2009 GT500 H-Pipe review


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Dec 26, 2009
Austin, Tx
Background - 2009 GT500 with JLT intake, Tune, Ford KR mufflers. Stock headers, Cats. I like the sound of the KR mufflers at higher RPM, but frankly at lower RPMs tooling around town the sound left me unimpressed. I am used to a bit more v8 rumble as my daily driver is a SRT8 with glass packs, and the GT500 at low RPMs was a bit buzzy (sounded more like a 4.6L than a SC 5.4).

I installed the PHRP H-pipe last week (just the Xpipe replacement). Left may stock headers and cats in place. Wow, what a difference. Buzz is replaced with a V8 rumble. It is louder thru the entire range, but most noticeable between 2k and 4k RPMs, which is where the sound was lacking. No drone in the cabin. For 350.00, this is a great upgrade and it really changes the driving experience. I will attach Grabbers video is it is indicative of the sound with Hpipe and KR mufflers. 2 cuts ahead of the Xpipe and slip into the existing midpipe clamps. Easy. Great option for making better music. Below vid is how it will sound on the outside. Nearby Pedestrians may be coughing up blood for a few days, but nothing wrong with that.

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