FOR SALE: 1997 SVT Cobra Project Car Oklaho$22,500 OBO


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Feb 1, 2021
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Hello, I have a 1997 SVT Cobra that I am looking to sell; I’ve been the only owner and no wreck history. I am looking to get (REDUCED PRICE)- $20,000, OBO. It currently has 41,000 miles on it. I used to take it out to the drag strip and it ran 12s 1/4mi but, 1 or 2 cylinders lost their rings in 2007 and it has sat in the garage ever since. I had big plans to replace the engine and get it running again but life happened and I never got to it. This would be a perfect project car for anyone looking to take it to the strip or just go plain fast. Original Paint/interior is in very good condition (minus small chip on front bumper) and very well maintained, it has been in the garage with cover for ~13yrs. I used to put it in shows when it was still running. Below are some basic pictures with original set of wheels and my show wheels, both of which are included with offer.


Also included with the car is a brand new MMR 5.0 Stroker engine with Stage 3 Ported 03/04 Cobra heads and Stage 3 Supercharged Comp cams. I bought this engine in 2008 and it has been in the plastic wrap ever since, wrapped in blankets like my own baby (ha!), below pictures, are first time plastic wrap has been removed in order to take pics and is now re-wrapped.

This car has been heavily Modded, so below is a list of everything currently installed and another separate list of things I have that I was going to install but never got to it. Everything in the pictures is included in this offer, so it could be a fun project for whoever wants to give it a go. My wife and I are moving and won't have the room for everything and I think it is time to try and move on. I also have a trailer with wench installed and custom cover to transport a car. That can be negotiated with sale, if transport is needed. If interested, you can message me here or email me at [email protected]

Currently on 1997 Cobra-
1) Stock 97th engine (Bad pistons/rings)
2) Stock wire harness (not sure if I need 03/04 Cobra harness, Ive read the 97th harness can be used but some of the wiring has to be extended)
3) MSD coil packs
4) Vortech S-trim, Anderson Power Pipe, Pro-M mass air, 36lb injectors
5) Stock computer, has been re-flashed? No chip (done by SCT)
6) Has autometer boost and oil pressure gauge
7) Fluidyne radiator w/installed manual fan switch from VPR.
8) Stock water pump
9) MSD Dis 4
10) High flow fuel rails
11) Vortech 10mm plug wires
12)Aeromotive Fuel Regulator
13) Braided fuel lines
14) Battery mounted in trunk
15) Maximum Motorsport caster/camber plates
16) Strange 10 way adj. strut w/X2 coil over
17) Line locks on front brakes
18) Ford aftermarket T56
19) Spec II Clutch/PP
20) Centerforce billet steel flywheel
21) PST carbon fiber driveshaft
22) BBK long tube headers
23) Exhaust system welded, some parts to the frame
24) Subframe connectors
25) 31 splice mowers, 4:10 gears, TA girdle
26) Upper/Lower torque boxes welded
27) Axle tubes welded
28) Steeda LCA’s
30) Aluminum VCA bushings-spherical
31) Steeda Ultralight drag springs
32) QA1 12-way adj shocks
33) Wolfe Racercraft anti-roll bar (welded) can be disconnected if necessary

Parts included with offer that can be installed-
1) 03/04 MMR iron block 950 MOD stroker (assembled)
-has 96-98 cam/valve covers installed
-has 96-98 timing cover installed
2) 01 Cobra stock upper/lower intakes/w hardware
3) ATI super duty balancer
4) GI JOE 8-rib pulley kit (no belt)
5) Richard racing AC delete ( remover total AC system)
6) Vortech JT trim w/Mondo bypass valve
7) MMR oil pan w/gasket 9qt.
8) Ford racing high impedance 80lb. Inj.
9) Blow thru HPX PMAS (3in tube) w/harness
10) Procharger 3 core inter cooler (no piping yet)
11) Anthony Jones engineering tubular K member (mild steel)
12) AJE tubular A arms (no hardware)
13) Barry Grant King Sumo fuel pump
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Feb 1, 2021
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Here’s a few more pictures. The site wouldn’t let me upload half of them due to size requirements so if you are interested and want more pictures, just email me. Thanks!


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Feb 1, 2021
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Here is the tag info included with a picture of the car and also a set of drag tires that would be included in the offer with a receipt for the engine. Please email me ([email protected] ) with any questions/offers. Thanks!
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