2004 Black built Teksid Whipple Coupe


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Sep 12, 2013
Hi everyone. Please use PM to contact me for the fastest response as I’m not on here frequently. Asking $27,000

I’ve been a member here for a few years now and have enjoyed learning all about these incredible cars from the friendly and knowledgeable SVTPERFORMANCE community. I’ve bought and sold a fair amount of items on here and the transactions have always gone smoothly so this is where I’m going to start with my listing my car.

Since everyone (myself included) always seems to ask “why are you selling?” I’ll start there. My wife is an RN, works in a hospital so we’ve been dealing with this Pandemic firsthand. As a result of this whole ordeal we’ve discussed making some lifestyle changes so I’m going to sell my car. It’s not a desperation or fire sale, but I don’t get to drive it that often so I figure it’s better to sell so someone can enjoy it.

I’ll give high level details to try and keep it short but will provide any additional details requested.

2004 Black/Black Coupe. Tuned by Lidio at Alternative Auto, makes 689/709/737rwhp @ 18/20/23 psi. The car also has super rare OEM Recaro Cobra R seats that were a $3k option for the 2000 Cobra R. It was built in October 2003 in the Dearborn assembly plant. It is #232 of 3,763 builds. I have documentation going way back that covers most everything the car has.

Vehicle history: Has both sets of original keys/fobs. Only 3 owners total with original owner having from 2004-2017. The 2nd owner had it for about 7 months in ‘17 and I’ve owned it since then. I have the original window sticker. I have the original SVT certificate and the letter to the original owner that accompanied it. This car was also one of the few randomly selected for the DAP program, so it was inspected/tested by SVT engineers and I have the original laminated certificate for this.

Engine: Just about 1,000 miles on it including break in and 2 dyno tuning sessions. Teksid block w/MMR rotating assembly good for 1k rwhp. The parts are MMR, but the block machine work and assembly was done by Carlos Mejia out of Cali who builds a lot of modular Ford engines. ~9.3:1 compression w/Manley 2618 Forged pistons/Manley rods/forged steel made in USA crank. All ARP bolts/studs (mains, rods, head studs) along with Clevite performance bearings and Total Seal AP rings. The heads are full CNC Livernois Performance 9 threads. Whipple 2.9 std. inlet blower with accufab SB TB. All Metco idlers and Metco lower crank setup. JLT hi-boost cold air intake. As noted the car makes 737rwhp/679rwtq and that is with stock cams. This setup could easily go north of 800 if the new owner wanted to swap out cams and/or increase the boost.

Transmission: D&D Performance Viper Spec T-56 built by Don Jr. himself. This trans is the 26 spline input, big 30-spline output, carbon-fiber blocker rings, steel 3-4 shift fork and the .50 overdrive 6th gear. It also has the SFI certified Aluminum Fidanza flywheel w/ Centerforce DFX clutch. Shifts super smooth and has no issues. Pro 5.0 shifter. The driveshaft is a custom Aluminum dynotech unit and there is already a driveshaft loop installed.

Rear-end: Custom built 8.8 SRA by DTS (drivetrain specialists). Has a 3.73 gear with an Eaton tru-trac differential. It has the tubes welded, the big 9” sealed bearing ends and the housing differential brace and 31 spline axles with the longer lug studs. I found a seeping axle seal last summer so I ended up replacing all bearings/seals/fluids in the rear end as well.

Fuel System: Full return system with PTFE -10 feed and -8 return and billet aluminum serviceable aeromotive micron in-line filter. Fore triple pump hat w/ (3) quantum fuel 342lph pumps (new pumps put in last summer while installing a new fuel sender). Fore billet fuel rails, aeromotive return regulator and 105lb/hr Ford SVT-Bosch injectors. Fuel pumps have also been rewired with the big 2/4awg wire direct from battery that provides power to 3 individual relays (1 per pump). Relay to pump wires and pump grounds are all 10awg wire.

Brakes/Suspension/Chassis: 4-piston Brembo front kit (2000 Cobra R setup) with new cross drilled/slotted rotors all around. Rea

rs are factory Cobra calipers. Eibach springs, QA1 adjustable rear shocks. Adjustable upper/lower rear control arms. Weld in sub frame connectors and rear control arm mounts welded for reinforcement.

Wheels/tires: staggered 17” XXR 521’s with only 3-4k miles on them. Front tires are Nitto 275’s and have same
miles as runs, rears are new 315 Nitto drag radials and have only 800 miles, primarily dyno and just cruising around miles.

Miscellaneous: Autometer lunar series pillar gauges, AEM wideband A/F. Mac long tubes, Bassani off road x-pipe and cat back w/3.5” tips. Hood struts so no more prop rod. OEM Bullet side scoops.

Chassis has 121k miles, but it doesn’t look or drive like it as it’s obviously had a well cared for life. It runs/drives/looks great and A/C is still ice cold.

PM with any questions. Price $27,000.









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Oct 7, 2015
It was hard for me to find also. Its under the first pic of the car. $27,000

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