jlt intake

  1. S

    FOR SALE: Acuffab TB/JLT intake/Acuffab TB VMP plenum/Bazooka MAF

    Just upgraded my Gen 3 VMP blower on my 03 Cobra with the GT500 TB/VMP plenum and new JLT intake kit for the GT500 set up. and I just removed from my Cobra the next items: -VMP Plenum for Acuffab Single blade TB = $250 (cost $319 at VMP) -Acuffab Single blade TB used for 2-3 months= SOLD -JLT...
  2. MrAjsTech

    VMP Stage 4 Power Package Dyno Results 14 GT500

    Hello everyone! So 1 Week with the car and I have already made a trip over to VMP Performance for some mods. My 2014 GT500 was mostly stock with the exception of a O/R X Pipe and a Lund Tune from the previous owner. When we got to VMP we flashed a stock tune into the car to get a solid baseline...