1. S

    Sonic Blue Cobra and paint work.

    Has anyone had experience with getting Sonic Blue paint blended and it be unnoticeable? I have a couple scratches on the fender & bumper and a paint chip on the hood so basically the entire front cap will be blended and cleared. I had also contemplated painting more to fix some other small...
  2. jshaw4

    Touch-up before and after?

    I have several rock chips I want to try and fix. I just ordered some Motorcraft touch up paint from LMR and I’m going to try it out on one to see how it comes out. Anyone have any experience using these pens? How did it turn out? Before and after pics would be awesome!
  3. I

    Clear valve covers ???

    has anyone ever thought of making clear valve covers for our cars ? Maybe out of some type of acrylic matieral? No clue what it would be made out of, I'm not expert. Just think it would be really cool.
  4. B

    Painting Chin Spoiler Laser Red

    Hey Guys, I know the Laser Red E9 paint is a tri-coat and very expensive to get. I would like to repaint my chin spoiler (from previous owner) and I need to know of a red that is identical in terms of color. The flakes and special effects of the tri-coat is not necessary. Currently it is...
  5. EditorTurner

    Top 5 Ford GT Application Videos

    Moving Pictures Ford GT applications are closed, but we picked some of our favorite video submissions By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Anyone that’s been paying attention knows that Ford closed its one-month window for accepting Ford GT applications. That’s correct...
  6. EditorTurner

    Ford GT Applications Update

    Open & Shut Over 6,500 people applied to own one of the new Ford GT supercars By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company A month ago Ford launched its online configurator for the forthcoming Ford GT supercar. During the one-month window that applications were open, over 200,000...
  7. EditorTurner

    Ford GT Website Stats

    Virtual Reality Thousands applied to buy the Ford GT and the online configurator is a hit By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Unless you were off the grid last week, you know that Ford started taking applications for potential buyers of the 2017 Ford GT production car. While...
  8. EditorTurner

    Ford GT Applications

    Start Your Orders Potential buyers can finally submit applications to purchase a Ford GT By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company If you are in the market for the next-gen Ford GT, today is your day. Ford will begin accepting applications for the first two model years of...
  9. N

    Rio red and torch red paint, close enough to mix?

    I have a Rio red 99 cobra, and I really want to upgrade the wing mirrors to nicer looking, preferably red mirrors. I wonder If anyone can answer this for me; If I were to buy MMD torch red mirrors, would they stick out from the Rio red body or blend in? Or does anyone know where to get Rio...
  10. f ê r

    2.5 years later: SEM's Interior Paint still Looking Awesomely Good

    For before / after pics and materials used please read my previous thread: Just Finished my Interior. First of all gotta say that I’m impressed w/ the quality of SEM’s products. 2.5 years later after having dyed my interior, the paint is holding strong and looking good. Quite a feat when you...
  11. 5

    Radiator/ Intercooler Black Paint mythbusted

    I just thought I'd share this with you guys, I found it pretty interesting. If you don't feel like watching, they basically test a black intercooler vs unpainted and determine which one has cooler temps. Black outperforms by very little while...
  12. JPs2013GT500

    Rough paint where spoiler meets trunk lid

    I noticed some stains running down each side of the S H E L B Y lettering on the trunk of my 2013 GT500. They appear to emit from a rough area at each corner where the spoiler attaches to the trunk. Attached a photo of each corner of the trunk lid / spoiler base for reference (I had already...
  13. S

    Painting my 03 in the Highland Green(Bullitt)

    What's goin on y'all so I'm buying my first svt and well mustang on Tuesday, I used to have a WS6 but I was quickly converted after driving my buddies lol. I was gonna buy an 01 Bullitt back in 08 when I turned 18 but I ended up finding that ws6. I was wondering if anyone has a hookup for Ford...
  14. RakMan

    Anyone else have a paint defect?

    My 2013 Shelby (RCM w/black stripe) arrived at my dealer on Dec 22nd & I picked her up on New Year's Eve when the weather broke. She's sitting in my barn with only 140 miles just waiting to come out of hibernation. As I took off my cover two weeks ago, I noticed what looked like a...
  15. SVT DAN

    custom wheel shop

    im looking for a custom wheel shop that can paint wheels in the dmv area. something with a good reputation. any suggestions? thanks
  16. cobra777

    pulled the trigger on the paint job...

    so the nose and hood on the Saleen were starting to get a little chipped up. And sense I've only got a couple weeks until the Hot Rod Power Tour, i decided to pull the trigger and get her painted. I stopped by the paint shop today and took some pictures of the process.:eek:
  17. tdunn02289

    Stock Eaton SC Paint Code? Or a good touch up paint?

    Hey guys, just wondering if you knew the stock eaton supercharger paint code? there is a couple of spots where i need to touch up. Or is there any alternative touch up paint that matches the stock color. Thanks
  18. 0

    my 2000 Saleen SC Speedster "Extreme Rainbow Paint!!"

    Well another member here told me I should join and post up some pics, as the Saleen forums aren't as active. My welcome thread -> This is my newest car, a 2000 Saleen Speedster in Extreme Rainbow...
  19. T

    Looking for 96 Mystic Paint

    I own a 96 Mystic Cobra and need to repaint the front fender and passenger door. I figured i would post something on here to see if anyone has some left over mystic paint they would be willing to sell before i go out and spend hundreds for it. Would be a huge help. Email me at...
  20. M

    Cobra Paint

    I am new to the forum and have just bought a 2004 cobra off e-bay... looked great, owner said it had never been in an accident or painted. Waxed it last weekend and saw a few minor specs of what look like dust in the paint...very minor, but has me concerned. The color all around looks great and...