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  1. Goose17

    GT500 vs. GT500: stock 760hp 2020 vs. 750hp Whipple-charged 2011!

    My oldest son and I had a lot of fun making this video today. I explain the differences between my 2011 with the Ford Racing 750hp 2.9L Whipple kit and my stock 760hp 2020! I then take both cars out for identical spirited runs!
  2. Goose17

    2020 GT500 Performance Shift Indicator Lights (HUD) video

    After my “Getting To Know The 2020 GT500” video, I received some questions regarding the shift lights. This video goes into how to enable them as well as the different options. We then go for a spirited fun run to show the lights in action!
  3. treynor

    Ford GT mk2

    Delivery ETA: 1.17.20 2900 lbs. >700HP. More aero than the GTLM car. Yea, I'm excited!
  4. svt_vnenoso

    Ford Performance Steering Wheel Install | '99 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

    This Ford Performance Off-Road Sparco Steering Wheel was originally meant for 2005-2019+ Mustangs but with a few parts from NRG Innovations it can be retrofitted into 94-98 SN95 and 99-04 New Edge Mustangs! Ford Performance Sparco Steering Wheel [Part # M-3600-RA] American Muscle: Ford...
  5. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 2015+ EcoBoost Mustang Power Packs

    Power Packed Ford Performance offers a potent upgrade for turbo-four S550s By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Back in July we broke the news about Ford Performance Parts’ trio of Power Packs for 2015+ Mustang GTs. These ranged from a hotter calibration to a complete...
  6. EditorTurner

    1,000HP Compound-Boost Classic Mustang SEMA Show Build

    Savage Animal Timeless Kustoms is building an insane Fastback for the SEMA Show By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Timeless Kustoms Each year the entire automotive aftermarket convenes in Las Vegas, Nevada, for The SEMA Show. As you know, this show not only brings out all the latest products to...
  7. EditorTurner

    2016 Focus RS Downpipe Test

    Get Down ID Motorsports picks up power with a high-flow downpipe and a hotter tune By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of ID Motorsports When we last left ID Motorsports’ 2016 Focus RS project, the hot hatch had picked up over 30 horsepower and 46 lb-ft of torque courtesy of a custom tune and...
  8. EditorTurner

    Shelby GT350R-C Wins IMSA Championship

    Road to Victory The Multimatic Shelby takes the win and the championship at Road Atlanta By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company The nine-race IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, Grand Sport season came to a close last Friday at Road Atlanta and the Ford...
  9. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance Global Sales Are Hot

    Youth Movement Popular with younger customers, Ford Performance vehicles are selling well By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Performance With all the talk that younger people aren’t as interested in driving, there is some good news from the Blue Oval. Apparently younger drivers with higher...
  10. EditorTurner

    Livernois-Tuned Focus RS vs. Shelby GT350 Drag Race

    Close Call A Livernois-tuned Focus RS hangs with a stock Shelby GT350 on the drag strip By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Livernois Motorsports If you own the top dog Shelby GT350 Mustang, you might immediately dismiss that Focus RS staging next to you at the drag strip. Well, you might...
  11. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 5.3-liter Modular Short-Block

    Big Package Inside Ford Performance’s big-bore, modular crate engine By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Performance Parts Recently we shared Ford Performance Parts’ announcement that the OE hot rodding division is now offering a 5.3-liter modular short-block (PN M-6009-B53; $6,800). This...
  12. EditorTurner

    Shelby GT350R-C Wins COTA 150

    Pulling Ahead Multimatic wins its fifth race and closes in on an IMSA championship By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company IMSA racing rolled into the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, for the second to last race of the season. In the blazing heat of the Lone Star...
  13. EditorTurner

    Lethal Shelby GT350 McLeod Clutch Install

    Clutch Decision Lethal Performance upgrades its blown GT350 with a McLeod Racing clutch By Steve Turner Combine the high-winding Voodoo 5.2-liter engine with a whiff on nitrous and it’s no surprise that you might find a fusible link in the driveline. In the case of Lethal Performance’s Shelby...
  14. EditorTurner

    Tuned 2016 Focus RS

    Turning up the Heat ID Motorsports tests SCT tuning and a Mountune CAI on Ford’s hot hatch By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of ID Motorsports We are still waiting to steal some seat time in Ford’s 350-horsepower, all-wheel-drive Focus, but lucky owners are already out there enjoying them...
  15. EditorTurner

    MGW Shelby GT350 Shifter Overview Video

    Shifts with Benefits MGW Shifters details the features and benefits of its new Shelby upgrade By Steve Turner Photos by SID297 and courtesy of MGW Shifters A highly tuned machine like the modern Shelby GT350 attracts a certain type of driver. If you are willing to pay the tariff to get behind...
  16. EditorTurner

    2016 Shelby GT350 Raffle

    Ticket to Ride Support the Shelby American Collection and you could win a 2016 GT350 By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of the Shelby American Collection The Shelby GT350 is one of the most well regarded modern Mustang in recent memory. From its outstanding handling to its high-revving...
  17. EditorTurner

    2017 Shelby GTE

    E is for Everyone Shelby American unveils a new Mustang at the MCA 40th show in Indy By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Shelby American Today at the Mustang Club of America’s 40th Anniversary show in Indianapolis, Indiana, Shelby American unveiled an affordable new option to its lineup...
  18. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 5.2-liter Aluminator Crate Engine

    High Potency Ford Performance highlights its new 5.2-liter engine in an S550 automatic By Steve Turner Photos by Bill Cook and courtesy of Ford Performance At the PRI Show late last year, Ford Performance Parts teased us with the possibility of a new engine offering based on the 5.2-liter...
  19. EditorTurner

    TV Grudge Racers at NMRA Finals

    Star Power Chris ‘BoostedGT’ Hamilton and Mike Murillo will appear at Bowling Green By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of the NMRA With the Ford drag racing season drawing to its conclusion, racers and fans alike anticipate a trip to the Bluegrass State for the race of the year. As if...
  20. EditorTurner

    Mishimoto 2013+ Focus ST Radiator

    Keep Your Cool Mishimoto offers a bolt-in, high-efficiency radiator for the Focus ST By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Mishimoto Right off the dealer lot the Focus ST is one of the most fun cars Ford has ever offered. It offers a balanced package of power and handling that makes it a blast...
  21. EditorTurner

    2016 Shelby GT350R Raffle

    R is for Raffle With $20 in raffle tickets, you could win a new Shelby GT350R By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of TRI Industries NFP At the moment, the Mustang that most of us dream of owning is the race-ready version of the modern Shelby. Dubbed the GT350R, this version of the top-line Mustang...
  22. EditorTurner

    Focus RS Adrenaline Academy Interview

    Adrenal Plan SVTP chatted with Ford about the hottest hatch’s complimentary school By Steve Turner Owners of the Ford Performance’s new hot hatch, the Focus RS get a lot of performance in a small package. Not only does it deliver 350 horsepower, four driving modes, and more. One feature...
  23. EditorTurner

    First Turbo Shelby GT350

    Magic Show Hellion will debut its Voodoo twin-turbo system on Engine Power TV By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Hellion Power Systems Ford Performance engineered the Shelby GT350’s Voodoo engine for spine-tingling rpm on a road course, but that hasn’t stopped the industrious people in the...
  24. EditorTurner

    Ford GT Production Extended by Two Years

    Second Chance Ford is extending Ford GT supercar production for two more years By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Are you one of the 6,006 Ford GT applicants that didn’t get approved to buy the carbon-fiber super car in the first two years of production? Well, you can...
  25. EditorTurner

    Ford Virtual Reality Smartphone App

    Surrounded & Astounded Ford can now share its racing efforts and more in virtual reality By Steve Turner Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of Ford Motor Company Have you ever wished you could be at a race thousands of miles away. Better yet, have you ever imagined that you could...