1. SvtDr34mz

    WTB 99-04 Black Convertible Top

    The day I dreaded has come, someone tried to steal my 04' v6 convertible and thought it was a good idea to slice the top not once, not twice, but three times! I'm looking for a 99-04 black convertible top for my Mustang. The headliner is not needed, but if included with the top, will gladly...
  2. Cop I Am

    Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords / 5.0 Mustang / Superford Magazines

    I'm doing a some cleaning and have these magazines from the mid 90's thru current year until 5.0 Mustang & Superford were cancelled. (May be missing an issue hear and there) Would like to get rid of them hell might even give them away!!! Let me know if anyone is interested.
  3. HandsomeRob

    97 Crystal White Cobra (For Sale) (Over $30k Invested)2nd Owner

    Hey SVTP I have for sale my 97 Crystal White Cobra. It has 41k original miles, and was purchased 8yrs ago from the original owner. I am the second owner, with title in hand. I have invested over $30k into this car not including the actual vehicle. Almost all the parts are brand new, never...
  4. laextreme5

    Build Thread : Project Crowdmower : Ford Chassis, Nissan Trans, And Chevy motor

    Well, this is my newest project. If you knew me personally this is quite left field, and i even surprised myself honestly lol. Id originally set out to purchase a budgie wrx to build for 1/4 and 1/2 duties after parting out my 240 project, however while eating lunch after cars and coffee with...
  5. Comporg

    FS: 2007 roush 427R- supercharged **low mileage**

    Hey all, After 3 years of owning this beast I've finally decided to give someone the opportunity to own this remarkable low mileage roush. She is a real head turner, everywhere I go it always draws positive attention. I'm selling for the simple reason that I don't have time to take her out much...
  6. Luis Palacios

    cobra prices?

    Hey guys, I've been looking around for an sn95 cobra and was wondering what type of money I should expect to spend on one. I'm looking for one with around 50-80k miles, well taken care of interior and exterior; preferably black interior. I am also located in California so that changes prices a...
  7. Gavinb_SVT

    1996 Cobra misfire

    My car seems to idle fine but will occasionally die on me at a stop light then crank right back up like nothing happened. Under a little throttle the car will miss sometimes. Under full throttle it won't miss at all. It's pretty aggravating and I'm not sure what's causing it. It has new NGK TR6...
  8. Gavinb_SVT

    1996 Cobra leaking oil

    I have a 1996 Mustang Cobra that is leaking oil from under the headers on the drivers side. Not sure exactly where but there is oil all under the headers. It's not coming from the valve covers. I had a mechanic tell me that the head gasket was blown. I just came here to see what everyone else...
  9. S

    F/S 2001 Cobra 29K Original Miles

    Asking : $15000 *I am not able to upload attachments for some reason, only copy URLs* Hello, I have my rare 6 speed manual 2001 Mustang Cobra with 29K ORIGINAL miles for sale. The car is in immaculate condition inside and out. It has been garaged most of its life. I have all the original...
  10. Evolution

    F/S: Complete 5.0L 4V Coyote Engine From a 2017 Mustang GT

    This engine was removed from a 2017 Mustang GT with 1,500 miles because we installed a built engine that was built ahead of time. $5,500.00 + Freight The Ford Performance all-aluminum 2015 5.0L Coyote crate engine is a modern 5.0L 32-valve DOHC V-8 that uses advanced features like Twin...
  11. EditorTurner

    2017 Steeda Q750 Midnight Edition

    Dark Matters Steeda Vehicles unleashes murdered-out Mustangs with over 800 horsepower By Steve Turner The beauty of the Mustang platform is its adaptability. Owners can paint its canvas to create the masterpiece of their dreams. Some like to do the work themselves and create something that...
  12. EditorTurner

    Terminator-Swap 1965 Mustang

    Challenge Accepted Sam Anderson challenged himself to build a 733-horsepower classic Mustang By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Sam Anderson If you have built more than one project car, you always want to push the next one to a higher plane than the last. That was definitely the case for...
  13. EditorTurner

    2016 SEMA Show Mustangs

    SEMA Stampede The Sin City excitement builds as Ford teases its SEMA Mustang show cars By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Each year in November the automotive aftermarket industry takes over Las Vegas, Nevada, to show off its new wares. Nearly every booth at the show...
  14. EditorTurner

    Belgians Love Mustangs

    Chocolate Reign Mustangs are popular all over Europe, but Belgians are really sweet on them By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Mustang sales may have cooled a bit stateside, but the latest pony cars are still hot overseas. Apparently, they are steamy as hot chocolate in...
  15. EditorTurner

    2017 Steeda Q-series Mustangs

    Total Package Steeda unleashes its new Q-series Mustangs, including an 825hp model By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Steeda Autosports Since the Fox Mustang days Steeda Autosports has created a complete line of products that let you add performance to your Mustang. However, if prefer to just...
  16. Velgen

    Mustang S550 in Purple / Showing Love from Bahrain

    Ford Mustang S550 Wheels : Velgen Wheels VMB9 Satin Silver Location: Bahrain
  17. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 2015+ EcoBoost Mustang Power Packs

    Power Packed Ford Performance offers a potent upgrade for turbo-four S550s By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Back in July we broke the news about Ford Performance Parts’ trio of Power Packs for 2015+ Mustang GTs. These ranged from a hotter calibration to a complete...
  18. EditorTurner

    First 9-Second EcoBoost Mustang

    Nine Lives Brad Gusler resets the EcoBoost Mustang e.t. record with a historic pass By Steve Turner Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of BG Racing and the NMRA From moment Ford announced it would offer a turbo four-cylinder in the 2015+ Mustang, the engine platform has earned detractors and...
  19. EditorTurner

    BMR 2015+ Mustang Camber Plate Install

    Plate Shift Installing BMR Suspension’s caster/camber plates for the S550 By Steve Turner Photos by Steve Turner and courtesy of BMR Suspension From the jump, the crew at BMR Suspension took the S550 platform and started developing parts. Despite the platform maturing and other development...
  20. EditorTurner

    1,000HP Compound-Boost Classic Mustang SEMA Show Build

    Savage Animal Timeless Kustoms is building an insane Fastback for the SEMA Show By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Timeless Kustoms Each year the entire automotive aftermarket convenes in Las Vegas, Nevada, for The SEMA Show. As you know, this show not only brings out all the latest products to...
  21. 6

    2003 silver cobra

    Low mileage! Satin Silver Cobra 14,146 miles Very nice 2003 Cobra with perfect interior, everything works. Only modifications are Mac cat back exhaust, Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates, Steeda bump steer kit, FTBR IRS complete bushing kit with adjustable rear toe links and sway bar...
  22. Z

    Gt350 intake install help needed

    Hey everyone super new to this forum stuff but I installed the gt350 intake manifold on my 2016 mustang gt base manual and the throttle body adapter and I got everything hooded up except this hose. Anyone know where it goes or if it's even used? Please let me know or direct me to the nearest...
  23. EditorTurner

    2017 NPD Ford & Mustang Roundup

    Season Kickoff Get ready for the first show of 2017 at Silver Springs next January By Steve Turner Do the winter doldrums make you sentimental for warmer days and car shows? If you live in Florida, there is no need to wait for spring to host a car show. For Ford fans one of the first major...
  24. EditorTurner

    2015+ Mustang Tesla Screen Upgrade

    Big Screen Modernize your S550 with a plug-and-play Android infotainment upgrade By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ultra Design You might not be jealous of the Tesla’s electric motivation or its autopilot abilities, but take one look in the interior and you might turn green with envy. That...
  25. EditorTurner

    HP Tuners’ 821-Horsepower 2015 Mustang GT

    Tuned Custom HP Tuners built a 2015 Mustang as a multi-purpose promotional project By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of HP Tuners and Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car In the automotive aftermarket it is standard practice to build project vehicles to garner attention. These cars...