1. 93_Cobra

    FOR SALE: 2017 GT350 ($40K Invested, 850 WHP, ~5,600 Miles)

    ***SOLD*** Here are the details for my GT350: Year: 2017 Color: Race Red (no stripes) exterior, Dark Charcoal interior Ownership: 2nd owner (purchased it with 642 miles) Title: In possession (no loan; fully paid off) Mileage: ~10,250 Mods Investment: $40K total for parts + labor (I have a book...
  2. 99GT35TH

    2007 White with Blue Stripes Shelby GT500 Tastefully Modded $32k

    2007 White Shelby GT500 Garage Queen PRICE DROP Unfortunetly the time has come to sell my 2007 Shelby GT500. I am in the process of buying a house and fiancially right now isn't the best time for having this car so I am selling her to a new home. 2007 white with blue stripes Ford Mustang Shelby...
  3. HooperWest

    Modded Corsa Extremes on GT500

    Swapped out the Corsa Sports for the Extremes for a little more Bark.
  4. venom one

    FS: 03 Oxford White Cobra Coupe Texas 51k miles

    SOLD I am selling my 2003 Oxford White Cobra. Car has 51.8k miles on it with only 8,000ish miles on the motor and mods. It has a little over $10k in the engine and mods. Price is $18,000. My daughter turns 18 next week and I want to get her a car so this is the way to go for me. Price is...
  5. Gbone

    2002 Mustang GT Heavily Modded & Parts for sale- wrecked

    2002 Mustang GT Heavily Modded Car & Parts for sale *Update*: I bought a chassis that I will be getting this next week. After that I will decide what I want to keep and update this post with everything I have to sell. I have a 2002 Mustang GT with only 16xxx miles on it that was tboned a few...
  6. D

    WTB 07-09 Modded GT500 ASAP!!

    Hey guys, looking to buy a 07-09 modded GT500 under 20k miles. My color preference is Black with the grey strip but I am open to all colors. As far as my budget I am trying to stay at 32K and below, I might be able to go to 33K if the car is exceptionable. I live in Dallas TX, however location...
  7. A

    Flashed Xbox 360

    Selling my Flashed Xbox 360. Comes with what is pictured here. -Controller -AV Cable -Power Block -20+ backups Also Posted on CL. (Modded Xbox 360 Console) PM me any and all offers, Thanks! :rockon: