1. DylanG23

    S197 GT500 14" Brembo Brakes and Rotors (No Springs, Pads, or Pins)

    GT500 14" Brembo Brakes and Rotors for a '05-'14 Mustang. $700 or best offer. Selling through ebay: Ford Mustang GT500 14" Front Brembo Brakes & Rotors (No Springs, Pads, or Pins) | eBay Included: Two New 4-Piston Calipers Black Gloss Powder Coated Finish with White Brembo Logo 2 Rubber...
  2. Redhoss

    Cobra Terminator Heads Complete

    Terminator heads made after the tick issue date code 11-01-02 $890.00 or Make me an offer They are complete with cams and some Navi valve covers I bought them for a project some years ago from Chip at King Cobra Motorsports in Fallbrook CA Let me know if you require a specific picture of...
  3. K

    Parts Advice - Father's Day Gift

    Hi guys.. I'm not experienced with aftermarket parts so bear with me.. my dad is absolutely in LOVE with his '04 termy cobra. Always getting new parts, always super excited to tune it ever so slightly for better performance..... I finally have $$$ for a decent gift so I want to give him...
  4. AnoLevel

    Oxford White 2015 GT Premium Performance Pack 401A

    Car has 23,000 Miles on it completely stock. Only option this car doesn't have is the 8" Sub in the trunk. Price is $28,000 FIRM. Rule #7 to come.
  5. C

    Stock air cleaner for 1999 contour SVT

    Hey all, I'm new to the site I found it through a Google search, and hoping someone out there has a stock air cleaner for my svt. I rescued it out a a junkyard, and run it on a circle track in a new division, stock 6 cylinder division, the car has a fiber filter bolted to where the stock one...
  6. A

    Best/Top gt500 performance shop in Florida?????

    What are the Best/Top GT500 performance shops in the southern east coast Florida area? (So far I am leaning towards Power By The Hour in boynton beach Florida). My Car has a Kenny bell 2.8lc and all supporting mods, I'm located in Port Saint Lucie, but anything within an hour or so maybe more...
  7. B

    Revan 13-6 kit FS $600

    13-6 kit barely used less than 1000 miles. I am looking to sell the car so I removed the kit. You will likely need to send the SCT tuner out or get with Revan Racing because they needed my PCM calibration and that might need to be adjusted. Currently set up for 91 octane but could most likely...
  8. EditorTurner

    Official 2017 Raptor Performance Ratings

    Lighter and Faster The 2017 F-150 Raptor is more powerful and more efficient than its predecessor By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Performance Ford Performance has long been promising that the new version of the F-150 Raptor would outperform its predecessor thanks to reduced weight...
  9. EditorTurner

    Borla Shelby GT350 Cat-Back Exhaust

    Flat-Out Aggressive Borla’s GT350 ATAK system delivers aggressive sound and more power By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Borla Performance Industries There is no doubt that the factory exhaust system on the latest Shelby GT350 sounds fantastic, especially with its adjustable valves...
  10. OxyCobra

    275/35/18 R888 squared set-up 04 Cobra

    Is anyone running this set up on there Cobra? i know everyone runs 305s and 315s in the rear, but im not building a huge HP car ( at least not right now) Honestly it will probably be around 450-475 wheel when i'm finished with it. I plan on doing suspension mods to compliment power as well as a...
  11. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance Wins Le Mans, Formula Drift & Global Rallycross

    Weekend Warriors Blue Oval machines took several wins over the weekend, including Le Mans By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Performance If your dad is a Blue Oval fan, he undoubtedly had his Father’s Day wish granted over the weekend. Not only did Ford Performance return to the 24 Hours...
  12. EditorTurner

    Fiesta and Focus ST-Line

    The New STyle If you live in Europe you can get ST handling and styling on a budget with the ST-Line By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company For a while now, Ford has told us that performance cars are selling well. Apparently they are quite popular in Europe, but not everyone has...
  13. EditorTurner

    8-Second Turbo 2015 Mustang

    Over the Edge Sheldon Lewis finally put his stock-computer S550 into the eights By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Sheldon Lewis When we last told you ghostly tales about Sheldon Lewis’ Hellion-turbocharged 2015 Mustang he was pushing the stock Coyote platform to the edge of an 8-second...
  14. EditorTurner

    813-horsepower Turbo Boss 302

    Boss Boost Jamie Linkenholker turned to JPC Racing for a turbocharged RoadRunner By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of JPC Racing Lately we’ve seen lot’s of feedback from people that believe it’s a little nutty to modify a road course-oriented Mustang like the new Shelby GT350. However, one...
  15. K3nMasters

    Just Picked Her Up Saturday!

    My first post here and can't think of a more fitting introduction. I've been eyein' the Mustangs ever since Ford dropped the Coyote motor. I originally wanted to pick up a 13' BOSS 302, but those prices just aren't dropping so I bit the bullet on this beauty Saturday. 15' (obviously) GT...
  16. mach1gsxr

    2003 auto, posi Eaton swapped, return fuel mach

    Here is a link to my cl ad with a few pictures. 03 Oxford White Mach 1 95K MILES (I think less but ill go with this) Factory 4r70 built to handle 500 PI 4600 & factory stall Eaton Supercharged Posi ported blower w/ 3.4 pulley Posi ported...
  17. D

    Trade: My entire PW trunk!

    I have a 2013 Performance White trunk w/ factory GT/CS spoiler & RTR decklid. Looking to trade my entire trunk for your stock trunk + cash on your end. Only interested in 2010-2013 Performance White trunks. Located in New Jersey. Price? $600 obo or something idfk.
  18. matt5058

    2011-2014 5.0 - Enclosed CAI? Anyone fabricate something or add to a kit?

    I am sure this has been discussed before but I just saw this thread in the S550 forum and wondered if anyone had done something similar via customizing an already existing CAI kit for the 2011-2014 5.0 Stangs...
  19. FlowmasterMufflers

    Will You Ever Be "Finished" With Your Build?

    Maybe it's just me but I have yet to own a vehicle that I didn't want to change something about. Aside from driving, personalizing and improving the performance of your car can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of ownership. We all know that one mod leads to another but when does it stop...
  20. FlowmasterMufflers

    Flowmaster: "Born on the Track"

    For over 30 years, Flowmaster mufflers have been helping cars to go faster and sound better. Check out this great video that explains how it all got started.
  21. FlowmasterMufflers

    What was the first modification that you made to your Mustang?

    What was the first modification that you made to your Mustang, Lightning, Raptor, etc.? Did you plan on modding your vehicle or did one thing lead to another?
  22. matt5058

    Reputable exhaust and or performance shops in DC area?

    Can anyone recommend a reputable exhaust shop in the DC area or a performance shop? I just ordered a Roush axle back for my 2014 GT and I was hoping to use my uncle's garage to install it but not sure if that plan will pan out. I just moved to DC and pretty much all of my tools are back at my...
  23. FlowmasterMufflers

    Muffler Comparison Video Flowmaster's Chief Marketing Officer, Nate Shelton, explains the different mufflers offered from Flowmaster and the technology behind them!
  24. FlowmasterMufflers

    Flowmaster Discount Code! Thank you Forum Members!!!!!!

    Flowmaster Exhaust Products is proud to offer forum members 5% off of our huge line of exhaust performance products and accessories. Please call or visit and enter discount code: fm14 at checkout to receive 5% off of your order!
  25. FlowmasterMufflers

    Stop by and Say Hi...Super Summit 2014

    If you are anywhere near the Tallmadge, Ohio area this weekend, be sure to check out the Summit Racing Equipment Super Summit 2014. Flowmaster Mufflers will be there answering product questions and enjoying the show. Stop by, say hi, and find out what special deals we have to offer! Summit...