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2005 Mustang V6 - Limp Mode P2104 & P2111

Discussion in 'S-197 Mustangs' started by GeigerZ, Dec 6, 2018 at 6:39 PM.

  1. GeigerZ

    GeigerZ Member Established Member

    May 4, 2007
    Did some searching, but since we've already replaced the TB components a couple weeks ago, thought we'd seek more help on this one. Not sure if it could be the actual TB or something other than the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor.

    My son's car is in limp mode and cannot clear it. Battery reset, cleared codes..etc. Will start and run, but pressing on the pedal nets 0 increase in RPM.

    With the car in run (not started), we took off the air inlet hose and he depressed the pedal slowly. The TB opens and closes with no issues. Something has the computer thinking it's WOT.

    2005 Mustang V6
    P2104 - Stuck WOT
    P2111 - Forced Idle (due to P2104)

    Been happening a few times.

    Replaced the TPS and Throttle control actuator motor. Seemed to be OK, but today it will not clear. Wrench is still there even though we cleared the codes.

    The only other part I can think of that would or could cause a Throttle Stuck Wide Open condition is the actual Accelerator pedal assembly sensor.

    Anyone have experience with this type of issue. I do have the Accelerator Pedal coming in the morning to the local Auto Parts store, but that was just to make sure we could at least have a plan of action and eliminate the possibilities.

    Many thanks!

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