1. P

    New to the car world

    Hello everyone, I am new to the car world. I currently have a 2013 sxt plus challenger and got it new in 2013 (just trying to give you an idea of my knowledge on cars, which is next to nothing but I do respect and appreciate them and love a good looking muscle car like a challenger) I have...
  2. Slowings

    Can I get some help/advice on the value of my 2001 Cobra?

    Hello, I'm thinking of selling my beloved Cobra. Now I've made it quite unique for my taste, however, I think its been done rather tastefully. I'm thinking of selling it now and don't know what it's really worth. What do you guys think here? Here's basically my ad. The only thing that hurts it I...
  3. BranL

    94' Cobra price

    Hey guys, I've been looking at a 1994 Rio Red Cobra with 124k miles on it. The owner is an older guy so he has not beat on it (he wasn't the only owner). Has aftermarket exhaust (flowmasters), a mild cam, 19" chrome rims (guy doesnt know what they are, but I think they might be saleens), paint...
  4. mod mod t56

    what r they worth

    there is a guy at my job saleing his oem 00 cobra r wheels the 18x9.5 all 4 the same off set,chrome. two of them have small rash from a drive thru curb has 275-35-18 falkin tires with one tire with the inside shoulder wore a little... wheels and tires have less the 10k miles on them no burn outs...
  5. jtmart007

    WTB Roush or Borla series AB

    Just looking into Roush or Borla series axle back. Will need it shipped to Texas or I can pick-up around Dallas/Austin/Houston depending on prices. Thanks! :beer:
  6. Y

    2003 Terminator Price Check

    03 mustang cobra I've been looking at Terminators and this one came up local to me. Bad time to check out cars, what with Christmas and all, but it's still fun to research. KBB used party is quite a bit less than the asking price. Also, I'm wondering about the wet sanded paint - is that...
  7. L

    Whats it worth? '04 CO Coupe

    have been considering selling my cobra...really want to get a diesel truck for a DD and to haul my toys, and work as well. That and this car just isnt practical for me since i am purchasing a house this spring. Not too sure what its worth since the CO cars are pretty rare..heres the specs: '04...
  8. x99blacksnakex

    What's It Worth? 04 GT Coupe 40th Anniversary Special Edition

    My parents have a 2004 GT Coupe with the 40th Anniversary Special Edition package. Its 40th Anniversary Crimson Red with Arizona Beige racing stripes. Leather, 5 speed, Mach 460, Magnaflow Magnapack Cat-Back, AM Cold Air Intake, Brenspeed 93 Octane tune, Eibach Pro Kit springs. Has 15,8xx...
  9. JStyles

    Will the terminators drop in value this spring?

    The arrival of the 2011 GT is fast approaching... Now that there's another AFFORDABLE (gt500 is too much for most) mustang with 4 valves, six gears, and 400+ horsepower; will the terminators drop in value? Even if only temporarily... Vote/give your opinions. 1) Yes - permanently. 2) No -...