1. K

    2014 Shelby GT500 all original 11,000 miles

    I’m selling my 2014 Shelby gt500 grabber blue 11,000 miles SVT track package All original Never seen rain $65,000 obo. I am the second owner Located in Florida
  2. Jake@Lethal

    ALL NEW WELD VENTURA 5 in stock here at Lethal Performance!

    You read it right! 15+ Mustang fitment IN STOCK here at Lethal Performance. Have any questions? Feel free to shoot us a message or give us a call 561.753.8105. Lets get you a set :cool: Product link:
  3. C

    Stock or Modify - impact on resale value?

    Recently bought '03 Cobra, 10K miles, silver. Almost "mint" and tight as a drum. Value seems to be going up fast on low-mile Terminators in stock or near stock condition. Want to do sub-frames and a long list of other thing$, but sub-frames in particular is one mod you can't undue. (And...
  4. Jake@Lethal

    BMR Back in stock!

    All sorts of BMR Suspension back in stock here at Lethal Performance!! Any questions you guys might have on our packages, feel free to reach out to and Ill be more than happy to help!
  5. Y

    FS: Black 2003 49k miles

    For sale is a Black 2003 Cobra with 49,000 miles. I bought the car in 2010 and I am the third owner. First owner put 1,300 miles on it and stored it. I bought it from the second owner with 23,000 miles on it and Daily drove it for 4 years. Since then, I have rarely driven it. It has been...
  6. V

    Stock GT500 Camber Adjustments

    Is the camber adjustable on a stock 2011 GT500. I drive mine often and would like to not wear down the insides of my front tire as much as I do now. I got it aligned about two months ago and camber was -7 degrees I believe.

    2004 Cobra Coupe - 28,000 miles - Close to Stock

    2004 Cobra 28,151 miles Close to stock / minor modifications Clean and clear Oklahoma title in hand Located in Edmond, Oklahoma Call/text if you are a serious buyer and we can talk (405) 207-7737. This is about as clean as they come with the exception of a 1,000 mile car kept in a bubble. To my...
  8. latinheat1018

    Back to Stock Sale

    I have several parts in my garage that are just collecting dust. Plenty of options for someone going back to stock to trade their car in or someone in California dealing with stricter regulations. Prices do not include shipping. I've set them at what I would consider decent pricing, but feel...
  9. F

    10th TR vert

    *SOLD* 10th Anniversary 21,440 miles Car is immaculate top to bottom inside and out to include the engine bay and undercarriage. Unmolested and in stock condition with the exception of a few add ons to include wheels, air filter, styling bar(with brake light), stereo, and smoked tail...
  10. svtaustin

    How do I reflash my ECU without going to Ford?

    I bought my 13 GT500 with some performance parts and an unknown tune. I've since taken it to a local performance shop and had a custom Dyno tune put onto the car. After I use my SCT X4 to take my custom tune off and revert it back to this "unknown" tune. How do I reflash it to the factory...
  11. B

    WTB: Stock M112 Blower Pulley

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a stock pulley off a cobra (3.65" Dia) for some safe boost levels. Or a Billetflow 3.10 would work too, but would prefer the stock one. Let me know what you've got, shipped to 59254, MT please. Or even better if you are willing to ship to Canada use S7H 0A6, SK...
  12. 1s9v9t7

    2004 Cobra Springs less than 10,000 miles

  13. B

    For Sale: 01 SVT Lightning, 65,000 miles, stock.

    Selling my 2001 SVT Lightning with 65,000 miles. Truck is almost completely stock except for Bassani cat back that I bought last year. Stock motor, never tampered with. New tires last year. Located in Indiana. Asking 14k. Thanks for looking.
  14. 04GTMustang

    FS: Stock H Pipe off 04 Cobra

    Selling the stock H pipe off of my 04 Cobra. Came off the car with 40k on the odo. No reason to keep it kicking around now that I have LTs. Prefer local pickup as shipping is expensive. If you want it shipped, I can get quotes from USP, but you pay the cost. I am located in NE Massachusetts...
  15. max13shady

    ISO 03/04 Terminators, must be coupe and as close to stock as possible. must be able to ship to me.

    I live in eastern West Virginia.
  16. WhiteSVTLightning

    ISO: Looking for Stock Lightning Supercharger

    Just looking for a stock supercharger. Im in Arizona so would like to find one local but if not let me know what you have. Thanks
  17. T

    WTB: 2002 cobra stock catback & H midpipe

    Hi guys, Looking to restore my 2002 convertible cobra to original sound, if anyone has the factory original exhaust parts in good condition please drop me a line!
  18. matt5058

    Tune/Tuner recs for stock 5.0 & other noob questions

    I did a couple of searches and couldn't find threads addressing these exact questions but if there's a general tuning thread that has tons of FAQs addressed (like the BMR all things suspension thread), by all means, please point me in the right direction. My car will be out of warranty soon...
  19. C

    Stock air cleaner for 1999 contour SVT

    Hey all, I'm new to the site I found it through a Google search, and hoping someone out there has a stock air cleaner for my svt. I rescued it out a a junkyard, and run it on a circle track in a new division, stock 6 cylinder division, the car has a fiber filter bolted to where the stock one...
  20. 1sick03svt

    Terminator 1/2 Mile Record

    I'm struggling to find good information on the interwebs about 1/2 mile speed records for the 2003/2004 Cobra. I'm specifically looking for the stock, unported Eaton, stock longblock, stock transmission record. I'd like to take the crown on this at the upcoming WannaGoFast event in North...
  21. S

    F/S $16K 04 Cobra 50k Miles

    I am ready to let my cobra go! The car is good condition and I'm pricing it too sell. No low balls or trades please! (Was $17,000 OBO) .Now $16,000. It only has 50k miles. Pretty much stock aside from bolt ons - supercharger pulley, K&N intake, exhaust and brakes (paid over 1,500 on all 4 DBS...
  22. M

    WTB 99-04 gt mid pipe with cats

    hi i'm looking for a cheap stock mid pipe with cats i'm located in southern california.
  23. RacqFan1

    FS Stock 2001 Cobra Factory H-Pipe

    FS Stock 2001 Cobra Factory H-Pipe came off a 42,000 mile cobra it is in excellent condition will send interested folks pictures I would rather not ship this, I am in Connecticut and I am sure it cost too much I will entertain any close offers i am asking 100.00 usd Thank You
  24. A

    FREE: 2012 Mustang GT - stock suspension - Dallas area

    I'm planning on doing a full suspension swap by the end of this coming weekend, if anyone wants any of the stock parts please let me know. You can have the parts as long as you come get them or arrange for shipping if you're not local. All parts are OEM and coming off of my 2012 Mustang GT...
  25. D

    How to tell if the 2003 Terminator I'm looking at getting is in fact stock.

    I'm new into cars and what not but have been looking for a while and found a great deal on a 2003 Mustang Cobra. I'm really interested in getting it so that me and my brother can mod it and spend time working on it together. However I would very much prefer that the car be as stock as possible...