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  1. S

    WANTED: High mileage Cobra coupe

    I'm looking for a high mileage, driven, well-maintained Cobra coupe. Top colors are sonic blue and mystichrome, but honestly open to every color except zinc yellow. Stock or close to it is great (must have IRS), but reliability is the most important factor. I have young kids and don't have time...
  2. C

    WANTED: WTB High Mileage 03/04 Cobra Coupe

    Looking to buy a high mileage Cobra coupe in torch red, Mineral Grey, or DSG. Clean title is a must, no salvage title cars. Mileage doesn’t matter as long as the engine is healthy. Looking to spend around $15,000 for the right car. Located in central Ohio, willing to travel for the right car.
  3. C

    WANTED: Cobra Hood

    Want to buy OEM 03/04 Cobra hood. Color does not matter. Would prefer an undamaged hood. Located in Central Ohio. Willing to travel a bit for the right hood. Thank you.
  4. C

    WANTED: Cobra Gauge Cluster

    Wanting to buy a 03/04 Cobra gauge cluster with 41,000+ miles on it. Would like to be a sub 50k mile cluster. Thank you.
  5. J

    WTB 03/04 Cobra Coupe. Oklahoma

    I am looking to buy a 2003-2004 SVT Cobra coupe. Please no convertibles. I have $18,000 ready to go. I’m in the Oklahoma City area. Thank you
  6. aarons04cobra

    WTB Maximum Motorsports front coilovers

    As the add says, looking to buy a set of new or lightly used MM front coilovers. Need a set of black CC plates as well Paypal ready
  7. M

    Any Borla Ataks or Stingers for sale?

    I just recently bought a cobra and I'll looking to buy so Borla mufflers preferable the ataks but let me know what's out there
  8. D

    Looking to buy your Terminator Cobra

    I will be buying a TERMINATOR cobra come spring time here in Minnesota! Just curious what my options are! My top dollar it $17k and will be flying or driving to see the car and would like to know everything upfront! Preferably looking for a Black, Torch Red, or Sonic Blue.. Must have less...
  9. M

    WTB: 2003-2004 Terminator Cobra Under $20,000

    Hi all, I am looking for an 03-04 Cobra for sale. I understand that a Cobra in this price range may possibly have higher milage, but they are great cars, so that does not really worry me. Please let me know what you have for sale. Here are more specifics on what I'm looking for: 03-04 Cobra...
  10. az20115.0

    WTB 6 Piston GT500 Calipers..

    I just want to see if anyone has 13-14 GT500 6 Piston Calipers. Dont care if they have scratches or whatever, as long as they work. Dont need rotors or pads but would like at a set as well.. Anyone has any take off, please let me know Thanks
  11. S

    WTB: 18x9.5 Wheels for 13/14 GT500

    I would like to buy a set of 4 18"x9.5" wheels for my '14 GT500 with or without tires. I would prefer black Enkei PF01's with 35mm offset, but I am open to others. If you are located in Northern California it is a plus.
  12. B

    WTB: Looking to buy a clean and tastefully modded terminator

    Im looking for a clean and tastefully modded terminator, with decent miles in the New Jersey area. I would not be opposed to a bigger blower, but would rather not have a built motor. Thats what I want to do.... I would also like it to still be IRS, my plan doesn't involve going SRA and I do not...
  13. 99GT35TH

    WTB 03/04 Cobra 16-20k

    I'm interested in buying a 03/04 cobra between 16k and 20k depending on the milage of course. I'm not too picky in color just no mystichrome, yellow, or silver. Miles under 70 preferably and its gotta be clean. No dents, big chips, scratches etc. Would prefer something close to stock but mods...
  14. S

    WTB '13 /'14 GT500 Vert

    I would like to buy a 2013 or 2014 GT500 Vert. Must have SVTPP, Recaros and Navigation and no significant modifications. Probably any color and any location. I would like to spend $50k to $57k depending on miles and location (I am in San Francisco).
  15. S

    What year GT500 for open track events?

    I want to buy a GT500 vert for weekend use and a few open track events a year (I am aware of the downsides of tracking any convertible). At track events I don’t want to be the fastest car, just fast enough on the straights to pass the small cars that passed me on the corners (I have some track...
  16. T

    WTB 03-04 cobra, 20,000 cash in hand! Under 50k miles

    I've been looking for a terminator coupe for some time now and no luck, I'm located in Nc, must be under 50k miles, the stocker the better! If your looking to sell one email me at [email protected] or TEXT me at 336-4o2-5828 thanks!
  17. S

    WTB 2001 Cobra

    Hey all, I'm pretty new to the SVTP forums and I'm pretty new to the car world but I've been looking at multiple cars (Mitsubishi Evos, Honda S2000s, Camaros, Trans Ams, Mustangs, M3s, etc.). You get the picture. Something fun to replace my 2009 ZX6R. Although I know I'll probably find...
  18. A

    Wtb: Bbs rk plasmas

    Mods please close. Thanks
  19. A

    WTB BBS RK Plasmas!!!!