1. G

    FS 2003 Cobra-Coupe-Redfire- 24k miles- Lightly Modded- Wisconsin

    Vehicle is in excellent condition both exterior and interior. Runs and drives great, like a car with only 24k miles should. Everything works, always maintained properly and stored winters. Never had any problems with the car, I've owned the vehicle for 2 years. Modifications include: Cat-back...
  2. Skylar

    Compression ratio/gearing for a D1SC Mach 1?

    I'm in the process of making a list of everything I'll need for a build. I'm planning on going forged internals and was wondering what compression is suggested if I'm going to be adding a D1SC? Also, the previous owner changed the gears to 3.27's. He said it was because he was planning on...
  3. nickb87

    FS 2014 Mustang GT w/ Built Motor & Trans Roush TVS Low Miles

    SOLD!!!!! 2014 Mustang GT w/ 9700 miles for sale! This car is very fast with over $40k invested in aftermarket mods. It makes 600whp (mustang dyno) on the stock pulley but i have a pulley and tune that makes it over 700whp on pump gas. The motor is built to handle around 830whp if e85 fuel is...
  4. deletednow2017

    Fore Fuel Systems on Sale!

    Need a fuel system upgrade? Now is the time to take advantage of our Fathers Day Sale on Fore Innovations complete systems and fuel pump assemblies. Great pricing at 15% Off at Choose from various options for any E85...
  5. chris_302

    FS: Rear Deat Delete-Off my LS.

    Up for sale is my Rear seat delete off of my '13 Laguna Seca: Located in Fontana, CA 92337 Price: $1000-picked up-Not shipping unless buyer arranges pick up. These are $1700+shipping brand new. Below is the link to all the hardware part #'s...
  6. 101dsgmach

    Deciding between P.P S550 or 03/04 Cobra

    Hello everyone! :) I would love to hear from some of you guys who had/have a 03/04 cobra and now own a s550 or vice versa. I have owned a couple new edge mustangs and love the styling, my latest was a bolt on 04 mach and after it sold I started looking for a terminator. However last week...
  7. deletednow2017

    Team Beefcake Racing - Now Selling ARS (American Racing Solutions) Products

    We are happy to announce that we now carry coyote tensioners, low-profile tensioners, idler pulleys, and more through ARS!
  8. deletednow2017

    835 RWHP Stock Engine - 2016 Mustang!

    Bob O dropped off his car to us and our partners at Finish Line and they got right to work with a 2.9L Whipple Install on his 2016 Mustang GT. Since bob was planning on pushing it, the crew at Finish Line started with billet OPGs and a billet crank sprocket. Bob is in the restoration business...
  9. Coyote Crusader

    Hollow axles filled with foam!

    I went to the track and broke an axle yesterday. No wonder those things snap so easily. Hope you like the video!
  10. HurstPerformance

    White or Black Shift Knob for your S550?

    Would you like to see Hurst Performance offer both white and black Classic Shift Knobs for your S550? Currently, we offer our direct-fit Classic Shift Knob for the factory shifter in white, and include a White Classic Shift Knob with our Competition/Plus Shifter. Would you like to see black...
  11. Lisa@Borla

    Borla Exhaust is looking for a 2016 Mustang EcoBoost

    Borla Exhaust is looking for a 2016 Mustang EcoBoost for a special project! If you are interested in letting us borrow yours in exchange for a FREE Borla Turbocharger Upgrade Kit and a Borla Exhaust, please see the requirements below and email me at [email protected] for more information. Basic...
  12. LetsBoost

    What Forged Rod's and Piston's Should I Get?

    I want to forge my engine so I can supercharge it. But I don't want to pay a shop to do it. I have friends who work on cars so they can help me. But, I don't know what exactly to get. I was going to go with Summit Racing but their website confused me. So, can anyone help me with what kit I...
  13. B

    For Sale 2001 Silver Cobra Coupe

    Selling my 2001 SVT Cobra unfortunately... Selling to help save for a house. This car has been taken care of very well, and stored all winters I have owned it. The body is in immaculate condition, and so is the interior. It has just over 115,900 miles on it and a clean carfax. Asking $10,000...
  14. LetsBoost

    How to put a Twin Screw Supercharger on an 01 Cobra

    I want to supercharge my mustang, don't want a centrifugal. Love the look of Twin Screws. I know you can put one on the 99-01 Cobra, but I know I need to do a little modifying. What exactly do I need to do?
  15. Great281

    F.S: McLeod Street Extreme Clutch

    Selling a McLeod Street Extreme Clutch kit w/ Upgraded 26 spline. This is brand spankin' new, only taken out of box for pictures. Fits 86-Mid 01 GT's and 93-98 cobras. Handles up to 700 hp and 700 torque. Comes with pressure plate, clutch disc, throw-out bearing, and pilot tool. Works with T-45...
  16. 3liivlogs

    2016 Voodoo Build

    Hey there! Hope you guys have been having a fantastic weekend!! So Id like people to shed some knowledge on this build; Im planing on purchasing a Ford Performance Power pack 3 ( Voodoo intake, 87mm throttlebody, cold air intake, some silly calb tool ) Now what parts should accommodate this...
  17. M

    Looking for a GT

    Hi, not sure if I'm posting in the correct section, I'm new here. Looking for a 2016+ GT with low miles, premium package within the east coast or south. Stock to light mods. Preferably around NY.
  18. I

    WTB 13/14 Mustang GT Premium

    I have been searching for a specific mustang and haven's had any luck. I'm in iowa and willing to travel. Looking for: 13/14 Mustang GT Premium Deep impact blue with charcoal leather seats 6spd manual coupe navigation touchscreen decent miles track package with brembo brakes wanted but not...
  19. K

    Urgent Question for Cobra Owners

    Hi everyone, my name is Kyle and I've recently found a cobra mustang that I want to purchase soon. This specific cobra has 62,xxx miles and is completely stock. Here is the kicker. As most of you know, Cobras have always had a tick issue in the valve train. This cobra has the damn tick. Many...
  20. Luis Palacios

    Is 300 whp on 94' cobra possible? Give all your feedback!

    So far, I still can't find a 96'-98' in Cali :( However, I did come across this 94' cobra that is completely stock with low mileage (50,000 miles) so that's good! I've been doing a lot of research on how to punch out 300 whp but most of the info i come across is outdated (2010 and below). Not...
  21. Luis Palacios

    IN NEED OF 96'-98' COBRA

    I've been looking for one in Cali for the longest time now (about 7-8 months) and haven't found anything! So disappointing for me when I see super clean examples out of state. NO sign of them here for some reason. :( Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? let me know where I should try looking...
  22. C

    03 sonic blue Kennebell

    -Kenne bell 2.6H -Single blade throttle body -Bf idlers -Cc plates -High flow catted mid pipe magniflow catback -60lb injectors -Kenne bell boost-a-pump -Weld rts drag pack 15x10 -Mickey Thompson 325x50x15 -Stock wheels included -Battery relocated in trunk -Spec 3+ clutch -3.73 Solid rear...
  23. B


    Looking for a set of Borla S type axlebacks or catbacks for a 2013 or 2014 v6. Thanks.
  24. LetsBoost

    Aftermarket cold air intake and Procharger?

    I have an aftermarket JLT air intake coming off the throttle body of my 01 Cobra. The problem is that I want to put a Procharger on my car in the future and from the pictures I've seen is that the Cobra has a stock air intake and the Procharger has an air intake that goes where my aftermarket...
  25. LetsBoost

    Twin Tubro Set Up?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm new to this website. I'm looking to boost my 01 Cobra, and am currently looking at twin turbo set ups. I don't know TOO much about twin turbos, but I'm guessing they have more than 9 lbs of boost. What do I need to do to my engine before installing...