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1st time to the track with the F150

Discussion in 'Time Slip Bar' started by black99lightnin, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. black99lightnin

    black99lightnin move along Established Member

    Sep 7, 2004
    Recently purchased an 18 F150 rcsb 2.7 4x4 to play around with. I'm too scared to boost the Hellcat or the CTSV and cheap(IE: pulley, tune, injectors, HE(ctsv)).....so I bought this little truck to play with. Went to the track on March 17th. Unfortunately it was a race day and they only allowed 1 time trial. I tried to remember everything but that pass went pretty wrong. I put the truck in 4h and turned advancetrak off. I failed to get the rpms above 2000 and put the trans in sport. It labored off the line with a 2.203 60ft finally built boost and went 14.36 @ 97.xx. I knew it had a lot more in it so I dialed in a 14.10. I put it in 4h, trans in sport, advancetrak off and came off the line at 2200 in boost. 60ft 1.986, so far out in front of the guy I coasted from the 1000ft marker and broke out with a 14.05 @ 85mph. Still crossing 5-6 cars ahead of him as he had a .5xx light on a .000 tree. DAMN. 1/8th mile was a 8.82 which equates to about a 13.73-76. I was pretty impressed with the little 2.7eb. That would be quicker than my stock 99 Lightning that went 13.98 @ 99. Now for a tune to get it into the 12's.
  2. persico

    persico Member Established Member

    Sep 18, 2018
    Buffalo, NY
    That's flying!

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