1. PhLoBuS

    AeroForce Dual Interceptor Gauge

    Very lightly used AeroForce Dual Interceptor Scan Gauge from a 2011 6.2L Ford Raptor. Truck is sold, had this still laying around. Has the adapter so it will fit where the vent is located. Vent is still operational with this gauge in place. Here is the link to the actual gauge...
  2. H

    WTT 2008 GT500 for Raptor Supercrew

    Asking $36,500 for everything but would rather trade for a Raptor 6.2L plus a fair cash amount in difference towards the truck. It would be nice if the drive wasn't too far from Vegas so we could meet to look at both the vehicles. 08 GT500. Third owner; close and personal friend of second...
  3. S

    Suspension off 2012 Raptor for sale

    I am upgrading to the Mazzulla offroad Long travel kit and have no use for the front suspension off my truck any longer. if you or anyone you know wants the suspension feel free to message of call me. it will bolt up to 04+ f150. Kit comes with Upper arms, lower arms, spindle, tie rods for...
  4. FlowmasterMufflers

    Video: Ford F-150 Raptor with Flowmaster's Super 40 Muffler

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOoDCnpL6FQ&index=13&list=PL91305B623D053E C9 Part No: 9530462 Super 40 Series 3.00" IN(Offset)/2.50"OUT(Dual) The Super 40 features Flowmaster's Delta Flow technology. It's larger case profile provides the best of both worlds of performance and...
  5. FlowmasterMufflers

    Flowmaster's American Thunder Cat-back System for the 2010-14 F-150 SVT Raptor 6.2L

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lga0ewEOFJ0&list=UU0SbU_Szg5f5HebNeWY00fw For the person who wants a subtle custom appearance with all of the benefits that a Flowmaster Cat-back exhaust system provides, SOS (Single Out Side) systems are the perfect choice. American Thunder systems deliver a...
  6. Steve@CJPP

    CJPP Installs Ford Racing's SVT F-150 Raptor Cat-Back :: Video

    CJPP Installs Ford Racing's SVT F-150 Raptor Cat-Back CJPP and FRPP work together to give SVT's F-150 Raptor an aggressive exhaust tone and even more attitude. <iframe width="853" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/mvbQM7GEr24" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>...
  7. sportscars

    Raptor Extreme tour!

    Looking for a fun on-road and off-road family friendly Raptor trip? Raptor Extremes is coming this July. From the lowest road in America (Death Valley) to the highest (Mt. Evans, CO) we spend a week in some of the most beautiful places on the left side of the country! Here is the link for...
  8. O

    Good raptor tuner?

    hey everyone, Tried searching about this topic here but couldnt find anything helpful, my cousin has a 2011 6.2 with JDM SCT tune and some other mods in his car but he's not satisfied.. which tuners do you suggest? Thanks in advance


    Just wanted to let everyone know that our ROUSH Raptors are starting to come in. For those not familiar with this package, it's a TVS 2300 ROUSHcharged on the 6.2L with exhaust, CAI, graphics and Roush tuned all under warranty. The Exhaust you'll hear below sounds very good. Take a listen...
  10. zukman31

    WTB Raptor Shift Light

    Just like the title says. I am looking for a Raptor Shift Light to put in my Cobra. If anyone has one for sale please send me a PM with a price. Thanks
  11. M

    2010 SVT Raptor on the Bullrun! Day 1 Video

    We are the first people to drive the Ford F-150 Raptor outside of engineers and Ford employees, and we're taking it on the Bullrun cross country rally! The first leg was yesterday, here's the video. New videos posted EVERY DAY for the whole rally! YouTube - Bullrun Rally 2009 - Day 1 Recap