2 Kills


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Aug 5, 2016
Virginia (NOVA)
So I have an 11 GT500 760rwhp 20in N555Rs

First kill was on a "highway" was just turning dusk so headlights were on. I saw some lights flickering behind me ( Mind you I never see shit to pay with in my car only the DD ) I also don't mess around with anyone in-front of me...........anyway I saw it wife was with me and I said oh shit I think a Lambo is coming up fast can I F with it. she was like yea but don't loose
lol. So it gets closer and I see that it is a lime green and I was thinking def a Lambo but as it got closer noticed it was a SLS AMG Black series Mercedes the wrap was horrible color some D bag dude driving it. he came up to me and stared then bucked a few times we were going about 55 or 60. I gave him the hit and was about 4 cars in front shifting into 4th then let off. He sped back up looked shocked and I told him slow down to 45 or 50. Then we did the 3 honk (I did) he gunned it on 2nd honk which oh well. I then hit it when I was right behind his back bumper and fly by him before shifting then put about 5 cars on him. He then hit me with the ricer flyby slowed down and looked PISSED my wife was laughing saying he was butt hurt. He then got off the highway and it was a round about so he sped up I could still see him and he flipped me off then got off the exit was pretty funny.

2nd Killish. This was a bike. It was a Ducati monster not sure what CC would assume the 696. We were on a different highway smaller one though but it 3 wide. Saw him in front of me after he got on it and popped it up a few times. I pulled up to him and passed him slowly and I heard him down shift and go full throttle so I dropped it to 3rd at about 60 65, he pulled in front of me by maybe a bike then I flew past him and was maybe a car ahead of him. He also was shocked. The next light was red but we had a distance to go so I shifted down to 2nd and right when we got close to the light it went green he hit it again and so did I since the road was completely open he pulled maybe a car and a half in front and at the top of 3rd I was hauling past him like a freight train after I passed him he let off to "turn" but I was surprised both times. I also ride bike so not sure if he didnt know how to ride or what.

My 2 kills so far literally never see anything to play with but I drive around all the time now. Sorry no footage but order 2 go pros for video next time.

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