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2002 Mustang Turbo with built motor

Discussion in 'New Edge Mustangs' started by jcorlew24, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. jcorlew24

    jcorlew24 Member Established Member

    Apr 2, 2013
    Hendersonville TN
    B90B1E69-6996-4466-96F5-A7B2840E11CA.jpeg 9C948481-0D29-466F-97AA-43097808CA0C.jpeg 8214D73F-33CE-4EC6-A5C5-FADB66A84CE7.jpeg 496A93D9-55D7-4711-A3E0-62BC19AFA6D0.jpeg
    Full Modification List:

    Manley Platinum Series Pistons .030 9:7-1
    Total Seal AP rings are gapped at .022 and .026 for Boost
    Carillo CP Bullet Rods
    Kellog Crank
    Hellfire Rings
    DSS Crank Girdle
    GT500 Melling Oil Pump with MRR Gears
    Cobra Pickup Tube
    Canton Oil Pan
    LFP Lightning 5.4 Heads Stage 2 port then Action Auto Parts Ported and Polished Further
    Comp Cams 545/550 Lift 234/238 @ .050 113 Isa Comp Springs
    Ford Racing Timing Set
    ARP Head Studs
    ARP Crank Bolts
    ARP Main Studs
    ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
    Foxlake p51 Intake fully ported and polished
    BBK 78mm Tbody
    80lb Seimen Deka Ford Racing Injectors
    BBK Fuel Rails
    VMP Slot Maf Conversion
    SCT Programmer
    Ford Racing Cometic Head Gaskets
    Astro Performance Prostreet Tremec 3650
    MGW Shifter
    Spec Stage 3 Clutch
    Advanced Clutch Technologies (ACT) Lightweight Flywheel
    ARP Hardware
    Ford Racing
    Aluminum Driveline
    New 3:27 Ford Gears
    New Ford Racing True Track Posi
    Timken Bearings and Seals
    Huge 33x13x4 intercooler
    Turbonetics 78/68 Hurricane Turbo
    Turbonetics BOV
    Precision 46mm Wastegate
    UPR Chromoly tubular Kmember
    Control Arms and Coil Overs
    UPR Full Length Subframe Connectors
    UPR Driveline Loop
    Cobra front brakes
    Cobra fuel tank
    2 465 Fuel Pumps
    Kenny Bell BAP
    Boost gauge
    Remote controlled electric cutout
    Flowmaster Exhaust
    Cobra front end

    I’m sure there are several things I’m missing. Car is very streetable and can be driven anywhere as long as there is E85 available. The car also has a 93 tune on it, but has E85 in the tank currently. I just changed the oil with mobile 1 synthetic. I also put new NGK TR7’s in as well as all new orings on all the injectors. Car currently has 118,000 miles on it. The motor has very little mileage on it since built. Car was originally red, but has been painted jaguar blue. The exterior is in good shape and has been garage kept. The interior is also in pretty good shape other than a little wear on the seats. Car was tuned by Kurgan Motorsports and made 770rwhp. Kurgan was so impressed with the numbers he posted the video of dyno pull on his facebook page. If you need additional photos or have any questions you can call or text me at 615-686-1536. The price of the car is $15,000. There has been a lot of money spent on the this car. It’s a blast to drive and pulls like a freight train.

    No Trades
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  2. jcorlew24

    jcorlew24 Member Established Member

    Apr 2, 2013
    Hendersonville TN
    Sorry admin. Can you move this to the right forum?
  3. geoffmt

    geoffmt Well-Known Member Established Member

    Jul 30, 2015
    billings, mt
    I know this car, what a hoot this thing is! Great price, good luck with the sale! IMG_4517.JPG

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