1. matt5058

    ABs rusted to over-axle pipes - tips for loosening/removal?

    So I'm trying to remove my Roush ABs (been on the car since right after I bought it, five and a half years ago, approximately 57k miles) to try out another set I just picked up. I got the clamp off and it looks like the AB is sealed/rusted to the over axle pipe. I tried some WD-40 but it doesn't...
  2. matt5058

    Polishing/cleaning up ABs - what do you use?

    I swear I saw a thread where someone posted about polishing their axle backs and making them look pretty much brand new but my searches haven't produced any relevant results. It is possible it was on another forum I suppose.... Anyways, my Roush ABs are showing their age and whether I keep them...
  3. matt5058

    Considering swapping Roush for GT500 ABs...couple questions

    I've had Roush ABs on my 2014 for the past five years or so. I love the way it sounds, but I'm probably getting old because the loudness is starting to wear on me. After long trips, I can still feel the droning in my head for a while. I was thinking of picking up something that is a little...
  4. cobraman302

    2013 GT Premium Coupe 23k miles Red Interior

    2013 Mustang GT Premium Coupe 6 Speed Automatic. My wifes car, it is babied, just don't want to keep it and put a ton of miles on it. The only reason we are selling this car is due to extensive traveling now. This is a garage kept, low mile, well kept, well maintained car. All maintenance...
  5. svtbryan

    New Modular Shop in the Central Valley!

    Hey guys how is it going. My name is Bryan and I would like to introduce you guys to FRP. We are located here in Manteca CA, and offer a full range of services for your Shelby/Coyote/4V needs. Whatever you guys may need I’m just a text away at 209-497-3008 or find my work on Instagram @frpauto .
  6. Aaim415

    WTB: 03/04 Cobra Rear bumper , DFW Texas

    Preferably black but I’m open . Located in DFW , texas. The closer the better
  7. johnny-longtors

    2017 GT w/ROUSH Stage 2 lays down at WOT

    I purchased a 2017 GT that has a ROUSH stage 2 SC kit on it. Like - I literally purchased it today and drove it 250 miles home. I have yet to contact the seller but I wanted to post here to see if anyone has any suggestions on what may be going on. I bought the car "as is" so this is a...
  8. B

    VMP vs Lund vs AED vs ID Motorsports

    Hello all, I have been on the upgrade path with my 2016 Roush supercharged F150, and part of that was looking for a competent tuner to support a pulley swap and a few other odds and ends. This is a brief review of the above listed tuners. Cliff notes version: VMP wasted my time, Lund/AED...
  9. A

    2018 Roush Upper Grille Insert

    Anyone know of anywhere I might be able to get my hands on the Roush upper grille insert for a 2018?
  10. A

    2018 Roush Upper Grille Insert

    Anyone know where you might be able to get your hands on the upper grille insert from Roush for the 2018’s?
  11. Abdul_f150

    40% Drive train loss

    Sorry is this is in the wrong place. I just installed a phase 2 roush supercharger on my 2016 f150 xlt crew cap (4wd). I tried it on couple of local dynos and I’m have around 40% drivetrain loss. The costume tuning had a slight increase in rwhp over the roush calibration (best result was 391...
  12. TheGreatWhite5.0

    3.4 Whipple Crusher or Roush 2.3

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. Here’s my issue: I have a built motor coyote on 10.45:1 compression (robbing me of power) and I’m pretty maxed out on my current setup. My 2014 GT with Roush 2.3 has a 69mm pulley, ported elbow, whipple twin 68mm TB, Pmas cold air, Kooks headers/high flow...
  13. T

    Which headers and midpipe to go with?

    I have Roush axlebacks on my 2012 GT, I want to get the rest of the exhaust done, headers and midpipes. What is everyone's long tube preference, and O/R h-pipe vs x-pipe? I like a deep note and not too much rasp but obviously a full exhaust on a coyote will have rasp. LEts hear your suggestions!
  14. Kevin H

    2013 Roush Raptor alternate exhaust/muffler suggestions?

    I have a 2013 Raptor with the Roush Phase II treatment, including exhaust. ...and the exhaust is pretty loud (if you haven't heard it, the Roush web site advises checking local ordinances before installing). :-) The exhaust system uses 3" pipes. After living with this for four years, I'd like...
  15. S

    For Sale: Staggered 19" Forgestar CF5's, Tires, and TPMS

    Selling a set of 19" gunmetal Forgestar CF5's and tires with TPMS. Wheels are in perfect condition and plenty of life left on the tires. Wheel Dimensions: Fronts: 19X9 5X114.3 +35 offset Rears: 19x10 5X114.3 +42 offset Tire Dimensions: Fronts: BFGOODRICH sport comp 2 245/45r19 7-8/32 (10...
  16. TheGreatWhite5.0

    2014 Mustang GT What should my numbers be?

    Hey guys new to the forum, but been on here for info a lot. Used to own an 03 termi but anyway here's my question. I have a 2014 Mustang GT with the following- -2014 Mustang GT Block (10.45:1 compression) -MMR 1000hp kit (forged boss crank, manley rods, manley pistons with ceramic coated tops...
  17. 15PSI

    JLT Oil Separator/Catch Can for TVS (Roush or VMP)

    JLT Passenger-Side Separator/Catch Can for 2011+ Mustang GTs with TVS blowers (Roush/VMP/FRPP and some others). Excellent Condition. Less than 1500 Miles of use. No Scratches or Dents. Includes Check Valve. Purchased in February 2016. Can be run with or without bubbler hose. Easy install. Fits...
  18. A_Chefs_5.0

    WTB: Roush Axle Back

    Looking to purchase a used set of Roush axle back's for a 14 GT. Shipped or Local pickup is fine. Located in the Northern Virginia area. Thanks! If anyone has any experience with this axle back please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I have Borla "S" Type and resonators deleted...
  19. A

    DYNO DAY **Mustangs Galore** CAMARO ALMOST EATS IT

    Hey guys- Here is a dyno day video with a bunch of mustangs and a few mini-races. A Camaro ZL1 amost had a horrible crash. Enjoy.
  20. 1

    Harrop/Roush/FRPP Gen 1 TVS w/2.8" VMP Cobra pulley

    I bought this earlier this year and have since decided to go turbo instead. Blower was purchased from Roush via E-bay, said to be a case research piece, doesn't look like it was ever ran. I was told it is an early Harrop unit, therefore it has no EGR port machining on the back of the intake...
  21. Comporg

    FS: 2007 roush 427R- supercharged **low mileage**

    Hey all, After 3 years of owning this beast I've finally decided to give someone the opportunity to own this remarkable low mileage roush. She is a real head turner, everywhere I go it always draws positive attention. I'm selling for the simple reason that I don't have time to take her out much...
  22. A

    2013 Roush TVS S3 on E85. How safe is my power output?

    I have a 2013 Roush S3 mustang with the stock coyote motor and CAI, which I've fitted a fore fuel system, ID1000 injectors, Offroad H pipe with stock resonators, 82mm pulley and am now running e85. Had the car tuned at Mustang magic (they're on Long Island). I'm now making 635/545 to the...
  23. T

    1995 Stage 3 Roush Mustang

    Up for trade or sale is my 1995 stage 3 roush. Very very rare car. 1995 was the first year roush modified the mustang, there were only 18 stage 3's made.[3rd owner, all original, 74k miles, features the rare Roush three piece cowl air intake, paired with cowl hood.(intake alone is said to add...
  24. M

    2011 Mustang GT Numbers Before & After Roush LTH, Off Road X-Pipe and Tune!

    Here is the video of my 2011 Mustang GT with the before and after numbers (LTH, off road x-pipe install and tune). Performance Modifications Before: BBK 85mm throttle body Boss 302 intake manifold Air-raid CAI 3.73 Ford racing gears Roush axle backs...
  25. M

    2011 Mustang GT Numbers Before & After Roush LTH, Off Road X-Pipe and Tune!

    Here is the video of my 2011 Mustang GT with the before and after numbers (LTH, off road x-pipe install and tune). Performance Modifications Before: BBK 85mm throttle body Boss 302 intake manifold Air-raid CAI 3.73 Ford racing gears Roush axle backs...