2008 Black GT500 with upgrades

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Nov 5, 2015
this is the exact car I want to trade my sonic blue 03 cobra for I have posted it for trade on craigslist a couple times but all I get is guys wanting to buy it cash, but they come out of the woodwork because of the color. Last time I posted it in the first day alone I had at least 10 guys offering cash so I took the car down there are 4 things I will let the car go for a gt500, 302 boss, a raptor, or a 2012 and up gt with a power adder supercharger turbo. So if you want a sonic blue terminator with 56k miles chrome kenne bell along with everything else under the hood is chrome I have a 1 inch binder with receipts for probably 80 percent of the mods on the car and pics of the build progress, all mods were done in ate 2009-2010 the car had just over 50k miles on it at that time. It was a southern car most of its life since I have owned it the car has either been kept in a heated garage or in my enclosed trailer. I love the car and the attention it gets but I am one of those guys that likes to switch cars all the time. The car had fr500 wheels on it chromes but I sod them because every one else was getting them so the car is has the stock wheels back on it and has 56112 miles on it.
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