1. R

    To Lower, or not to Lower...that's the question

    I've been considering Steeda Lowering springs, camber bolts and Ford Performance Jounce bumpers for my 08. I like the look, just have a couple concerns. My questions are: 1. How does it affect the quality (harshness) of the ride? 2. Affect on getting around, i.e. pavement speed bumps...
  2. H

    After lowering Exhaust hitting axle

    Hope someone can help. I have searched and searched. I lowered car (2012 GT) with Steeda Sport springs with Koni STR.T shocks and added BMR adjustable Panhard. Now over bumps I get a metal on metal noise (sounds to me). I re-torqued everything. Panhard locknuts are tight and I used Blue Loctite...
  3. C

    Maximum Motorsports CC Plate Difference?

    Is there actually a difference between MM CC plates for 99-04 Mustangs and the 03-04 Cobras? (mmcc9994 vs mmcc0304) I don’t understand why there would be a significant enough difference to warrant two separate part numbered products.
  4. C

    Best place to have CC Plates installed and alignment done near Columbus Ohio

    Looking for a shop that knows what they're doing with lowered cars/alignments. Previous owner lowered the car without CC plates and I don't have the tools or space to install the Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates myself, so I need to find a reputable shop who will install them and align...
  5. MathewMM

    Max tire size for 1999 GT?

    Hello all, This has probably been asked millions of times but I've been unable to find a definitive answer. I'm currently running 275/35r17 on all four corners of my car, as well as a 2" drop for my suspension. and I'm wondering what the max width of the rear tire could be on an 18 inch rim. I'm...
  6. AnarchyVA

    Very with H&R Race Springs Bottoming Out on Everything

    First. I have a convertible. Convertibles have an X brace that hangs under the oil pan. A few months ago I installed the H&R Race Springs. They look great. But the car scrapes on everything. Every speed bump. Fuel pump covers at the gas station. And when it doesn’t bottom out onto the X...
  7. bigred2013

    WTB: Lowering Springs

    Must fit 2016 GT. Interested in Sportlines, Steeda Sport Progressive, BMR SP080 ( Performance ) or possibly CJPP Springs. PM me a price shipped to 37029! Thanks!
  8. R

    front end shake 2011 gt500

    Ok so my car is lowered and at upper speeds it gets pretty sketchy like the front end is dancing all over the place. I recently bought and had installed j&m caster camber plates. Install went great, I had the car aligned and had the tires balanced but the car is still shaking at high speeds 120...
  9. R

    caster camber plates preferences?

    My 2011 shelby is lowered and is having bad toe out meaning the insides of the front tires are wearing. I was wondering what brand of camber plates are my fellow lowered shelby brethren are using. Any feedback would be appreciated
  10. WarspitesFolly

    Looking for recommended Alignment Specs for lowered 2001 GT convertible

    Gentlemen, I am looking for recommended alignment specs for my lowered 2001 GT convertible (daily driver). The car was lowered with the typical parts; maximum motorsports caster camber plates, Steeda bumpsteer kit with X2 balljoints. Springs are Eibach EIB-3530 lowering the car approximately...
  11. HurstPerformance

    Hurst Stage 1 Suspension Kit for 2011-2014 Ford Mustang (V6, GT, Boss 302)

    Hurst Stage 1 Suspension Kit for 2011-2014 Ford Mustang (V6, GT, Boss 302) Part #6320020 Application: Fits 2011 - 2014 Ford Mustang (V6, GT, Boss 302 including Laguna Seca). Description: The Hurst Stage One Suspension Kit is an excellent choice for firming up the handling of your car...
  12. bigred2013

    BMR SP009 1.5" Lowering Springs

    Bought these for the sole purpose of only using the rears when I had a tire bigger than what my Sportlines could clear. 1.5" Drop SP009 BMR Springs $249.99 new. $210 shipped in the US! Buyer pay's fee's or gifts. 615-574-1683 Easiest way to reach me is to shoot me a text! I can get you...
  13. S

    Help with front front struts!

    Guys, I recently il had some H&R Sport springs installed. Notice I had the stock Billstein shocks in the back, but also noticed had some aftermarket Mickey mouse struts in the front. Needless to say a week in the struts blew out. They no travel and was bottoming them b out of very mild...
  14. Thalilbear02

    **FS - Used for 5,000 Miles - KW V3's for Mustang/Mustang GT/BOSS 302/Shelbys too!

    SOLD! Thanks guys!
  15. bigred2013

    Slight Squeak On Left Turns/Minor Bumps/Bumpy Roads

    I don't know what it is. But my car has developed a "squeak" sound when turning to the left ONLY and when you hit small bumps or go down the slightest rough road. Doesn't do it when turning to the right, and quits completely when you hit the brakes. Jacka$$es at the stealership told me "it's...
  16. T

    2011 Grabber Blue mustang GT 5.0 $24,500

    Alright guys. Price drop on my 2011 mustang gt. It is Grabber blue with 2013 shelby gt500 wheels and tires, upgraded 6 piston brembo brakes, cdc front splitter, blacked out headlights, blue fog lights, ford k springs, BMR panhard bar, muffler delete kit. If interested let me know @...
  17. mmmnitrous

    Air-ride / Accu-air installed

    I've had multiple suspensions in the past (Cut springs, lowering springs, full coil overs) decided to try air. Lots of people say the ride is going to be bouncy and not perform at all. Well the new systems that are out now are way better than the ones of the past. Wanted a lower stance and not...
  18. crazywhiteboy90

    Need help with steering and suspension issues. Wheels are pitching inward

    I have bad steering issues and bumpsteer problems. Im not sure how to approach this whether it be with a bumpsteer kit or CC plates. After searching all over the forums it seems like most people with stock ride height average around 27 3/4 inches from the ground to fender and 28 1/4 inches from...
  19. CalcVictim

    Some pics of the Miata

    C&C is welcomed as always. I had the car for three weeks now, had my mechanic install Mazdaspeed springs yesterday. The car is slow in the straight line but a blast in turns, gets great gas mileage and insurance is cheaper then my Nissan Maxima. Signed up for two autox events next month, will...
  20. thecobralife

    01 Cobra for sale or trade!!!

    delete delete
  21. D2Fresh16

    F/S: 79-04 SRA- Steeda Sport Springs.

    What's up guys? Like the title says, I am selling my Steeda Sport Springs for 79-04 GT's and V6s. These springs give a really nice drop, without being too low for daily driving or cars with long tube headers and such. At the very most, I'd say they have 8k miles on them, again probably not...