1. Jake@Lethal

    Ford Performance Power Packs available NOW here at Lethal Performance!!

    Hey All! We just launched our new Power Packs with Ford Performance Calibrations for the Bronco’s! We’ve tested out each component of these kits, as many of you Bronco owners out there have as well, and found the best combinations for each tuner, now including the Ford Performance Pro Cal...
  2. C

    FIC 1000 Injector Limits

    I am putting together my motor to go back into my car. My setup is a Fore Level 2 system, twin 465 pumps, FIC 1000 injectors (they’re 95lb), comp cams (XE266BH-116 grind), a 2.8 KenneBell Mammoth blower with a 3.5 upper pulley and stock lower (for now) mid length headers, off road X-pipe, etc...
  3. TheHenryLegacy

    Major 302 power issues

    I have. '91 foxbody with a built 302. I've put so much time and effort into this car, and with the factory AOD auto trans, it won't even burn rubber when floored. It seems sluggish and runs a painfully slow 15 second quarter. What am I missing??? The motor has GT40p heads, Cobra intake, B Cam...
  4. EditorTurner

    Official 2017 Raptor Performance Ratings

    Lighter and Faster The 2017 F-150 Raptor is more powerful and more efficient than its predecessor By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Performance Ford Performance has long been promising that the new version of the F-150 Raptor would outperform its predecessor thanks to reduced weight...
  5. EditorTurner

    2017 F-150 3.5-liter Engine Ratings

    Greater Grunt The 2017 F-150 packs more power, more torque and a 10-speed auto trans By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Wondering how Ford would improve the performance of its eternally popular pickup truck? Well, the company has just announced that the 2017 model’s new...
  6. HPTuners

    HP Tuners tips and tricks from HP Academy

    Please delete Please delete thread, wrong post.
  7. EditorTurner

    8-Second Turbo 2015 Mustang

    Over the Edge Sheldon Lewis finally put his stock-computer S550 into the eights By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Sheldon Lewis When we last told you ghostly tales about Sheldon Lewis’ Hellion-turbocharged 2015 Mustang he was pushing the stock Coyote platform to the edge of an 8-second...
  8. S

    Brand New 94-04 power window switch

    no longer available
  9. Norton

    2013/2014 Shelby GT500 Dyno Results

    Having seen MANY dyno results scattered in various threads throughout the forum, I asked Tob if we could establish a Sticky in which to compile them. He graciously agreed, and will morph this thread into that Sticky once it's established. Toward that end and regardless of whether you've posted...
  10. M

    where to buy power steering hose

    Found at FordPartsGiant.com, Input VIN get OEM Parts. Am also considering building my own with steel braid. I had a leak in the pump to boost high pressure house. Ordered a new one from JC Whittney. The hard line at the pump would not attach due to hitting a bracket, it looked nothing like...
  11. mod mod t56

    2x pipes kill drone?

    I'm running a off road 3"exhaust from headers back and it has a bit of a drone some one told me if I I run a second X pipe under the Irs it will give me better back pressure and torque and help with the drone.... Any truth in that? I have a ported Eatonbut looking to go e85 twin screw in the...
  12. G

    power numbers

    just wondering some of your guys power numbers on a fully bolted on Mach 1. I have MAC longtubes o/r x Bassani cat back JLT ram air and throttle body. just curious to see what ill make with a good tune?

    Mustang GT 4.6L 3V Magnuson Supercharger

    Ford Mustang GT 4.6L 3V Magnuson Supercharger Kit 2005-2006 3V SKU: 01-19-46-011-BL 2007-2010 3V SKU: 01-19-46-013-BL Weight: 125.0 lbs MSRP: $6,050.00 Call us today for special pricing! - #805.642.8833 Specs If you would like to unleash the...
  14. G

    Shaker or no shaker?

    ok so i've been hearing mulitple things about the shaker and i'm trying to find out if its actually useful. im thinking about buying a cobra plenum and switching to a cold air set up. anybody have any suggestions or ideas
  15. K

    acceleration hesitation

    i have a 00 csvt, im getting 3 codes on my c/e light, EGR, Mass airflow low input, and 02 sensors causing the fuel to be to lean, any easy way to fix these problems? this is my first csvt, well first ford in general and idk much about them, but i love the car and i am wanting to try and get a...
  16. Speeds8erM-1

    Brand New 94-04 Power Window Swithc

  17. venamous04

    **NX Plate Kit for 96-04 Gt**

    I have a nice nitrous expess Plate kit for 96-04 Mustang gt. It has the big carbon fiber solenoids. Comes with everything to hook it up. The only jets I have is for 100 shot. This is a nice kit and a very expensive kit. I lost my job so I need money for bills. If you have any questions feel free...