1. kzite29

    Intermittent Temp Increase - Diagnosis

    Hey All, Hate to make another one of these diagnostic threads since we have so many, but I can't seem to find any past posts that really capture my interesting issue. (If there is, a link would be appreciated.) Anyways, the Cobra runs great, idles fine, sounds amazing. Heat is hot, air is...
  2. Twisted2

    97-98 Cobra 19 swap

    Hi, all. Over the years, I've grown desperate to make my '96 Cobra run cooler. If I had a '97 or '98 radiator, brackets, and fan, what's involved in making them fit a '96 Cobra? I'd appreciate any specific info. Thanks.
  3. T

    WTB True Forged Intercooler Tank

    Hello, I want to buy a TrueForged/TF Intercooler tank, the kind that is level with the radiator tank. Color does not matter. Thank you
  4. WonderWarthog

    Radiator Fitting Question

    Trying to obtain a replacement radiator for a '98 Cobra. Ford specified a manual-only part number (F7ZZ-8005-BA) prior to an April '98 date of manufacture, then an auto/manual version (F7ZZ-8005-AA) after. (One of my problems is that my VIN shows DOM as April, and Ford doesn't refer to...
  5. '03 Terminator

    FS: 99-04 Metal Radiator Cover (Powder Coated Black)

    SOLD Lanier Metal 99-04 Radiator Cover (Powder Coated Black). Cover is in excellent condition. No scratches.
  6. MadRacer

    ISO: Engine Coolant Diagram

    It is my understand that the Mark VIII Cobra engine (Same engine used in the 94'-98' Lincoln) had a reverse-flow coolant system. I was trying to figure out if Ford continued this design for the Mach I and 03'-04' Cobra's. If anyone has any information or diagrams about this topic, I would be...
  7. B

    Low mileage Factory Aluminum Radiator Mod

    Great mod for guys wanting to upgrade their cooling system to the 03/04 cobra and want to run forced induction. Fitment is stock and compact. All aluminum OEM radiator purchased from Ford new for my 99 cobra. Low mileage with less than 10,000 miles. Happy to ship and will package it up tight...
  8. EditorTurner

    Mishimoto 2013+ Focus ST Radiator

    Keep Your Cool Mishimoto offers a bolt-in, high-efficiency radiator for the Focus ST By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Mishimoto Right off the dealer lot the Focus ST is one of the most fun cars Ford has ever offered. It offers a balanced package of power and handling that makes it a blast...
  9. jurazov

    Massive Coolant Leak

    Hey guys, it's my first time asking a question on here and I could really use some expert advice! I have a 99' Mustang GT, the car has less than 80,000miles. Anyways, 4 months ago my intake manifold cracked and I had it replaced with one that has the aluminum crossover to avoid that issue in...
  10. S

    Shelby gt500 high capacity performance radiator for 2007-2012 shelby gt500

    I Have a brand new, in box, SHELBY GT500 High Capacity Performance Radiator for 2007-2014 Shelby GT500s'... Has never been touched beyond opening the box to check Developed by Shelby and C/R, these Shelby extreme duty cooling radiators can reduce engine and cylinder head temperatures by up to...
  11. D

    Roush 2.3L S/C Kit question

    Was looking between a few different supercharger kits and I originally wanted a Paxton/Vortech but think I may change my mind towards a Roush 2.3L or VMP 2.3L. I don't know much about either of these kits yet other than what vendors like American Muscle post. Anyways to my question......... I...
  12. A

    2001 Cobra Motor with a P1-SC procharger ''Running hot?''

    So i have just recently got my 98 GT Mustang running with a built 2001 Cobra Motor with a P1-SC Procharger. I have put 500 miles on it and everything was looking ok . But one morning I noticed that it was running on the hi end of the normal gauge. I took some readings of it and it is only hot at...
  13. T

    Running water only or water+water wetter

    I was told by someone to run water and a bottle of water wetter only in my car since I live in Charelston SC and it rarely gets cold here let alone freezing. I'm about to install my hard tanks for overflow and intercooler and also replace my busted radiator so I wanted to get some input. I was...
  14. 5

    Radiator/ Intercooler Black Paint mythbusted

    I just thought I'd share this with you guys, I found it pretty interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1QL9veQaNg If you don't feel like watching, they basically test a black intercooler vs unpainted and determine which one has cooler temps. Black outperforms by very little while...
  15. D

    Shelby Billet Radiator Caps

    I'm looking to purchase 2 new or used Shelby Billet Radiator Caps (part number: 5S3Z-8100-SL). I'd be happy to purchase one if you only have one for sale, but if you have both that would be great! Here is a pic of the item: Thanks, Derek
  16. D

    Which Radiator to get???

    So its been problem after problem with my car. I just ordered a reman motor which I will have have next week. Now I noticed that my stock radiator has a leak. I have been searching around it been such a pain to find a replacement. Ford and Ford racing no longer makes OEM rads. I'm about to...
  17. J

    Coolant leak HELP!!

    I am new to the site and i just got my first cobra about a month ago so bear with me...Anyways i noticed about a 12 inch dia. puddle of something under my car towards the passenger side front. I finally traced it back the other night. I have a head cooling mod and at the tee where the line is...

    Radiator Leak

    So I got a leak in my stock radiator this weekend. Now im undecided on wether to get it fixed? Buy a new oem? Mishimoto? Fluidyne?
  19. 1

    Fluidyne radiator for 97-04 mustang auto or manual

    This radiator is about 3 monthes old and in my 03 cobra now. It is like new with no flaws at all. I still have the box it came in with the foam packing so it wont b a problem to ship. If you live close and want to pick it up thats fine too. I'm only selling this because I need the money to fix...