1. G


    Guys ill be purchasing a 2014 Shelby in the coming months. I'm super excited:banana:. I just wanted to get some detailed insight on how your time went at the dealership and what you had to have when you arrived (down payments shipping cost etc.) all you current 2014-2013 Shelby owners. Gimme the...
  2. W

    The Steel Stallion Ford Shelby GT500 SVT Cobra

    The Steel Stallion Ford Shelby GT500 SVT Cobra Vehicle History & Chronicle of Cultivation This SVT Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra is a mind-and-body experience and a vision to behold – genuine pavement wrinkling hybrid of monstrously terrifying toque coupled with dynamic visual acoustics/aesthetics...
  3. 07sgt0720

    2012 GT500 PW W/Silver Stripes Lots Invested

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Decided to throw this up and see if I get any bites. The car is a 2012 GT500. Has 8600 miles on it. Factory options include NAV and Recaros. Car is one of one with the color and options. Asking $45k. Car is in Raeford, NC. Mods are...
  4. Svt239

    05-10 fr500cj springs vs 2013 fr500cj springs

    Hey all, I am looking in to getting drag springs for my 2008 Shelby. Cobra jet springs were recommended to me by a friend , but while searching online I have found that the 2005-10 cobra jet springs are significantly cheaper than the 2013 cobra jet springs ($140 vs. $260) . Does anybody know if...
  5. GrandMarquis

    LOOK! 1997 SVT Grand Marquis 1 of 1.

    1997 Shelby Grand Marquis - YouTube It's a fully custom, 1 of 1 build from SVT, and Carrol Shelby. 650+Horsepower, fully stock on the outside, with 215mm tires. Thing is MIGHTY fast, the torque bites you in the ass. It's 1 of only 1 EVER produced, had it appraised for $45,000 USD.
  6. S

    My New Ride: 2013 Shelby GT500 (Pics & Review)

    EDIT: Please note that I wrote this up for another forum as well, and made some comparisons to my current car, a Chrysler 300C SRT8. I posted the exact same review here, and you guys are probably already familiar with a lot of what I had to say. As some of you may already know, I've been...
  7. vnmous93cobra

    '12 GT500 Convertible for sale

    Listing for a friend. His '13 came in about a month ago, so the '12 is for sale now. The car is perfect in and out. Here is his writeup: "2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible, 5.4L DOHC 4 valve/cylinder V8 with 550hp. All options available including Recaro seats, Track pack, Navigation...
  8. mantis118

    04 cobra race car partout

    Parting out my 04 cobra race car most of this stuff is new or lightly used Set of ford gt heads (new) partially ported by livernois has comp intake springs with fgt lash adjusters and followers, and SHM stage 3 turbo cams (lightly used) $2800 Sheetmetal Intake for ford GT heads (new)...
  9. svtnotch motorsport heat exchanger with bracket!

    This is brand new never used comes with new bracket and bolts. 300 shipped.
  10. T

    3rd Light Bar?

    Just trying to gather thoughts on adding a third light bar in my '13 GT500. I personally think it breaks up the space a little so it doesn't look so open, being a vert. If anyone has dealt with them in the past I would love suggestions on brands, sizes etc. as well. Thanks.
  11. EcoBoostF100

    Complete Front Clip NIB 2007-08 GT500KR

    I have a new in boxes complete front clip for the 2007-08 GT500KR. Includes pretty much everything you would need to repair your KR or convert your 05-09 Mustang. Includes: KR Carbon Fiber Valance/Air Dam Last price was $4505.00 Front bumper cover Headlamps Fog Lamps All install hardware...
  12. C

    Funky noise 2013 Shelby Gt 500

    I have a mere 280 miles on my new Shelby GT500. They were all exhilerating until last night while driving home at the speed limit. Cruising At about 2300 RPM in 3rd gear @60 mph, the car started making a loud baffling noise like I was dragging a large plastic bag. It went on for about 30...
  13. R

    Pro Dyno Tuned 2008 GT500 goes 9's

    Monster at Zmax - YouTube 9.87 @ 135 mph at Zmax
  14. M

    Finally Dynoed my 2012 GT500

    Just got my 2012 GT500 dynoed at Performance Dyno in NH. I've got the Steeda Pulley, Cold Air Intake, and a lethal performance off road X pipe and an email tune from Steeda. It made 540 hp and 541 tq. Pete said that the pressure was low today and corrected it made 551HP and 554 TQ. Not bad...