2012 seat(s) into 2013 Mustang air bag clarification.

Duane Black

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Jan 25, 2019
I tried the search feature here, found a link on anogher site here that was a broken link... cang find the info i need. I know ford apparently changed the ohm resistance in the air bags, the passenger seat weight bladder, or both, mid year 2012.

I may be able to buy some seats from a 2012 Boss 302 to drop into my 2013 Mustang

So 1) were these boss cars made early or late in the year? Aka, would the resisters be identical anyway?

And 2) i cant find a clear answer - most would want to swap out all seats anyway. I found one thread somewhere where the problem turned out to be the passenger bladder, but the poster has already swapped airbags at that point. Ive seen threads hintjng that the real difference isnt the drivers seat, but just the passenge .

So if all i wanted was the drivers seat from a 2012 into a 2013, is all well?

Lastly, can anyone confirm ir deny if the pins are different? Would i be able to just match my car to theirs with a picture of the plug or us that a moot point?


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Aug 5, 2007
I have no info on the seats but the '12 Boss production started in late 2011.


Liberty Biberty
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Aug 16, 2010
Last summer, I put Corbeau seats in my 2008 and managed to avoid all airbag lights. Was a PITA.

Ford screwed with the airbag resistance values a bunch over the life of the S197. There is a lot of misinformation about how to handle this. I recommend buying a bunch of different resistors of varying ratings and seeing which works to keep the airbag away. Keep in mind, when playing with it, you will get an airbag light for any of below reasons. I mention this because, as you play with resistance levels, you might be getting the light for a different reason if you are not aware:

1. Side airbags not plugged in (or wrong resistance sensed)
2. The seatbelt buckles (female side) are not plugged in
3. The driver's seat position sensor is not plugged in
4. The passenger side bladder is not plugged in.

With mine, I transferred over the stock bladder to the new seat. You might consider that route and avoid any issues whether the bladder you have is sending the correct signal to the computer.

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