1. Max97COBRAtkd

    Lots of Terminator & New Edge Parts *Moving Sale*

    So I am moving and don't really need these parts so I will do my best to price them right. Feel free to send me an offer. Worst I can do is say no. ALL PRICES SHOWN ARE SHIPPED to lower 48 and if you choose to pay with paypal, add fee or gift, whichever you prefer. Thanks SVTP! IF IT IS LISTED...
  2. kxt

    Freak Show Fox - Love the hood and exhaust

    Love or Hate theme of the car.... thoughts?
  3. gallopingford

    NEW SLP Loudmouth 11-14 GT/11-12 GT500

  4. 99p1scGT

    WTT: 1999 35th Anniversary P1SC-2 GT + Cash for Low mileage/modded Mach 1/Cobra

    just like the title says. looking for a Mach 1, 4v swapped GT, or Cobra. Anything under $20K. May be interested in the right Cummins 4x4. new Alternator New staggered anthracite fr500's currently plastidipped flat black w 285 35 and 255 40 Summuto's (90%) Eibach lowering springs Sway bars...
  5. ben_gone

    SLP Loudmouth Catback

    I have for sale an SLP loudmouth catback for sale. I don't know if its the loudmouth 1 or 2. It was on the car when I purchased it. I got stopped by the state police because it was loud as hell. Fortunately the trooper really liked the car. He let me off with a warning(and didn't look under the...
  6. T

    WTB: Slp Lm2 or Magnaflow Magnapack cat back for SRA

    I'm in the market to buy new exhaust. I prefer magnapacks over Lm2 but I will consider either or but had ls to be for SRA. , I live in 40229 so add up the cost including Shipping and let's make this deal happen
  7. ty91184

    slp lm1 mufflers, BBK CAI

    parts off my 2003 cobra slp lm1 mufflers 100 bbk cai 125 [email protected] 7 2 4 2 1 7 2 3 5 8 text is best
  8. P

    FS: bbk ( I believe ) o/r x-pipe and mid pips

    Im pretty sure they are bbk but I could be wrong. Came with my 96 cobra as extras when I bought the car. Both have been sitting in my garage for the past year. 80$ obo for xpipe 80$obo for mid pipes 140$ obo for all located in warsaw indiana and willing to ship if you cover shipping...
  9. Cmcarter

    WTT: Flowmasters for SLP LM 1 or 2s

    I have a 98 cobra with flows (dont know exactly which ones would have to check). Buying UPR x-pipe and wanted to throw on some SLPs if anyone is interested. Want something more aggressive, the flows sound great but just too mellow for my liking. Want to make a statement when I crank her.
  10. N

    Unknown Brand Off Road Exhaust For Sale Shipping or Pickup

    FS: Bassani Off Road Xpipe Exhaust Shipping or Pickup There is nothing wrong with this exhaust to my knowledge. I just needed cats to pass emissions. Thanks to 2sick4v's and TDavis559. I believe...
  11. K

    UPR O/R X-Pipe, SLP LM1 resonators, New Stock Manifolds, MIL Elims

    I have a few several items I need out of the garage. Shoot me a PM if interested. Thanks 1. UPR O/R X-pipe. Sold 2. SLP LM1 Resonators. Sold 3. New 2001 Cobra headers (crate motor take-offs). I put a 01 crate motor in my 99 and also installed long tubes so the stock manifolds were not...
  12. Txroughneck

    03-04 cobra bassani cat back exhaust for sale/trade-Texas

    I'm wanting to sell my bassani catback exhaust off Of my 03 cobra I'm in the dfw area and the only trade I would be interested in is a slp loudmouth 1 catback. Have tips and x pipe as well.
  13. 0

    FS: 99-04 Cobra Slp X Pipe

    Got a slp x pipe i wont be needing anymore its still in great condition has about 5k on it. Fits stock manifolds and still has cats but I can switch them to straight pipe if your looking for an o/r x. Asking $200 and 1/2 the shipping. Txt or Email for pics. [email protected], 9103334508
  14. FMD

    SLP LM2 or Flowmaster?

    Hi there guys, I just finally got my 01 Cobra, and the guy has an entire flowmaster exhaust already on it. Now, ive always planned on Kooks long tubes, kooks x pipe with gutted cats, and then a SLP Lm2 Catback.The cat back is all im gong to focus on at the moment, and Ive been going through the...
  15. sxecobra

    what's louder?

    I have stock h pipe.. with borla stingers n borla tips.. would slp lm1/2s be louder than stingers? also..... has anyone mixed up mufflers.. one side brand x other side brand y??? ie one stinger n one slp???
  16. asierra1

    Anyone running slp headers?

    Hey guys, just picked up and 03, and it has some half a** exhaust setup from a pretty bad muffler shop. I'm currently in Afghanistan and have only seen pics, but the welds are terrible. I'm sure it leaks like an sob. I was gonna hit up lethal and get some mac lt's with their catted x, but was...
  17. 2012SVTSnake

    SLP Loudmouth axle back installed

    So the first mod is done, many more to come lol... I got the SLP Loudmouth axle back (essentially a muffler delete with cool exhaust tips lol) installed yesterday and I'm pretty pleased with it. It's a lot louder than what I thought it'd be for just an axle back swap. I'm kinda wanting to switch...
  18. 98cobrafaf

    WTB slp LM1

    Looking for slp lm1 exhaust for my 98 cobra. I live in indiana will to travel to come get them.but doesnt matter can pay to have them shipped thanks let me kno guys
  19. mustang281man

    99-04 Cobra w/ IRS slp lm2 catback

    I have a used slp lm2 catback for a 99-04 cobra w/ IRS for sale. $250 shipped. If you have any questions just let me know. Brett
  20. dax93

    Will 03 cobra exhaust fit on my 03 GT?

    I have a chance to buy some slp 03 cobra exhaust really cheap and was wondering if anybody knew if it would even fit into my 03 gt's mounts and headers. Any advice or answers would help. Thank you
  21. F

    For Sale: Corsa DB Red series mufflers

    I have for sale a set of Corsa DB Red series mufflers. They have a 2.5" offset inlet and outlet. They are in good shape. They will need to be welding into your existing system. These things sound great and really do take the dreaded 2,000 RPM drone out of the system. I am asking $250...
  22. SVT03Chris

    WTT: SRA Magnaflow Catback for Different Catback

    Just as the title says. I have my SRA Magnaflow catback I'd like to trade for something different. Preferably Borla Stingers, Bassani, or maybe even SLP LM's. I just want something different and a little louder. Also preferably someone local or somewhat close. Post up, thanks Chris
  23. svt01snake

    SLP headers

    ok so I have a 2001 Cobra, with a SLP full exhaust. It sounds good, but I want to complete it with a set of SLP headers for a better sound and more importantly that extra horsepower. The problem is the only SLP longtube headers I can find for a DOHC motor they say are for the 03-04 S/C Cobras...
  24. ravenknight

    F/S Stock eaton and SLP LMI catback