1. S

    FOR SALE: TN: 1997 GT 5SPD Mustang Vert

    I've got a 1997 Mustang GT Vert. As you can see by the pictures, this car is in pretty great shape for its age. It has 126,XXX miles. Asking $5,000 firm. Located in Knoxville, TN. Will potentially do partial meet or delivery for a fee. I purchased it about 9 months ago from a mechanic out...
  2. Mark77

    2003 Cobra Whipple 2.3 Question

    Hey all. I currently am pushing 500rwhp with my 03 cobra on a stock Eaton. I have mhs cams ,headers ,exhaust, accufab throttle body ,CAI, smaller pulleys etc.. I am thinking of replacing the eaton with a 2.3 whipple super charger. I use it for the streets and do not want to be at 600rwhp. I am...
  3. S

    2012 sleeved block twin turbo 5.0

    I am posting my car up for sale. It has been a blast upgrading it and seeing my dream car come to life but now its time to sell. I am getting rid of it to fund some investment opportunities. I do not have to sell it and it's hard to even type this Ad up. But I never drive it and I know someone...
  4. S

    For sale 2005 Mustang GT Supercharged 59,500 miles

    This SUPERCHARGED 2005 Mustang GT is in AMAZING condition. Asking $14,000 and is located in Oak Harbor, WA. The Mustang has a Paxton Novi 2200 supercharger with intercooler and has been Dyno tuned and recorded 445 RWHP and 410 ft lbs of torque. It has been upgraded with high-capacity fuel...
  5. aarons04cobra

    built motor / cams / 2.9 whipple crusher power estimate

    Almost finished with the new motor. car is just about ready to come together. Motor specs. 5.3 stroker shortblock, forged i beam rods w/ arp 2000 bolts, arp hardware across the board, mahle pistons "yes mahle not manley". Lightly ported heads w/ comp stage 3 cams. 9:5:1 compression...
  6. Blue Diamond

    For Sale "Blue Diamond" 08 GT-500

    F For Sale "Blue Diamond" 08 GT-500 New 5.8L Sleeved MMR Pro Mod 351XR Kenne Bell 4.2 Supercharger Bigun Intercooler Transcooler with Electric Fan Dad's Ice Tank Rossler TH210-XHD with all new Reid Case NXS Full Billet Neal Chance Converter Precision 3-spd Air Shift Manley I Beam...
  7. I

    Cobra in North Jersey

    Hey whats up guys? Haven't really posted much on the site, still getting used to it even though i bought my cobra back in december 2012. Well anyway, i bought the cobra with ONLY and SLP LM catback, dyno-ed it a couple months later and got 397 rwhp on a 96 degree day, with the only mods being...
  8. S

    KB 2.8 non mammouth

    I just got a 2.8 KB istalled should be tuned next week. Just curious for a non mammouth set up what kind of numbers guys are getting. I have a 5.0 big bore boss block, long tubes, singe blade accufab TB. Just curious I know the mammouth makes 700 ish tuner dependant. I am throwing this out...
  9. F

    2010 Mustang Shelby gt500 NEED FOR SPEED EDITION

    Telll me what you think 2010 Mustang Shelby GT 500 Need for Speed Edition BURN OUT! 667 RWHP - YouTube
  10. T

    Questions bout my automo-car

    I bought a 01 Cobra recently. It has a vortech v2 suoercharger, comp cams, 4.10 gears, Intercooler, full bassani exhaust, headers, and a Kenne belle boost a pump and a stage three clutch. Fully forged internals. It currently is out f tune and has a misfire. I don't know a lot about cars. I know...