2011 19" GT500 Wheels/Tires taken off at 480 miles

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Authorized Vendor
Jun 9, 2004
Lexington KY
Wheels and tires that came off my 2011 car last week. The car only has 500 miles on it total and 20 of them have been with my new wheels.

The good:
Wheels and Tires included. If the 2011 cars are equipped with TPMS sensors, then they are in there as well...as the wheels have never been taken down. I ask that question because the new wheels I purchased have not triggered a TPMS light yet and they came off an older GT500 car.

Tires only have 480 Miles on them. They are the factory installed 285 and 255 staggered fitment that comes on the 11' cars.

The Bad:
One wheel was scraped when removing the vehicle from the transport at my dealer. I was compensated for the wheel because I knew I was taking them off anyways and didn't make a big deal out of it. The picture below I purposely took with flash to show the detail of the damage, but from 1 foot away you can't even tell.




Distance shot of the wheel that had the damage...as I said you can't tell from any distance.


The price is $1750.00. I will not ship, unless you arrange shipment as I don't have a way to transport wheels. I am located in Lexington Kentucky.

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