1. V

    Stock GT500 Camber Adjustments

    Is the camber adjustable on a stock 2011 GT500. I drive mine often and would like to not wear down the insides of my front tire as much as I do now. I got it aligned about two months ago and camber was -7 degrees I believe.
  2. Livernois Motorsports

    Livenrois Motorsports & Engineering 2020 Shelby GT500 Tuning

    How much power did we see on a new 2020 Shelby GT500 with just our MyCalibrator performance tuner and our 93 octane tuning? Take a look at the video to find out! 2020 GT500 TUNER REGULAR PRICE: $599.99 SALE PRICE: $499.99 SKU: LPP631163
  3. matt5058

    FS: Axle Backs, Shock Tower Brace, Front & Rear Sway Bars

    Got a few parts I don't need anymore. I was going to use some of these on my 2014 GT but am focusing more on my Fox Body Project so I'm trying to get rid of some of these parts that are just sitting in my garage. The axle backs are an unknown brand, possibly a custom job with some sort of...
  4. Habu7108

    EGR dtc

    I have an 08 gt500. Headers were installed prior to my ownership. EGR was welded shut on both valve and passenger side header. I replaced the valve, and drilled out the header roughly a month ago. No codes for p 0401 until today. My tuner will not adjust this parameter in the tune. Is everyone...
  5. R

    F/S 2013 Deep Impact Blue Shelby GT-500 w/ only 10,160 miles

    Sold. I've decided to sell my Deep Impact Blue 2013 GT-500. I've owned it for since 2016, had my time to admire it, enjoy it, and experience the Shelby community, but it's time to move on. Below are the details of the car: -2013 Deep Impact Blue GT-500 with white stripes -10,160 miles -All...
  6. SVTSR

    70 429 Cobra Jet Torino vs 70 429 Cobra Jet Torino - Both 4 Speeds - Drag Race

  7. Goose17

    GT500 vs. GT500: stock 760hp 2020 vs. 750hp Whipple-charged 2011!

    My oldest son and I had a lot of fun making this video today. I explain the differences between my 2011 with the Ford Racing 750hp 2.9L Whipple kit and my stock 760hp 2020! I then take both cars out for identical spirited runs!
  8. Dogma36

    FS: 2011 Mustang GT Premium GT500 Body Kit

    NO PAYMENT PLAN, asking price is $16,800 Feel Free to PM me or Text me (214)-900-6154 Chris I am also willing to leave the car for $15,800 provided I get to keep the headlights and taillights. As much as it pains me to say goodbye to my babe, it’s time to say goodbye to my Premium Package...
  9. P


    So I think I’m ready to part with these! I did as much research as I could and came up with that these wheels are not off of an actual 100k Shelby 1000 but are the exact same style that was offered to anyone who wanted a matching set through Shelby America. These are 100% true, balanced perfect...
  10. B

    19 GT350 Clear coat issues?

    Hello all, Looking to purchase a brand new 19 GT350 but I have a few concerns. On the driver side fender, there is some clear coat over drip. Does anyone else have this issue? Their body work guy said it’s from the manufacturer and can be sanded..
  11. B

    Buying a 19gt350, thoughts?

    Hello all, I have the opportunity to buy an Oxford white 19 gt350 brand new with 8 miles on it fully loaded. The sticker is almost 66k but the dealership is willing to let it go for 55k. If you were in the market, would you move forward with this deal? If so - why? Any negatives about the...
  12. kevinocious

    FS Almost new Shelby Super Snake 50th Anniv. 20x9.5 & 20x11 wheels w/Tires.

    I am selling a complete set (2 each 20x9.5 & 2 each 20x11) of the 2005-2019 Shelby 50th Anniversary Super Snake Bright Powder Coat wheels installed on 275/35/20 & 305/30/20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. I have close to $4k in these but would like $3100 for them. Buyer to pay any shipping costs...
  13. kevinocious

    FS NIB 50 Year Shelby Alcoa 2-20x9 & 2-20x10

    I am selling my new in box set (2 each 20x9 & 2 each 20x10) of the Shelby Forged Alcoa Fifty Year Alcoa wheels. I recently sold my 13 GT500 and do not have a need for these. I also am including new in bags TPMS sensors which were made for the 2011-2012 GT500's that do not break apart. I have had...
  14. S

    failsafe engine mode 2008 gt500...please, help

    To start this conversation, here is my config: vmp gen2r+2.4 pulley, 10% od, id 1000, jlt 123 mm, jba shorty headers, stock throttle body, vmp tune. I have read several forum threads on the same issue but my case is different. My car has intermittently been going into failsafe engine...
  15. M

    ISO/WTB: 08-12 GT500 (Vert Preferred)

    Gentlemen, As the title states, I’m back in the market for a toy and I believe it’s time to jump into a GT500. Looking for the following— -08-12 -Vert preferred, but I will look at a hardtop though. -Must be White or Blue (Vista|Kona|Grabber) -Stripes preferred, but will entertain a stripe...
  16. J

    TR6060 Reverse, 5th gear and 6th gear lock out

    Hello All, First I would like to thank everyone in advance for the help, as well as the administration team of this forum for allowing me to be a member. I would like to apologize in advance for any typos and/or errors, English is not my first language but hopefully between friends and google...
  17. 12wendel12

    I'm GT500 swapping a V6... for the second time

    In early 2018, I completed a 2007 GT500 swap in my 2008 V6 Mustang. It took me 2 months coming home from school 2 hours away every weekend to work on it. Best thing I ever did and was a great project to do with my dad. I brought the car back down to Columbus after the swap, but had told only...
  18. Will_SVT

    2008 Vista Blue. Whipple and Built motor.

    2008 GT500 Vista Blue destriped. 80k miles. 30k on built motor. $26,000 Performance: Tuned by Bob Kurgan 740/740 on e85 680/640 on 93 Brand new Gen 3 2.9 Whipple w/ 3' pulley 10% innovators harmonic balancer (19lbs) 93 and e85 Tunes 9.1 compresion GT cams 20 thousands bore Manley rods and...
  19. KonaBlueSVT

    Supercharger Oil Change

    New to owning a GT500 and couldn't find much on changing the oil in the supercharger, so I decided to do a video on it. Hopefully it will help out some other newbies.
  20. S

    1/8 mile Dig runs: 2013 Gt500/392 Charger/LSA 5th gen/6th Gen Camaro

    Couple Dig runs from this past weekend cars and mods listed below. I must say the 392 and 6th gen held there ground against the boosted cars. Boosted cars were both on drag radials, 392 and 6th gen were on street tires. 630ish 13-14 Gt500 580ish rwhp LSA 5th gen Stock 392 Dodge Charger Stock 6th...
  21. lOOKnGO

    Parts needed '11 GT500

    Factory radiator or aftermarket. Or a lead on a good supplier of either. Nice set of headlights. Cobra side emblems Set of nice wheel's with or without tires. Would like to find these items close to northern Virginia. Also north I 81 wva, md, pa, NY.
  22. ChrisSVT_

    Just Bought a glass roof 2014 PP Ruby red gt500

    Hey Everyone . My names chris . Im from fresno , Ca . New to being a shelby owner , i Owned a 2014 mustang 5.0 right before i got into my gt500 a few days ago .. im going to leave some pictures down below as well as my YOUTUBE CHANNEL in case anyone is into watching youtube car videos ...
  23. svtbryan

    New Modular Shop in the Central Valley!

    Hey guys how is it going. My name is Bryan and I would like to introduce you guys to FRP. We are located here in Manteca CA, and offer a full range of services for your Shelby/Coyote/4V needs. Whatever you guys may need I’m just a text away at 209-497-3008 or find my work on Instagram @frpauto .
  24. SVTCobra60

    Which GT500 Is Best For Me? 07-09 / 10 / 11-12 / 13-14

    Hey, Looking for informed opinions. I'm not completely sure what all of the differences are between each of the year groups, hopefully someone can help me out. I know most of the general things like engine displacement/composition (aluminum/iron). Not positive if the TR6060 drastically changes...
  25. Slattdaddy

    P1234 CEL issue

    Hey everyone! I recently bought a 07 GT500; car now has 22k miles on it. It's relatively unmolested; the previous owner put a K&N series 57 intake and a set of axle-backs on it. I don't think it's been tuned thus far (considering the series 57 is advertised as a "no tune required" unit). A few...