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2012 Shelby GT500 w/2013 conversion TVS, cams, bumpers

Discussion in 'Shelby GT500 Buy/Sell' started by Blackredgt500, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Blackredgt500

    Blackredgt500 New Member Established Member

    Jan 16, 2016
    San Jose California
    ACBBFA75-20F2-40B1-BDFA-97DCF5AC7091.jpeg 4DE449DF-A132-4287-9144-6ACBE4923DAF.jpeg A3BB12AB-4C9F-4E74-9C42-42AE07F32DE7.jpeg I m selling my GT500 I ve owned for the past few years.

    The mods are below with the parts cost:
    2013 GT500 TVS with 2.5 pulley ($2500)
    L&m camshafts (very lopey idle) ($1800)
    McLeod clutch & flywheel ($1100)
    1 7/8ths American racing long tubes & off-road x with Borla touring mufflers ($1800)
    Ford racing throttle body ($650)
    2013 GT500 headlight conversion ($800)
    2013 GT500 front end conversion ($800)
    2013 GT500 rear bumper & Borla Touring quad exhaust conversion ($2000)
    Afco dual pass heat exchanger ($700)
    19inch Forgestar cf5 wheels with custom offset with like new nt05 drag radials with a 305 rear tire size ($4000)
    Shelby Carbon fiber side skirts ($700)
    Anderson composites Carbon fiber diffuser ($800)
    Boost gauge and dual Aeroforce interceptor digital gauge pillar ($750)
    Carbon fiber steering wheel ($800)
    Kenne bell boost a pump ($600)
    JLT big air intake ($350)
    Supercharger is insanely loud from the sound tube mod

    The paint does have some imperfections in certain areas. It just had a paint correction done recently. Overall the car is in great condition and gets compliments frequently.
    This is a 700whp on 91 octane for under 30k. The drawback is the mileage but the car has been well maintained and problem free. It currently has 90,500 miles. It is on a safe tune. Looking to get 27,500
    You can call or text (408) 726 2704
    here’s the Autotrader ad:
    Autotrader - page unavailable

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  2. ram150

    ram150 You have the right to remain silent./ USMC vet Established Member

    Aug 30, 2014
    new bern, nc
    AMAZING car and the mods! That price is a steal!!!!
  3. DGladhill

    DGladhill Member Established Member

    Jan 3, 2014
    Fredericksburg, VA
    Do you have any videos of the car running? And how long have you owned the car? This is a hell of a deal.
  4. jedpony

    jedpony Member Established Member

    Aug 11, 2013
    Still for sale?

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