04 comp Conv for Sale $35,000 OBO.


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Aug 24, 2011
Atlanta, Ga
I'm offering this 1-72 only produced low mileage 04 Cobra for sale. Let's begin with the body and paint it is a Custom one off paint it includes- Competition Orange with 3 coats, House of Color pearl paint code "Big Bad Orange" also 3 coats, and then covered in 4 coats of Dupont clear. This paint is immaculate to say the least I have not found a better looking paint job than this; there is absolutely no orange peel on the car, even the door jams have been wet-sanded and buffed to perfection. Next I would like to describe the custom details on the car- The rear spoiler has been duck tailed taking the beloved stock cobra spoiler a step above the rest. The body also has custom side skirts that have been molded flush to the car that grabs everyone's attention who has ever owned a cobra that knows the factory moldings move around and scratch the paint, these do not. Now to the very aggressive hood that everyone asks where they can get the hood from, it is the factory hood that has been custom cowled and raised four inches from stock it is the only one in the world like this. Custom true forged hood inserted have been added after seeing the powdered coater first to make sure the colors matched the theme of the interior of the car. The vehicle has also a shaved antenna that really cleans the appearance on the front of the vehicle, don't worry you will not miss it seeing that I have added a factory installed Xm satellite receiver so the reception is perfect. To top off the outside of the car the bodyshop professionally tinted all reflectors and lights as well added a custom gas lid. Okay, lets dive into the inside of the Cobra where JNG Creations did their magic by adding Bentley Leather and piping the leather with orange stitching from the seats, light bar, door panels, convertible liner, all the way down to the floor mats. The windows are 20% tinted, Custom One off RSV Forged Wheels 18x11 rears and 18x9.5 fronts, custom engraved Billet center caps also paint matched to car. Featured by RSV Forged at Sema 2014. Full Tilt Boogie Racing 2 piece light weight slotted rotors on all four corners with Hawk Brake Pads and I added the 13" rear brake rotor upgrade. Calipers are custom powder coated competition orange to match car with Chrome cobra lettering. Toyo R888's on all four corners 315 rears 275 fronts. Maximum Motor sports sub frame connectors, Maximum Motor sports caster camber plates, H&R Race springs. The exhaust is Bassani polished to mirror finish with SLP polished tips. Polished Gas tank straps by Glenn's Performance. The engine is custom painted " Hot Rod Black" by PPG, Jet Hot coated the lower intake along with several other components to give the polished high end appearance. Power mods are a 2.76 upper pulley with a 4 lb Metco lower pulley, 3 100 mm Metco double bearing idlers and 1 90 mm. JLT air intake and custom painted with Afco Dual Pass heat exchanger. MGW orange handle shifter. Dynoed with little mods at 505 rwhp & 515
rwtq done by Pro Dyno in Fort Mill SC. Custom Trunk Mat for car shows. This car has been completely took car down to a shell in 2008 and spent 2 years rebuilding from end to end. I also have a lot of polished goodies under hood that you can see in pictures. Custom built battery box to hide the battery and many polished bolts to count. This car was featured in Stang Magazine, August 2014 edition. Please give me a call if you ready to own a rare car that continue to appreciate in the market.


Link to car on Hemmings with more photos https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ford/mustang-svt/1893392.html

PS- I will not sell the hood off this car unless your willing to pay me for a new hood and also pay to have the new hood painted up to the finish this car has 3 coats of comp orange also house of colors paint and my WIFE's approval. Good luck on that.

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Feb 1, 2011
New Jersey
Not a single person out there is going to keep this car as clean as you do.

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Oct 24, 2006
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PM me phone/contact please. I looked at this car when it was for sale before but I had a 04 comp orange vert... Ex made me sell it. Dumbest things I've done. Wasn't looking hard until May or so but this car...

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