1. Bill Putnam

    FOR SALE: VMP TVS Gen2R Supercharger Head Unit Coyote Race Ported Jokerz

    11-17 Mustang 5.0 Coyote VMP 2.3 Gen 2R Supercharger head unit race ported by Jokerz performance. This is a new unit that was sent to Jokerz for race porting which is a step above the full tilt porting with elbow porting that they offer. This blower was delivered to me and before it could be...
  2. vnmous93cobra

    FOR SALE: Whipple 3.4L

    Whipple 3.4L, low mileage unit in good working condition. It has a 3.5” pulley on it. What you see in the pics is what I have to go with it. $3,250 obo plus shipping or trade for a twin turbo kit. I am happy to meet to avoid shipping if you are in the greater Houston area.
  3. SVTParatrooper

    WTB: TVS 2.3 Supercharger or Equivalent

    I am in the market for a supercharger upgrade for my '08 GT500. Looking for a good used TVS 2.3 or equivalent (i.e. VMP, etc.). Also any supporting mods needed (i.e. injectors, BAP, etc.) PayPal ready. Thanks.
  4. 4

    WTB Whipple, TVS, VMP supercharger for Terminator

    Looking to buy a aftermarket supercharger for my Terminator. Preferably a Whipple but I am open to other superchargers if the price is right. Looking to buy in about a month.
  5. B

    WTB: Supercharger - open to all makes and models

    Looking for an upgraded supercharger from stock, open to all makes, models and sizes. I may also consider ported eaton’s, post up what you’re looking to sell! (PayPal ready/cash in hand) located in Long Island, NY.
  6. B

    WTB: Supercharger - open to all makes and models

    Looking for an upgraded supercharger from stock, open to any makes, models and sizes. I may also consider ported eaton’s, post up what you’re looking to sell! (PayPal ready/cash in hand) located in Long Island, NY.
  7. svtbryan

    Will I be fine with a BAP and pump gas?

    I have a 2012 GT500 with trinity tvs and stock upper/lower. Recently purchased a IW 15% lower/ whipple monoblade/ and JLT127mm. Will be getting long tubes next. Car currently has 13/14 injectors and stock fuel pumps, but I also acquired a VMP BAP. Will I be safe running California 91 (Shell) as...
  8. C

    2004 Mystichrome Coupe 27k miles, polished TVS w/ supporting mods

    Hey guys, looking to sell my cobra. I have owned it about a year and a half and looking to get more in drag racing and this car is not for that. Everything is either paint matched or polished. I used it mainly for car shows and the occasional cruise. It has never seen rain since I've owned it...
  9. CaliGT500524

    WTB:Ported M122 for a 2010 GT500

    Hi all, I am looking for an already ported, low miles, M122 blower preferably from either Posi or Stiegemeier. Let me know what you all have! Thanks.
  10. aarons04cobra

    WTB: VMP TVS , whipple 2.9 crusher, or whipple 3.4 crusher

    Ended up buying a new 2.9 crusher today. Thanks svtp
  11. Athena5.0

    WTB VMP Stage 2 Supercharger Kit, Used OK

    Hey everyone just picked up a 2011 GT, low miles, and i need more power. Ive decided to go with the VMP, and i was looking for any used or new kits available. Hoping to find one around the 4-5k range, but open to others. Thanks for reading!
  12. TheFleshRocket

    How much does timing affect power? Turn down boost to turn up timing?

    You guys are probably getting sick of my questions but.. I'll ask anyway. I'm currently running a TVS with a 2.8" pulley, 16.5* of timing, and 93 + booster. I have a heat exchanger on the to-do list to get IAT2 readings down, but I'm debating a smaller pulley. When I originally got my Cobra...
  13. TheFleshRocket

    What IAT2 to start pulling timing? TVS with 2.8", 93 plus booster.

    <edit> I have one primary question. Read everything below if you like, but I primarily want an answer to the following question: Those of you with TVSes running 93 octane, at what IAT2 does your tune start pulling timing? ------------------------------------ I'm trying to determine how the...
  14. B

    VMP Build Suggestions/Questions

    Hey guys, I'm about to purchase a TVS for my cobra, just curious if anyone is running a stock ported throttle body with theirs? Im not a big fan of the chrome gt500 TB and its an extra $600-700, I could put towards cooling, idlers ect. Also will the VMP MAF and Fuel Kit be good enough? Not...
  15. 15PSI

    JLT Oil Separator/Catch Can for TVS (Roush or VMP)

    JLT Passenger-Side Separator/Catch Can for 2011+ Mustang GTs with TVS blowers (Roush/VMP/FRPP and some others). Excellent Condition. Less than 1500 Miles of use. No Scratches or Dents. Includes Check Valve. Purchased in February 2016. Can be run with or without bubbler hose. Easy install. Fits...
  16. M

    VMP TVS 2.3 Gen 2 Dyno

    I bit the bullet and bought a TVS a few months back, dropped it off at Wicked Motorsports in NJ and just got it back last week. Wanted to post up my numbers because I saw numbers all over the place before purchasing. The car feels great and Kevin did a great job on the tune and install. There...
  17. Chigurr

    S550 Fuel Pumps and Aftermarket Choices

    Hey, I have a TVS Coyote on 91 oct. 56 lb injectors and BAP. I'm looking to going to e85 soon and want to upgrade the pumps and injectors for it. I was wondering where to buy upgraded fuel pumps. I didn't see them on or maybe I'm just not looking well...
  18. CaliGT500524

    2010 GT500 RWHP Question

    Hi all, I have a 2010 GT500 with the stock M122 and was looking for your opinions on what I can expect as far as RWHP from these following mods. The car currently has a 2.6 pulley with a dyno tune for the pulley but I am looking to add a JLT Big Air CAI, Twin 65MM throttle body, VMP inlet...
  19. MrAjsTech

    10 Minutes+ of Eaton Whine [Video]

    Hey guys. As you may or may not know I recently upgraded to a TVS on my Cobra. Here is a compilation video from the past year of the screaming eaton. Let me know what you think :)
  20. Kburf79

    Help with deciding which piston cc to go with for new build.

    Hey guys, not a new member but first time poster here so forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section.. I am in the process of freshening up my stock motor. I will be adding COMP stage 3 blower cams as well as pistons and I'm having trouble figuring out which pistons to go with for my desired...
  21. 1

    Harrop/Roush/FRPP Gen 1 TVS w/2.8" VMP Cobra pulley

    I bought this earlier this year and have since decided to go turbo instead. Blower was purchased from Roush via E-bay, said to be a case research piece, doesn't look like it was ever ran. I was told it is an early Harrop unit, therefore it has no EGR port machining on the back of the intake...
  22. 1

    WTB: VMP Cobra TVS Pulley

    Looking for a 6 bolt VMP Cobra TVS style pulley, would prefer something close to a 2.6" but I'm open to anything available. Just need a pulley to get belt alignment figured out for a custom mounting plate for my project. Thanks!
  23. EditorTurner

    VMP Gen2 TVS Coyote F-150 Install & Test

    Picking Up Power VMP Performance boosts the performance of its project truck with a better blower By Steve Turner When we last climbed aboard VMP Performance’s 2016 F-150 project truck it had put down over 566 horsepower and 521 lb-ft of torque to the wheels with a TVS supercharger and a...
  24. G

    Trinity TVS, 56lb Injectors, JLT CAI plus Pulleys

    I have a take off tvs that I bought off of here from another member. It is powder coated white with the 5.8 shaved off and the svt painted red using torch red touch up paint, was blue when I bought it and painted over it. It has a 2.4 pulley installed currently and has a chip in the power coat...
  25. EditorTurner

    Cervini’s VMP-Supercharged 2015 Mustang

    Looks Fast Cervini’s revamped a new Mustang with its body parts and VMP blower By Steve Turner If you have been around the Ford performance scene for as long as we have, you are undoubtedly familiar with Cervini’s Auto Designs. The company was one of the first outfits to build fiberglass...