1. 97tc


  2. Z

    Boost Gauge Connection

    I can't understand how we as an SHO community have not figured out conclusively where to put the line hookup on the engine for the boost gauge to function in vacuum and boost conditions and read correctly. Anyone have any answers? I've tried the small line on top of the motor toward the front...
  3. Grant Theft Auto

    Brad @ AJPTURBO

    how many people have heard of Brad? Anyone here actually using him? Currently have a SSI tune and best pass so far in the heat is a 12.91 @ 110.10mph with a 1.84 60’ Car is a 2010 PP With the regular bolt ons- EPP hard pipes, OBX catless DP’s, muffler delete, air raid intake I’ve heard...
  4. Chris@BAP

    2013 Taurus SHO - Loaded (Non-PP)

    Listing our 2013 Taurus SHO was a tough decision... the car has been AWESOME. It has plenty of space and has given us the ability to move in and out of the NYC area at our leisure. With plenty of power and all the accessories you could want. It truly is the epitome of the modern mid-size sports...
  5. K

    FS - Taurus SHO items (Tuner, WeatherTechs, Trunk Organizer)

    Greetings Guys! I recently got rid of my 2010 Ford Taurus SHO and I have a few things for sale. PM or email me if interested. [email protected] $200.00 - Livernois Motorsports Superchips Tuner (contact them pay, pay them $250 to unlock and they will support any SHO 2010 to 2013)...
  6. ravenknight

    F/S 2010 Ford Taurus SHO

    Titanium white, all black interior. Loaded including Sony stereo, Sync, Bluetooth, power roof, paddle shift automatic 6 speed trans, leather/suede seats, heated front and rear seats and air cooled front seats, full power on front seats as well with driver memory for 2. Twin turbo 3.5 v6 with...
  7. svt4me89

    2010 SHO with an f 150 ecoboost motor swap?

    I just purchased a 2010 taurus SHO with a blown motor. I have been looking into a replacement motor and was thinking about swapping a 3.5 eb from an f150. I know there are quite a few differences (turbos, transcooler, mount direction etc....) but could it be done? Has anybody tried it?
  8. C

    1995 FORD Taurus SHO For Sale

    113k miles. 5-speed manual transmission. 60k maintenance (timing belt, water pump, crankshaft position sensor, etc.) done around 80k. Brand new Diehard Gold battery installed right before winter. Always Mobil 1 full synthetic engine oil with K&N engine oil filter. TOKICO struts with EIBACH...
  9. K

    Happy Fathers Day and a little ME time with the "SHO" at Milan Dragway

    Happy Father's Day to all Father's out there. I had a nice weekend and was able to get to the "SHO" out for Livernois Customer Appreciation Day. THANKS to Livernois for such a nice event. Ran a best ever time of 12.86 @107 mph (Tune Only, Non-PP, over 100,000 miles) :coolman: Mods...
  10. S

    SHO exhaust video

    We would like to share some eye & ear candy with you guys: Ford Taurus SHO EcoBoost Exhaust and Downpipe - YouTube
  11. S

    Test Drive SHO - Smoke?

    Hi folks, I test drove a 2013 Taurus SHO with ~18k miles on it. I get it out on the road and for the first 1/2mile, perhaps more, white smelly smoke was pouring out of the exhaust. It had snowed a lot a few weeks back and the SHO was sitting in the lot for about a month...but I'm nearly...
  12. J

    1993 Taurus SHO Major Issues Most Likely

    So I will try to explain this the best I can...I have a 93 Sho with auto tranny anyway my car when cold starts perfectly fine fires right up and runs great but when i shut it off and tried to start it not too long after with the engine still warm it would be very hard starting and would sound...
  13. C

    1994 sho atx shifting issues

    Have a 94 sho atx I picked up last month and I've heard that the auto was weak but this one seems like it grabs fine most times but sometimes it can't decide what gear to be in. If I go bout 20 then go wot when second gear hits it feels like it pauses for a sec at about 4k. I'm hoping for an...