1. cheeser

    P219A Code - JLT 3.0 Oil Separator issue??

    Cheers, I have been having intermittent P219A codes pop up that would eventually trigger a CEL. This was after I installed a VMP Gen II R supercharger with the JLT 3.0 separator. In looking at some of the Ford literature, injector issues and/or vacuum leaks in the exhaust/intake/PVC system...
  2. cheeser

    Intermittent issues after VMP Stage 1 install - limp mode and P219A code

    Finished install last week without issue. Drove to work and such for three days without issue...about 75 miles. Beyond Supercharger, engine is stock except GT500 mufflers. Drove car about 175 miles to Steamboat Spring and when coming over a 9400ish foot pass, wrench icon popped up and went...