1. S

    Coyote Swapping an 88 Notchback Foxbody - Build Journey

    Good Day Everyone, I’m a bit new to the scene. However, been a lover of all things cars (that go boom) ever since I was a kid. But I’ll save you the trouble of my story and I’ll cut to the chase. A few months ago I bought an 88 notchback (no engine no transmission) I got the car although it...
  2. ace_mechanic71

    FOR SALE: 1991 mustang gt 5.0 5 speed 22k 22k clean title but like all foxbodies it says exceedes mechanical limits on title. Also recieved brand new windsheild 10/17/2023.

    Looking for Gen 3 Custom Air intake ideas

    I'm stuffing a Gen 3 in a Fox and need to fabricate an air intake setup. Looking for pointers on where to source parts to do this cleanly. While I'd love to get something out of the box (i.e., JLT, Corsa, Roush), it's hard to spend the $$$ they want without confirmation it will fit in my...
  4. P

    New to the car world

    Hello everyone, I am new to the car world. I currently have a 2013 sxt plus challenger and got it new in 2013 (just trying to give you an idea of my knowledge on cars, which is next to nothing but I do respect and appreciate them and love a good looking muscle car like a challenger) I have...
  5. J

    I want to advance my timing on my foxbody

    I have gt40 heads and intake with a cam. I think it’s on stock timing I’m not sure but I would like to advance it. I just am not sure how to approach it.
  6. Ill_W1N

    Wanted - hellion turbo kit

    Looking for a hellion kit someone may have laying around or is willing to sell.
  7. TEGEN

    Wanted: 93 Cobra, or 91-93 LX 5.0

    Looking for a 93 Cobra or 91-93 LX 5.0 Prefer very good to to excellent condition that needs nothing but a new home. I’m not super concerned with mileage as long as it’s been a very well taken care of garage queen. Of course, low mileage is a big plus. Stock or lightly modded is ok. No race...
  8. matt5058

    Just picked up my first Fox Body...finally

    I've wanted a fox body for a long time. The first Mustang I ever rode in was a fox body. The first Mustang I ever drove was a fox body. I’ve been a huge fan of these cars since I was a teenager and always wanted to own one. I also wanted a project car that I could tinker with and build up and...
  9. SpooledVenom

    FS- 79-93 clutch/break pedal assembly fully restored

    Up for sale is a restored OEM clutch/break pedal assembly for 79-93 Foxbody purchased from LMR that is now discontinued. I believe 5.0resto originally provided them to sell through LMR. comes with 5.0 clutch/break pedal pads which I added. This assembly was taken apart, media blasted...
  10. Gearbox94

    Classic Car Insurance

    Hey guy, so i just did a bunch of work to my foxbody (2003 cobra drive train swap) and I've been looking around for a collector car insurance policy for it with an agreed upon value for everything I've put into it. I'm just curious if anyone on here has their fox insured with a collector car...
  11. kxt

    FOXTOBERFEST '17 - 450+ Foxes

  12. kxt

    Mustang Week 2017 ///Foxbody Cruise

  13. A

    Et guessing game

    I have a 1988 mustang gt with a sbe 302. b303 cam,gt40 heads, victor jr intake, 650 demon carb, 1 5/8 headers, nos cheater plate with 125 jets, c4 with 4200 stall and 3.55 gears. weighs about 3300 with me in it. wondering what everyones et guesses were before I finished it up and took it tp the...
  14. B

    Looking for t56 kit for foxbody

    need a t56 with bellhousing clutch and flywheel for 5.0
  15. 93_Cobra

    Supercharged '93 Cobra (52,895 original miles)

    Well maintained 1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra with approximately 52,895 miles. SVT certificate, owners manual, Cobra brochures, service/maintenance guide/book, all modification documents, and service paperwork in-hand. Original headlights, stick shift, distributor, car cover, and extra parts...
  16. TheHenryLegacy

    Major 302 power issues

    I have. '91 foxbody with a built 302. I've put so much time and effort into this car, and with the factory AOD auto trans, it won't even burn rubber when floored. It seems sluggish and runs a painfully slow 15 second quarter. What am I missing??? The motor has GT40p heads, Cobra intake, B Cam...
  17. A

    Fox twin turbo kits

    How many of you are running twins on your street fox? Been looking at the on3 kit as well as the cxracing kit and the pony down kit. just want to know what kit people are running and maybe some numbers. Spool time? Ease of intalling? Really just want the best bang for my buck. Dont want to go...
  18. Coyote Crusader

    '86 Foxbody Swap Project

    I'm currently in the process of an '86 Coupe from a 4 cylinder to a V8. I've been overseas since earlier in the year. While I've been gone, I had the car repainted. The painter extended the black stripe on the hood and I think it came out pretty good. Much better than factory. I'm hoping to...
  19. kxt

    FOX exhaust from FOXTOBERFEST - Leaving show
  20. kxt

    Mustang Week 2016 ///Foxbody Cruise
  21. L

    WTT: Blown 97 Rio Red Cobra for a nice Foxbody (New York)

    1997 SVT Cobra, 73k, V2 Vortec, new seals on it. IMRC deletes, new upper gaskets. ,42lb injectors, MSD coils and wires, mitshimoto 3 core aluminum radiator, new electric fan, BBK long tubes, bbk x pipe, flowmaster exhaust, aluminum driveshaft, tubular upper and lower control arms, 4:10...
  22. T

    First Fox Body

    I have never owned a Fox Body but I am interested in buying one and building a performance based car. I would like to know from experienced Fox Body owners to tell me some of the pros and cons of owning both a hatchback and a notchback, and what is the average prices for a Fox Body with no major...
  23. darooke5364

    can someone help me?

    My 1992 fox body vert has The old Ford Racing 347 crate motor(before the boss block). Anyone know the specs? Cast Crank? Rods and pistons? Thank you in advance. Just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. Sorry about that.
  24. 04CobraCorey

    For sale/trade: 1991 lx coupe mustang and 2011 ford 6.2l/6r80 setup

    FOR SALE OR TRADE. 1991 LX Coupe and 2011 Ford 6.2L/6R80 Setup... Asking price as a package is $6,500. Willing to work out something with any serious buyers. The longer this car goes without selling, the more parts I'll put into it.. The more parts I put into it, the more I'm wanting to keep it...
  25. HooperWest