobra Convertible. I need the garage for my new 2018 Shelby GT350. I am the original owner and have been a member of this forum since April 2002, even before I took delivery of the car. I...
  3. C

    FS: 2003 Redfire Whipple Cobra Coupe in Ohio

  4. C

    Cobra Extras

    Selling some extra stuff I now have laying around: -Metco 3.00” alternator pulley $30 shipped -Gates K080820HD - SOLD -Gates K080830HD (used with little mileage) $15 shipped ;used with 3.5" upper/6lb lower -K&N Valve Cover Breather $20 shipped -stock coil pack covers $65 shipped -Whipple...
  5. I

    ISO 13-14 GT500 Looking to purchase

    I AM IN SEARCH OF 2013 2014 GT500 !!!!!! LOOKING TO PURCHASE !!! Hey everyone. I am new to using this forum . I signed up 2016 or so ( idk how to check ) im bearly learning this ... Took me 20 min to find out how to start new thread LOL .. i am looking for a gt500 . I am HOPING to get one...
  6. C

    Some Leftover Parts from 2003 Cobra

    Selling a few items from my 2003 Cobra including: -BilletFlow Auxiliary idler pulley (100mm) with bracket; bearing seems like it’s still in great shape SOLD -stock 2003 Mustang Radio (all functions/buttons worked as they should while still in the car) $75 shipped -Fuel door: SOLD -Reichard...
  7. C

    Stiegemeier Stage 7 Eaton w/ TB

  8. C

    Ford Diecast Models

    Selling a few Diecast models. Ford Tri-Motor Authentically Scaled Diecast Metal Replica (Phillips 66) - SOLD 1955 Thunderbird (SS 5718) - $5 *the front bumper comes off Superior 1940 Ford Woody Wagon - $12 shipped 1:24 Scale Super Lincoln Limousine - SOLD Superior 1955 Chevy 3100 Stepside -...
  9. sonichedgehog

    2002 Torch Red Lightning

    2002 Red Lightning FS: I will post more pictures very soon. Located in Memphis, TN. $15,200 OBO -Clean Carfax, never had an accident -The truck has lived its whole life in the South-east. Never been up north. No rust what-so-ever. -142,965 Miles -100% Bone Stock Mechanically (except Magnaflow...
  10. 04GTMustang

    FS: SCT BA2400 90mm MAF

    For sale is a used SCT BA2400 MAF used on my Cobra for the last 5 or so years. Upgraded to a larger MAF when I was pushing 700 whp. SOLD
  11. C

    3.25” Whipple Pulley For Sale

    Up for sale is a 3.25” 8 Rib Whipple Pulley. Used condition with one small nick on the face, doesn’t affect performance. Asking $75 shipped.
  12. M

    For Sale: Black 03 Cobra Coupe - $18,000

    I am selling my black 2003 Mustang Cobra. The car has $132,000 miles. 500 RWHP and 515 TQ. $18,000 OBO. The car is located in Virginia Beach, VA. Stiegemeier port and polish and 2.8 inch pulley at 13 lb of boost 60lb injectors SCT BA 2600 mass air meter Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump Accufab...
  13. CaliGT500524

    Eaton M122 For Sale - 2.6 Pulley, VMP Inlet Elbow.

    Hi all, I am selling my take off M122 with a Steeda 2.6 pulley and a VMP Inlet Elbow. I recently swapped to a ported M122 setup with a 2.2 pulley and figured that this one would really just sit on the shelf. The blower has about 50,000 miles on it and overall the ribbing on the pulley, the...
  14. Slowings

    Replacing Amber tail lights for GT tail lights wiring help

    I’m trying to swap my ambers for regular tinted tail lights, I have the gt harness, body harness and relay. What 2 wires on the cobras body harness from the 5 point connector do I have to splice together to get the 4 point for the GT body harness to ensure the lights(brake, blinker, hazards) all...
  15. CaliGT500524

    M122 with 2.6 Steeda Pulley and VMP Inlet Elbow For Sale

    Hi all, I am selling my take off M122 with a Steeda 2.6 pulley and a VMP Inlet Elbow. I recently swapped to a ported M122 setup with a 2.2 pulley and figured that this one would really just sit on the shelf. The blower has got about 50,000 miles on it and overall the ribbing on the pulley...
  16. Svt_lover

    97 Mustang Cobra Pacific Green $11.5K

    1997 Mustang Cobra The car is pacific green and truly a mint piece. has 67k and is almost bone stock. Currently on the car is a JLT true cold air intake, bbk catless x-pipe, pypes m-80 cat back, and a bama tune for the intake. Car is lowered with sr performance springs and sits on true 03 Tenth...
  17. C

    2001 Cobra Black Coupe

    I have decided to sell my 2001 Mustang Cobra I am asking 10,000 obo. Currently the Car has 97, 600 miles that will go up as I still drive the car. Maintenance has always been kept up on the car and is in very good condition and has been very well taken care of. I currently do have a loan still...
  18. Max97COBRAtkd

    Lots of Terminator & New Edge Parts *Moving Sale*

    So I am moving and don't really need these parts so I will do my best to price them right. Feel free to send me an offer. Worst I can do is say no. ALL PRICES SHOWN ARE SHIPPED to lower 48 and if you choose to pay with paypal, add fee or gift, whichever you prefer. Thanks SVTP! IF IT IS LISTED...
  19. John J. Garvey

    2004 Competition Orange Cobra convertible For Sale

    OFF THE MARKET. Good night all. Respectfully, John J. Garvey
  20. dobbern

    WTB Terminator 04 Coupe

    Looking for 2004 black or oxford white coupe. Prefer low miles. Must be good condition & clean title. Located in the Midwest and willing to drive to you for pickup/purchase.
  21. FireCob

    FS: 04 RedFire Coupe - $17,000

    119k Miles Exterior: 9.5/10 Interior: 9.5/10 Located: Colorado Springs, CO 2004 Cobra with minimal mods and in almost perfect condition. This Cobra was a dream car of mine, and I'm selling due to moving out of state. 2nd owner, the car has been maintained it's whole life at only 2 places in...
  22. Bakerfish17

    WTB: Longtube for 03/04 Cobra

    Title says it all. Preferably with matching x pipe. Located in NJ. Can call/text 732-403-1112
  23. 04GTMustang

    FS: Stock H Pipe off 04 Cobra

    Selling the stock H pipe off of my 04 Cobra. Came off the car with 40k on the odo. No reason to keep it kicking around now that I have LTs. Prefer local pickup as shipping is expensive. If you want it shipped, I can get quotes from USP, but you pay the cost. I am located in NE Massachusetts...
  24. Bakerfish17

    WTB: Longtubes for 03/04 Cobra

    Title says it all. Located in NJ. Can call/text 732-403-1112
  25. AppalachianGirl

    '03 Cobra Coupe-Only 12k original miles-Satin Silver

    Still for sale 10/10/17...price reduction to $29500. We have a family now and we have other fun priorities. We have owned this car since 2003. I (the wife) have been the only one driving our Cobra the past 5 years, <600 miles put on car in 5 yrs. I adore this's like getting inside and...