2013 gt procharger w race intercooler carbonfiber gt500 hood aeromotive fuel system


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May 22, 2014
Charlotte NC
Im going to either a: sell the car as is or b: sell all aftermarket parts i can and get me a superduty. I just can not stop buying things just in the name of performance and speed.

Indigo silver oem paint for any body parts to be traded in the sale of all body parts.

Procharged 5.0 w upr kmember, built 6r80 auto w circle-d 4k stall, kooks headers and hpipe w fake cats, megan resonators on axle overs to kill exhaust droning, gt500 axle back , gt500 complete fron and rear bumpers and all brackets and valances and are oem, v6 fenders to delete the hole from the 5.0 badges, seibon carbonfiber gt500 hood, aeromotive eliminator pump w regulator and fuel rails and progamable pump controller, 78lbs deatschwerks injectors, boss intake complete rear suspension w upr adj Panhard and upper control arms, im sure im forgeting some things. Brand new, like 6months old boss shortblock (have pics and receipts) varrstoen 18" wheels and raxiom headlights. Clean carfax and title. Im a ford tech at a dealership w a bodyshop and i keep spending all my money to make this car better and faster and i need a superduty or something i cant mess w like this mustang. Its kinda like drugs but im addicted to modding this car. It has 37k but engine was done at 32ish along w the transmission for good measure w exedy stage 2 clutches. Oh yea and aluminum drive shaft!
Any thing sold i need a good stock part in return so i can trade it in.
especially the hood, has to be a silver hood!

fuel system :an 8 lines aeroquip push lock hose not ptfe, eliminator pump w aeromotive controller, aeromotive regulator, aeromotive filter , aeromotive fuel rails. Set up as a dead end or dead head system to avoid hot fuel from rails going back into tank.
All for 950$ w stock parts exchange

Deatschwerks 78lbs injectors 400$

Id1000s brand new never opened 800$

Kooks midlegnths 1 dented tube on drivers side due to poor fitment, looks like someone beat it i. 1/4" near the frame rail to fit them then returned them so i bought them as a return from kooks
V band connected to the matching xpipe w stainless bullet race mufflers to use as fake cats for state inspections

Boss intake 350$ i did not buy the evap kit

I really dont want to remove the k member lol so id rather leave that on it

Gt500 front bumper w all oem brackets and valances ( a whole shat ton of parts that holds it together and bought every one of them so its not half a$$ed) 800$
w a good stock silver bumper w all brackets, prob need to do the swap at the shop for that (i work at ford)

Rear bumper w gt500 mufflers and valance 500$
Again need a silver bumper and oe mufflers and can do at the shop

Built a6 out of a f150 w exedy stage 2 clutches and circle-d 4k billet tripple disc converter and aluminum drive shaft 1400$ installed and yes it works just the same as the mustang trans! I swapped out the pos getrag! Lol
must have low mileage stock a6 to go back in and i will swap it because i have to drive yours to make sure its good and its easier to do w both cars side by side. I can flash your ecm w a good tune for the trans and your mods for 150

Procharger d1sc w red race valve and race intercooler and had stainless pipe made for it to use the race intercooler
comes w 1 bottle of oil
bought last April. 4500 again i must get your stock intake tube and airbox

Made to order offset 18" varrstoen wheels concave and staggered 9" front 10" rear flush to fenders. Needs rear tires 3/32 left fronts still like new. 800 $ w stock 18" wheels

Trunk decklid w rtr panel and oem gt500 spoiler 400$ again need your oem silver trunk lid.

gt500 carbonfiber hood 700$ w your 13+ oem gt hood

Anything else just ask.

will post pics when its nice out here.
Car is in myrtle beach and travel to charlotte nc once a month

Pm me for anything else
If i sell the whole car im looking for 30k


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Dec 13, 2013
I have a oem ingot silver trunk with the gt500 wing from am on it and a stock 13 rear deck lid panel not one scratch, garage kept 1 owner 2011 with under 18k on the car. . Want to just trade straight up and maybe just a little cash like 100 ish ? Really want the rtr deck lid !
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