1. Secondo

    Procal II tuner and tune off of my 2014 Mustang GT

    Procal II Ford Racing tuner and tune off of my sold 2014 Mustang GT manual MT82. Really wakes up the 5.0. The car felt like a dog stock so I bought this tune and it was a huge improvement. Much more torque and power felt from idle to redline, especially at lower rpm's. I ran high 12's with all...
  2. EditorTurner

    Ford Performance 2015+ Mustang Power Packs

    Packed With Power Ford Performance Parts releases the first of three Mustang GT Power Packs By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Owners of 2015-2017 Mustang GTs who have been waiting for a naturally aspirated power package from the factory can start to rejoice. Ford...
  3. KC Henry

    30.9 mpg's from ProCal'd 2012 5.0L Automatic

    My gf and I went for a lil cruise last night, and I decided to snap a picture. Highest we saw for the night was just a tad over 31 mpgs. Not too bad for a lowly Automatic Mustang GT with a ProCal tune that seems frowned-upon by so many.
  4. Greg@SVTOA

    Thank you Ford Racing!

    If you saw my other post about "Confusion regarding TVS" and my 2010, I just want to follow up on it if anyone cares. To summarize: I had a 2008 GT500 and installed the TVS "Super Pack" on it, and ran the Ford ProCal tune. When I upgraded to a 2010 model, I kept the TVS, but wasn't sure if...