1. 9

    Rear Bumper Cover Inlay Recommendations

    I am looking for black COBRA vinyl inlays to put in the rear bumper cover lettering. Does anyone have recommendations? I know there are a lot of vendors but many of them have so-so reviews regarding the fit of the letters. Looking to put on a 97 Cobra.
  2. EditorTurner

    2015+ Mustang Roof Wrap Install at Mustang Week

    Blackout at the Beach Bullitt Auto Detail wraps Project Samhain’s roof at Mustang Week By Steve Turner Mustang Week is an insanely busy time for the SVTP crew. From running our own display, throwing parties and covering the events, we are all running in different directions. It makes doing...
  3. matt5058

    Saleen Stripes

    Anyone have Saleen stripes on their S197? I found this example, which I love, and I'd love to do something similar to my black Stang. Just trying to figure out if this is vinyl or what, and the best way to put these on so they don't look tacky. Anyone who has these, please chime in, and share...
  4. M

    Pic Request SN95 Black w/ Red Racing Stripes

    I did some googling, and some forum searching and can't find an SN95 Cobra black with red racing stripes. Would prefer on stock hood. Anyone have pics?