1996 pearl white Lincoln Continential F/S


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May 5, 2007
Mooresville, NC
I am selling my 1996 Lincoln Continential with 172,000 or looking to trade even for a 93-94 Mark VIII, Foxbody, or another Mustang. I bought this on Thanksgiving day as a DD but realized I don't need a 4 door car and want a 2 door instead. It has high miles but are mostly highway miles from the previous owner going on long distance trips he said. The car has power everything with hot heat and ice cold A/C. It has brand new air bags about 1 year old, new tranny fluid with filter, new tires, new tierod and alignment. The cars paint looks great for a 13 year old car and still shines. The interior is just as nice and is very comfortable with a small tear in the drivers seat. This is a very nice car for the money and very dependable. Even though it has high miles it drives like new with no rough idle or abnormal engine noise.
The bad: It will need brakes real soon (might do next weekend if it is warm enuf) but doesn't grind, one of the windows doesn't work but can't remember which one and the drivers window goes up crooked and will need help guiding it up, the drivers side stabilizer end link has a bad bushing in it and will clunk if going over bumps $40 to replace, and the last thing is the carriage roof (viynl top) is no longer on the car as the previous over took it off because it was torn. So there are small screw holes in the roof and side pillars where it was installed but have been filled with caulking to prevent water from entering. I was going to buy some body filler and fill them up and touch it up with some touch up paint but decided to wait and bring it to Maaco one day and have them paint the whole roof. It doesn't look that bad for a DD.
Oh, it has a small oil leak coming from the oil sending unit on the bottom of engine and thats why there is a old rug under the car. Most of the time it doesn't leak it just ends up on the exhaust and burns away but I have it there just in case.
Any questions please call Chris at 704 660-7727 thanks
Asking $2,400 or trade.








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