1. bigred2013

    WTB: Lowering Springs

    Must fit 2016 GT. Interested in Sportlines, Steeda Sport Progressive, BMR SP080 ( Performance ) or possibly CJPP Springs. PM me a price shipped to 37029! Thanks!
  2. bigred2013

    Eibach Sportline Springs ( '11-'14 GT/V6/Boss )

    Used, but in great condition. Around 12-15k miles on them. Swapping to a different spring setup! Don't have any pictures of the springs themselves because I haven't gotten them off the car, but here's a few pictures of my car to illustrate the drop. Believe Eibach states 1.4"/1.7"? It's about...
  3. bigred2013

    Front End Noise When Turning Right - Help!

    So I just got this car. Love it. Lowered on Sportlines, has been for over 10k miles. ( I knew previous owner ) Rear has Strange 10-Way Shocks, Front is stock. Only makes this noise when you turn to the right or go around a curve to the right and over slight bumps! It's nothing bad, but it's...
  4. luke1333

    New mach need spring opinions.....

    Alright guys I just picked up my 03 dsg mach and it is bone stock and first thing I would like to do is lower the thing. I have been between Eibach Sportlines and H&R Super Sports. here is a photo of my 2v vert on Eibach ProKit with steeda x2 ball joints and no isos in top on front only with...
  5. 00SilverBullet

    Sportlines or Pro-kit? Need Help!

    hey guys im having a hard time deciding whether to order sportlines or the pro-kit eibachs for my 99 cobra. if anyone has any pictures of cars with either id like to see them. i know the sportlines drop the car a little more but i don't know if the stance would look right or not. Please help...