gauge cluster

  1. C

    WANTED: Cobra Gauge Cluster

    Wanting to buy a 03/04 Cobra gauge cluster with 41,000+ miles on it. Would like to be a sub 50k mile cluster. Thank you.
  2. H

    Changing out Printed Circuit Board in my 03 Mach 1 Gauge Cluster

    So several of the lights in my gauge cluster weren't lighting up. I pulled the gauge cluster and removed the printed circuit board. I found an area of corrosion on the board. I have ordered a used 2003 Mustang GT 5-speed cluster off of eBay. It uses the same exact circuit board. If I swap...
  3. fishpick

    Anyone here do the 13/14 into 11/12 gauge cluster swap?

    Subject says it all... I have been reading in another forum about the process of changing the PCM revision and pushing AS BUILT codes into a 2013 ABS module and other stuff to get the 13/14 gauge cluster that has track apps and digital dials retrofitted into a 2012 base GT... thought I'd ask...