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Timeless Kustoms is building an insane Fastback for the SEMA Show
By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Timeless Kustoms

Each year the entire automotive aftermarket convenes in Las Vegas, Nevada, for The SEMA Show. As you know, this show not only brings out all the latest products to mod your vehicle, but it is the reason for the creation of a swarm of project vehicles. These rides are meant as eye candy to draw attention to the companies that have them on display.

Because of their mission, many of these cars are built with as much flash as possible. Form usually rules over function at The SEMA Show. While it’s always fun to look at great-looking cars, we took notice when we discovered a video introduction the build of an insane, road-race themed 1965 Mustang for the show built by Timeless Kustoms. It is called the Vicious ’Stang.

“The idea behind vicious is to build the ultimate road-race Mustang with the street car environment, so 9/10 race car and 1/10 street car—just to get you by,” Jason Pecikonas, owner of Timeless Kustoms, explained. “It’s a no holds barred; pushing the envelope; twin-turbo’d; single-supercharged, carbon-ceramic front-braked; independent front and rear suspended; sequential-paddle-shifted transmissioned, kick-ass street car.”

Get a glimpse inside this impressive build right here…


With that mission in mind, Jason and his team started out with a 1965 Mustang coupe and converted it to a Fastback using Dynacorn body parts and their fabrication skills. From there, they set out to drive the design of the car to maximize its performance.

“The general challenge is to try and fit everything into such a small environment and deal with the heat that everything creates. We are literally building the car from the ground up right now. It’s an exercise in performance for us, so we looked at the performance envelope and pushed that envelope before we looked at the visual or the physical aspect of the car.”

In order to fit massive Forgeline wheels, huge intercoolers and more in this car, the Timeless team really had to fab almost everything, including custom flares, intercooler tubing, etc.

“This is a car, for us, that we have pushed the physical attributes to the limit; pushing the envelope as far as what the car is going to look like in the end, simply because we are basing those properties on what the car needs. Our wheel flares are built, literally, because we have a 19x13-inch rear wheel and a 19x12-inch front wheel. Our intercoolers are mounted down in the lower chin to accommodate them for airflow and to get them to work properly.”

Those intercoolers are pretty important because their mission is to tame the temps of boost coming out of two Precision turbos and fed into a Magnuson supercharger. Yes, the masterpiece of madness employs compound boost and does so to enhance an already potent Ford Performance Parts Aluminator crate engine. That boosted Coyote is supported by a MoTeC engine management system, a Magnaflow exhaust, an Aeromotive fuel system, a Centerforce clutch and an EMCO sequential six-speed.

Clearly this Mustang is being built to live up to it moniker, and if we’re lucky we’ll see it in action shortly after the big show in Sin City. If you happen make it to the SEMA Show, you can check out the car in Booth 23543 in the SEMA Central Hall/Performance Hall.

“We are going to debut Vicious at the 2016 SEMA show and hopefully we will be invited to the Optima Challenge right after that and next year you’ll see this car all over.


Converted to a Fastback with Dynacorn hardware, this 1965 Mustang will appear at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas this November as the Vicious ’Stang.


Under the hood of Vicious will be a Ford Performance Coyote Aluminator boosted by two Precision turbos and a Magnuson supercharger. It is slated to produce 1,000 horsepower.


”Everything is laid out in fabrication,” Timeless Kustoms’ Jason Pecikonas said. “The balance of the car, the ergonomics, where things are located, how things work, how you get to things, the serviceability of a piece of equipment all has to be thought about right now.”


To make room for 19x12-inch front wheels and 19x13-inch rear wheels, Timeless Kustoms created these massive fender flares.


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We're extremely excited to debut the car in our booth at SEMA next month! Be sure to come by and check it out!

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