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Oct 9, 2016
2008 GT500 Vapor silver. 10,000$ firm, engines perfect, kenne bell 2.8lc. Not sure why they are totaling it. But I have a build list for this car. It was in a 40mph accident where it went up on the curb. Frame is not bent. I need 10,000$ up front to buy it back from the insurance company. And then you’ll get the car with a salvage title from them. To fix this car back to the perfect condition it was in, would only cost 5000$ or so. Including paint. Also the ford dealers body shop already started on the body work. So it really only needs paint and a front bumper. Then it needs little stuff that was damaged. 2 of the Truforged Chicanes were damaged, probably the rear Stange axel as well all on the passenger side. Front bumper got ripped off because it was so low when it went up on the curb. I just think it would be a shame if the insurance company kept the car. The only reason why I’m not buying it back is because I will have nowhere to keep it, it absolutely is a money maker if you fix it up, or part it out. Especially with the amount of work I’ve recently put into it. I have replaced every wear and tear item on the car. Airbags did not go off. Like I said I have no idea why they are totaling the car. But the car is located in stuart Florida right now at the advantage ford dealer. I have pictures from when the car was crashed, but I don’t have the current condition pictures with the body work they have done to it. I would need 10,000$ up front to buy back from the insurance company, I’ll also throw in the spare spec clutch I have, along with drag radials on 15inch sve rims and another spare set of MT 295 et street drag radials, along with belts, spark plugs, coils, and the stock rear end. The current rear end has strange axels, one possibly bent, Eaton tru trac diff, FRPP 3:55 gears. Has a refurbished Tranny less than 5000 miles ago. I have all paperwork for the work done to this car in a large binder. When you give me the 10,000$ so I can get it back from the insurance company, or at least a 5000$ deposit. I will give you all the bolt ons I listed like the clutch, radials rims stock rear end and everything I listed including all the paper work. I can give you my address and my old address I am moving back in to so you know I am not going anywhere. I just don’t want to be stuck with this car after I buy it back from the insurance company. This car has 40,000$+ into the car. Stock engine never opened with 36,000 miles. Just did a compression test for the person who was going to buy the car. I crashed this car days before I was going to sell it. I had the car sold and unfortunately, this happened. Wether you want to buy it to part out which I think you’d make the most money or you want to buy it to fix and keep, the car makes 765whp on 93 with a tune from Tuners Inc. It can make 865whp on e85. If you’re local to stuart Florida, you can have somebody go look at the car. With rims and tires it might even be able to be driven out of there, but I’d suggest a car trailer just in case. Please text me if you’re interested and I can send you an excel spreadsheet with all the work that’s done to this car and better pictures from before and after the crash. If you’re going to part the car out, the engine alone with the kenne bell and supporting mods goes for 14k or more.The engine is perfect, clutch is brand new, Trannys brand new. These trannys go for 3-4K. Frames not bent. This is a hell of a deal for anybody that’s looking for GT500 parts for a Fox body swap, or to rebuild this car for cheap and have a pretty fast drag car, or for somebody who doesn’t mind having a salvage title GT500 for half the price of one that’s never been crashed. The aftermarket parts alone used add up to more than 10gs. I just hate to see it go to a scrap yard or auction. I’d prefer to see this car fixed and raced or fixed and enjoyed because I know the condition of the car and it shouldn’t be getting totaled, I guess they just don’t want to deal with it. I’m not quite sure why they are totaling it. It’s not letting me upload the actual files in the actual size it’s saying they are too large. Please email me for the built sheet on excel spreadsheet as well as better pictures from before and after. The car has most of the body work done to it from the body shop at the ford dealer, so it really just needs paint as far as that goes, maybe a little more prep work. If you’re interested I would go stop by the ford dealer in stuart at advantage ford and go look at the car ASAP, because I have to give the insurance company an answer if i want to buy the car back or not.
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